Saturday, April 23, 2011

RESURRECTION... The Great Night...

Up from the grave...
...death, hell, sheol, Hades...
Arose !
The Firstborn+ from the dead !
Death hath no dominion
over HIM+ !
The LORD JEHOVAH said unto my Lord Adonai+,
Sit  THOU+
at My Right Hand,
until I make
Thine+ enemies
Thy+ footstool.
+ + +

Amen and HalleluJah !
Come, LORD JESUS, come!

Friday, April 22, 2011


We remember the scourging HE+ unjustly received from Pilate's hand, after being mocked , slapped, and beaten by the Temple guard... and then Herod's men... and then by the Roman soldiers, giving HIS+ back to the smiters  and HIS+ cheeks to them that plucked out the hair.
Recalling that HE+ hid not HIS+ face from shame and spitting, we thank You that by HIS+ wounds we are healed. We remember the chastisement of our peace was upon HIM+.
Thank You for Your Beloved SON+, Whose most noble head bore the crown of thorns and which same sacred head was struck with a reed, HIS+ face with hands and fists.
We remember HIS+ refusal of the mixture of the myrrh and wine, fulfilling HIS+ word to HIS+ disciples that HE+ would no longer drink of the fruit of the vine until HE+ drank it new with them in HIS+ FATHER'S Kingdom.
And Who+ , at the 3rd hour of the ancient day, bore the wood of the cross through Jerusalem to Golgotha, and was nailed to the wood of the cross and lifted up from the earth, as HE+ had foretold, that HE+ might draw all unto Himself.+
We thank You that at this time HE+ uttered those words, "FATHER, forgive them for they know not what they do" ... while nearby, soldiers cast losts for HIS+ garments.
We praise You and thank You, HOLY FATHER, for Your Beloved SON+, The LAMB+ of GOD, Our Savior JESUS CHRIST, Who+ takes away the sins of the world, Who+ make a full, perfect , and sufficient sacrifice for the sins of the whole world... for everyone who comes to HIM+ in repentance and truth.  Amen.
+  +  +
Order of the GOOD SHEPHERD+ Prayer Book

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


from the  GOSPEL EXPRESS Mennonite Prison Ministries CD
"Echoes of Joy" song

Your only SON+
no sin to hide,
but you have sent HIM+
from Your side
to walk upon this guilty sod
and to become
Your LAMB+ of GOD.
Your gift of love,
they crucified.
They laughed and scorned HIM+
as HE+ died.
Your humble KING+
they named a fraud
and sacrificed
Your LAMB+, O GOD!
I was so lost
I should have died,
but You have brought me
to Your side
to be led by
Your staff and rod
and to be called
a son of GOD.
Sweet LAMB+ of GOD.
I love Your HOLY
O wash me in
Your Precious BLOOD
+  +

Passover... the Cost

O LAMB+ of GOD, Who+ takes away the sins of the world... have mercy upon us.
O LAMB+ of GOD, Bearer of our sins... have mercy upon us.
O LAMB+ of GOD, Savior of the world... grant us Thy+ Peace.
~ ~ ~
from the 6th Hour Prayer Stationg (noon)
We thank THEE that at this hour of HIS+ patient suffering, THOU didst send forth darkness to cover the whole earth, as a sign that could not be overlooked nor ignored by anyone.
We see THY perfect mercy as THY SON+ took the repentant thief into Paradise with HIM+ that very day, granting him Life while HE+ Himself+ was dying for our sakes as the perfect Passover LAMB of GOD.

+  +  +

Sunday, April 17, 2011


For the humiliation HE+ endured for our sakes, we give THEE thanks.... and also for the answers that HE+ gave to those who accused HIM+ wrongfully.
We thank THEE for the times HE+ gave no answer at all  to HIS+ accusers, as a LAMB+ led to the slaughter and as a sheep before his shearers is silent.
~  ~  ~
O my people, put to death your desire for acclamation and praise; that desire will lead you astray.
Seek MY+ face, not the face of man. If you turn your flesh from seeking man's smiles and TURN YOUR DESIRE FOR APPROVAL UPON ME+, you will have the true wisdom which cometh from Above.
You will have that peace which no man can take from you.
You will have that abundant joy which turns every slight, every hurt, every rough word spoken against you into a glorious jewel for your crown.
Learn from ME+ as I rode the colt into Jerusalem to receive MY+ crucifixion, not my acclamation. 
Your greatest victory comes AFTER you have picked up your cross and died unto Self.
Practice it,
practice it,
practice it
. . . . .

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pascha Meditation

Lenten Meditations from the Order of the GOOD SHEPHERD+ morning prayer station at the 9 O'clock hour... the hour of the morning sacrifice in the Temple.

Thank you, O HOLY fATHER, that Your Beloved SON+ , as the perfect SON+ of GOD, revealed Your power... saying I AM... causing the armed band of men to fall to the ground backwards.
Yet, HE+ did not use this great power for HIMSELF+, revealing HIMSELF+ to be the obedient and perfect SON of Man... still loving HIS+ disciples to the uttermost, HE+ requested the armed men to "Let them go" ... and thus, HIS+ frightened disciples could flee away.
Our Gracious and Merciful LORD carried it all on HIS+ back. In the midst of the garden terror, HE+ showed HIS+ great power ... what HE+ had the power and authority to do... if HE+ had so wanted. But instead, HE+ agreed with HIS+ FATHER upon the plan to rescue man from the grip of satan. Nothing could veer HIM+ from this plan... not even HIS+ own well-being. Like a good parent, HE+ protected HIS+ spiritually sleeping, helpless, disloyal, and ineffectual disciples with HIS+ authority even in the midst of HIS+ own anguish.
Are we like HIM+ ? Are we growing into HIS+ image and likeness as we work for the Kingdom? May Our Dear LORD JESUS help us to mature as HIS+ disciples matured, that HE+ died not in vain.
+ + +

Sunday, April 10, 2011

PASCHA Meditation

These meditations are from the 3rd Hour Prayer Station (9 a.m.) of the Order of the GOOD SHEPHERD+
Heavenly FATHER, we come before THEE to remember the 3rd hour of the ancient day, the hour of the Morning Sacrifice in the Temple... that same hour that your Beloved SON+ , The LAMB+ of GOD that takes away the sins of the world, was offered up on the cross for our sakes.
We thank THEE for the great drops of blood HE+ shed in the garden of Gethsemane, after praying all through the night... then facing the men who had come with swords and clubs to violently take HIM+. ( be continued...)
Can we even imagine the immense physical anguish Our LORD endured when HE+ sweat great drops of blood in the garden that night? It is a true medical condition that happens to the human body when great distress comes upon a person. Can we imagine the  terror HE+ voluntarily embraced, knowing full well EXACTLY WHAT HE+ SAID "YES" to ... in order to deliver us from the grip of satan, hell , and the flesh?
Let's put our mind to it. Let's put some thought onto what Our LORD embraced for us... and then , let's thank HIM+ every morning at the 9 O'clock Hour that HE+ steadfastly and determinedly DID what HE+ set out to do: to deliver us by the means of HIS+ own death and resurrection. Bless GOD! We could not deliver ourselves. 
+  +  +