Tuesday, June 28, 2016


"Is it the TIME ... ?

to receive money and clothing, olive groves and vineyards, sheep, oxen, male and female servants?"

With these words, Elisha the Prophet issued correction to his guileful  servant, Gehazi, a correction which Gehazi never forgot.

Elisha's corrective was accompanied by a most dire consequence: instantly the leprosy of Naaman descended upon Gehazi. Gehazi left the presence of Elisha leprous, as white as snow.  

It was also promised to descend upon his family line forever. 

What did Gehazi DO
to warrant such terrible consequences ? 

Let's look at the account in 2 Kings 5 of Naaman, commander of the army of the king of Syria, being healed of leprosy. 

First of all, Naaman was NOT a Jew and was NOT part of the commonwealth of Israel or Judea.

He came to the king of Israel to be healed of leprosy, and the distraught king said, 

" Am I THE ELOHIM, to kill and make alive...
to heal [Naaman] of his leprosy ? "

Elisha intervened and comforted the king, telling him to send Naaman to him that Naaman “might KNOW there is a prophet”  of The Most High God   “in ISRAEL.”

Likely, there were quite a few OTHERS who received this knowledge, along with Naaman !

Naaman almost missed his blessing, though, angrily refusing to dip himself in the Jordan River.

However, he eventually listened to the pleadings and counsel of his servants who seemed to have loved him, calling him  “my father.”

Humbling himself to listen to servants, humbling himself to set aside his anger, humbling himself to obey, obediently dipping himself 7 times in the Jordan river, Naaman was miraculously cleansed.  

Thus, Naaman's healing was a testimony to this important army commander himself that THE ELOHIM really existed and was known among GOD'S people Israel.


"Now I KNOW there is no ELOHIM in all the earth, except in Israel," Naaman the Syrian said, in open testimony before Elisha, who now received the Syrian.

 Naaman was so thankful to be healed of that dreaded leprosy that he wished to bless Elisha with silver and changes of garments. 

Elisha refused all gifts, vowing before The LORD  
"… before Whom I stand"  to receive NOTHING.


Gehazi , unlike Naaman,  seemed not so impressed with the miraculous healing.  Perhaps, Gehazi was not so glad GOD  healed someone who was not of the tribes of Israel, saying, "  ... my master has spared Naaman  this Syrian."  vs. 20

Obviously, Gehazi DISAGREED with Elisha's refusal to take a blessing, a gift, Naaman offered after his healing.

THUS, a disgruntled heart about the Syrian's healing and a disagreement in the inner man with his master Elisha's decision nested in Gehazi’s bosom.  

Two problems Gehazi had in his heart.  Two problems not dealt with in righteous repentance before GOD.  Two problems paved the way for a life-time of sorrow.

BECAUSE Gehazi ignored

those two UN-righteous things working in his heart ... Gehazi’s judgment became skewered.  Thus, we next see Gehazi DECIDING to step beyond the authority Elisha had placed upon him.

Operating out of his now-warped judgement, Gehazi planned out exactly what to do in order to control the situation for his benefit and receive temporal wealth and goods.

He pursued Naaman's chariot, and that good man stopped to see if all was well.

Gehazi promptly told lies to Naaman in order to receive silver and garments; now they become STOLEN GOODS and he used Elisha's name to do it.


Gehazi injured Elisha's word to Naaman, when Elisha said, " As The ELOHIM lives, before Whom I stand, I will receive nothing."

Gehazi, you see, told Naaman that "... my master has sent me.... please give ..."

Elisha would not receive a gift for Naaman's healing because the healing was from GOD, The ELOHIM.  

Naaman's healing was freely given to him.  It was to be used as a witness to The ELOHIM to draw all the nations unto The ONE TRUE GOD.

Naaman's healing showed the character of GOD. It showed The ELOHIM'S mercy to sinners when they humble themselves to obey The Word of the LORD... whether they like it or not, whether they even understand it or not. 

Instead of reflecting the true character of The ELOHIM ,  Gehazi reflected the character of  the father of lies and his demon, mammona.

His eyes still dazzled by the demon mammona, Gehazi's judgment was confused enough to lie to the Prophet Elisha ! 

 WRONG Move...

Elisha's heart, Scripture says, accompanied Gehazi when he met Naaman in his chariot. vs 26

We notice that Naaman did NOT give Gehazi   "... olive groves, vineyards, sheep, oxen, male and female servants."

Those plans were only in Gehazi's guileful heart. The SPIRIT of The LORD made Elisha very much aware of these secret schemes.

+  +  +

There is NO hiding place where The SPIRIT of GOD cannot see, hear, or go.  To invite the demon mammona into a miraculous healing from The LORD is anathema to The ELOHIM.

To invite the demon mammona into ANY workings of The LORD GOD ELOHIM, is asking for anathema to be written upon one's project and upon one's Self. Remember Ananias and Sapphira.

JESUS said
to serve GOD and mammon.

Beware of the spirit of Guile.

+  +  +

Psalm 139

 O LORD, THOU hast searched me,
and known me.

