Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Passover Meditation #35 for the Lenten Season 2012

If ye abide in ME+
and My+ Words abide in you,
ye shall ask
what ye will
it will happen to you.
John 15:7 Green's Greek Interlinear 

Here is an interesting verse which not many of us actually see come to pass.

When verses seem "not to work for me," then we must look at the pre-requisites involved BEFORE THE PROMISE will come to pass.

The first thing is to look at the "YOU's. "

Every one of the YOU's are PLURAL !

 Plural YOU's mean ALL OF YOU, collectively, together in agreement. Hence, we should read it as the native Greek readers would read and understand this verse:

If all of you collectively and in agreement abide in ME+...

and My+ Words abide in all of you, collectively, in agreement with each other and in accord...

 you  (all with one accord and in agreement) shall ask what  collectively you ( all together in agreement) will...

and it will happen to you ( all, collectively, in agreement, together, and in accord).  

This verse gives us instructions for powerful praying. Here are the instructions:
  • Plural "YOU all abide in ME+" : Find a few others who are wanting to totally abide in CHRIST JESUS , forsaking this world's values. Agree to walk towards CHRIST with this goal in mind, TOGETHER, in unity. 

  • "and MY+ Words abide in you..." Agree with each other to follow His+ Words fully in your life and in union with each other. Agree to call each other, in gentleness and love, to live CHRIST'S words. Agree to RECEIVE each other's corrections, for this common goal. Lay your life bare before CHRIST JESUS and each other, in trusting love. Agree to stay unified, in loving trust, with CHRIST as you work WITH ONE ACCORD to put CHRIST'S words into Primacy in your heart and life.

  • "You all colletively, in one accord totally by this time, together shall ask... Your agreed-upon requests are asked in unison of heart because now YOU ALL LIVE in unison and can speak as one voice , asking your petitions from The LORD.

  • "What you all in agreement will or desire..." By this time, all self-centered petitions will have evaporated and the prayers will be in line with the Abiding Word+.

  • "...and it will happen to you collectively all." The petitions made together, in line with The LORD'S WILL, in line with The WORD, and from a collective few who abide in The WORD together, living  in harmony with one unified goal: to live for JESUS.... will be granted , JESUS said.

O LORD, Your+ Word is always True. Help me not to doubt Your+ Word ... when I have neglected to do my part.

 see where I've been lacking in abiding in Your+ Word, in abiding with others who are abiding in Your+ Word,  in receiving correction from others, in unifying my heart with Your+ true children.

Train me up in the way You+ would have me to go so that John 15:7 will become "true"  in my life as well as in my Bible.

In JESUS , Who+ alone is the Way, The Truth, and The Life... Amen.

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