Friday, March 9, 2012

Passover Meditation #17 for the Lenten Season 2012

~  ~  ~ The Door of the Cross ~  ~  ~

the Living FATHER hath sent ME+,
and I+ live
through The FATHER:
also ,
the one eating ME+,
even that one
will live
through ME+.
John 6:57 Green's Greek Interlinear

Want to be sent out by The FATHER ?

Then learn to live through HIM. 

The things you see your Heavenly FATHER do, you must do.

Haven't seen the Heavenly FATHER,
you say ?

Have I+ been so long time with you, and yet you have not known ME+, Christian ? He that hath seen ME+ hath seen My+ Heavenly FATHER, also.

Do you not believe that  I+ AM in The FATHER and The FATHER in ME+? The FATHER that dwelleth in ME+, HE doeth the works.

O LORD, I confess that I leave THEE+ out of so many parts of my life, out of so many decisions, out of so many reactions.  I see I control. I see I am headstrong. I'm going to live life "my" way... to my destruction and regret. 

Help me, O CHRIST, the Helper of the Weak, to release my life to THEE+ that I may become strong in THEE+. Help me , O SAVIOR, the Deliverer of the Poor, to learn to live through THEE+ so that I may become rich in THEE+.

Please help me not to live my life in futility and vanity, O CHRIST. Please send me forth as Thy+ Representative, as Thy+ Emissary  so that ~ without a word spoken ~  others may see THEE+ and be drawn unto THEE+. Then, my life will be worth living.

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