THOU knowest my downsitting
and mine uprising,
THOU understandest my thought afar off.

compassest my path
and my lying down,
and art acquainted
with all my ways.

For there is not a word in my tongue,
but, lo, O LORD,

knowest it altogether.

THOU hast beset me behind and before,
and laid Thine hand upon me.

Such knowledge is too wonderful for me;
it is high, I cannot attain unto it.

Whither shall I go from Thy SPIRIT?
 or whither shall I flee
from Thy PRESENCE?

+  +  +

A warning to the organized religious systems in the West and elsewhere.

Is it a time  ... to seek more material goods, bigger houses, more land, gold and silver, guns and ammo?

The TIME is upon us...  to begin to live our lives as The MESSIAH-The Eternal SON+ of GOD-YHWH Adonai, has taught and commanded us to live them, to become anchored in CHRIST JESUS. 

It IS Time to stop bringing reproach on HIS+ Precious and most Holy Name with our man-made doctrines and traditions of IGNORING HIS+ Words whenever they do not fit our self-serving life styles  or the political  "correctness"  of the world.

Will the REPROOF of ELISHA settle on a Reprobate church system that refuses to separate from materialism, hedonism, politics and endless mammon-serving? 

The Time for Repentance is NOW.

If corporate Repentance does NOT happen, then by all means SAVE yourself from this untoward and rebellious generation.

Individual Repentance IS possible, even if the religious systems refuse to repent.

When the Fire of The Judgment and Wrath of The LORD GOD/YHWH ELOHIM falls upon a religious system that has brought shame and reproach upon HIS Beloved SON+, it will be too late to avoid being taken in the judgment with the worldlings.

TAKE HEED what you hear.

TAKE HEED not to mingle society's standards with The LORD'S RIGHTEOUS WAYS. 

Now is the time

to Humble ourselves under The Mighty Hand of GOD, and seek HIS Face while HE may be found.

Time is short. Judgment approaches.

+   +   +


O Gracious Heavenly FATHER, we humble ourselves to YOU.  We admit that YOU know us better than we know ourselves. YOU  understand  the  hidden desires of our heart, both good and evil. 

Help us not to hide from YOU.  Help us not to run from YOU or ignore Your conviction of warning. Help us to come clean in purest honesty when we react.  Help us to admit our guilt when we hold unrighteous thoughts that go against Your Word... that besmirch Your character. 

We are ashamed of our guile. Our hidden agenda, expedient for us, is not hidden to YOU, LORD.  We are ashamed of pretending to be pure, when we are not.  We know, O Righteous FATHER, that we have grieved Your Heart with our secrets and schemes.

And worse, we have ignored Your conviction sent to warn us that we are harboring wrong things. How can YOU bless wrong ? 

We are sorry to have hurt YOU, dear LORD.

We lay our hearts open to YOU to  remove those desires --- both good and bad --- that are not Your Will for us; we freely give them up to YOU... good desires as well as bad. 

Set us straight on the path of total  honesty before YOU. We yield  the  controls  over to Thy Righteous SON+ JESUS CHRIST, our LORD and SAVIOR.

Then shall YOU be glorified in our lives, and rivers of Living Water will flow forth from us, Your children. 

We ask Thy help for the sake of Thy Beloved SON+,  our LORD and SAVIOR , JESUS CHRIST ... Who+ lives and reigns with THEE and Thy Blessed HOLY SPIRIT, ONE GOD,  both now and forever. Amen.

+  +  +

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Even a Child is known by His Doings ... Even in TWIN FALLS, IDAHO

Even a child is known by his doings,

whether his work be pure,

and whether it be right.

Proverbs 20:11

One little girl…  one little 5-year-old girl not even in first grade yet… one little, helpless, 5-year-old girl with Special Needs  … was innocently playing outside her parents’ apartment one fine June day… June 2, 2016 to be exact … in Twin Falls, Idaho. 


It is a fine city by all standards, all standards except one, that is… and THAT ONE+ is the only one that counts.   


That fine June day in this fine American city turned into a nightmare for one little 5-year-old American girl,  a nightmare that will last a long, long time. 



This little girl was violently thrust into the adult world of sin as she was sexually violated by 3 muslim boys… 13, 9, and 8. After that, they  urinated upon her … and that, in her mouth.


Hearsay ? No. The 13-year-old muslim boy used his phone to make a video of the “activity.” He was training the other two boys, as obviously he had been trained,  to assault someone feminine.  Someone weaker. 


When adults arrived on the scene, all the children — yes ALL of them: the little girl who was taken by knife point to an apartment laundry room and stripped, and the young boys plus their young teen-age trainer — were naked. 


The child’s mother called the police. A muslim mother of one of the attackers went to the apartment of the wounded child   [how did she know where it was? ]  and said in broken English, 


” No police. Everything OK.” 





Maybe it was “okay” for the Twin Falls city council, who declared an indignant citizen disrespectful… when nothing YET had been done about the situation two weeks after it had occurred, plus other reprehensible situations with the muslim refugees imported into that fine city. ( Muslim women spitting upon un-Burqa-ed American shoppers, hit and run incidents, etc.)


[ When asked for a response for justice, a city council member said, “We just GAVE you 25 minutes ! “  Read: “What more do you want ? “  ] 

This video is on YouTube. See : Twin Falls, Idaho City Council Meeting, June 13th, 2016. Posted by birdwhisperer46.  OR: https://vimeo.com/171408969


Maybe it was “okay” for the Twin Falls police department who responded to the mother’s call …

TWO-and-a-half HOURS later. 


Maybe it was “okay” for the county prosecutor who, despite the video taken on the cell phone of the 13-year-old  [ confiscated by the little girl’s mother and dutifully handed over to the Twin Falls police ] , could not figure out what needed to be done??


“It’s under investigation, “  is all this astute personage could divulge.


Maybe it is “okay” for the two older boys, which were finally arrested on June 18… but because they were “children” , they were remanded unto their families’ custody.  Regardless of the request for a restraining order by the little girl’s family, those boys were seen running about the apartment complex grounds.


[Guess it was pretty much OKAY for them after all! ]


Maybe it is “okay”  for the muslims who are sending threats to the parents who dared  to call the police… that same inert police force in Twin Falls, Idaho, who are also doing NOTHING about these threats. 


Webster’s Ninth says “okay” is OLL KORRECT,  a facetious alteration of all correct  ( 1840 ) … but there was NOTHING   “ALL CORRECT”  about this vicious and demon-inspired muslim attack on a helpless 5-year-old little girl, a special needs child.


There was CERTAINLY NOTHING CORRECT about the Twin Falls Police arriving at the scene 2.5 hours AFTER in happened.  


There was CERTAINLY NOTHING CORRECT  done by the elected city council members whose greatest response was to set aside “important business” and listen to the citizens for an entire 25  minutes… about the length of time a zoning complaint hearing receives.




Now, with all of the following information available on Wikipedia, let’s look at this fine, growing, and thriving city of about 44,000 or more in south-central Idaho.

In the past, some would remember it from Evel Knievel’s attempted motor-cycle jump in 1974 across the Snake River.


Nowadays, Twin Falls, Idaho is a prosperous commercial center… even though it is the largest city in Idaho NOT LOCATED ON AN INTERSTATE.


Strange, isn’t it ?


Certainly something must set Twin Falls, Idaho apart from other thriving cities of commerce which MUST have interstate access as a major attraction.  Twin Falls has had much success in attracting GLOBAL, well-financed companies. Here are a few, but there are MORE… including 14 cinemas, new hospital and schools, etc. A thriving, bustling community.


DELL computers located there until 2010, but whose empty facility was reverted to C3, a call center company that same year. GLANBIA  is also in Twin Falls. It is a company making global performance nutrition and ingredients group with operations in 32 countries.   JAYCO, a recreational vehicle manufacturer, is  located there in this non-interstate-serviced metropolitan area.

And then, we have the cream of the crop ( so to speak), CHOBANI GREEK-STYLE YOGURT manufacturing company. It opened the WORLD’S largest  Greek-style yogurt factory and distribution center in Twin Falls, Idaho, 2012.

 On December 17, 2012 Chobani opened one of the world’s largest yogurt-processing plants in Twin Falls, Idaho. The one million square-foot facility cost $450 million and employs 300 people.

Mr. Ulukaya [ Chobani owner and CEO ]  said, “The state expects the total economic impact of our business there to be $1.3 billion.”[7] The plant won the 2013 DBIA Design-Build Project of the Year award and the 2013 Food Plant of the Year award from Food Engineering magazine.[8] SEE: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chobani

In March of 2016, Chobani announced that it will be incrementally investing almost $100 million into the Greek yogurt plants it has in Twin Falls, Idaho. The Twin Falls plant currently employs more than 1,000 people, almost 100 of whom were hired in the last half of 2015.

Chobani plans to add a global research and development facility for their Twin Falls scientific team, office expansions and an employee cafeteria. This summer, they plan to start to produce yogurt-based dip and drinkable yogurt products in the Twin Falls factory.[50] SEE: wikipedia article on HAMDI ULUKAYA. 

DISTRIBUTION CENTER … Without ONE interstate into the city ?


Does THAT make sense ?


What  DOES make sense is that Hamdi Ulukaya is the owner and CEO  of Chobani .  He was born to Kurdish parents who owned a dairy ( goats ) farm (or business)  in  Turkey. Being Kurdish would make him a Sunni muslim, although Wikipedia listed no religion in his biography. 

In a few short years, Mr. Ulukaya came to a university in America, learned English, worked on a farm, bought a defunct Kraft yogurt factory in upstate New York… and after a few years of hard work, became a millionaire.   ( Incredible !  )

Of course, he must have had a few helping friends… Perhaps Mr. Bill Clinton knew him back then ?  At any rate, Mr. Clinton knew him in 2015 when he had Mr. Ulukaya with him at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York .

A few enlightening details:

In 2014 Ulukaya pledged to donate $2 million to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. His intention was to provide immediate relief for those being persecuted in Iraq and Syria and to explore philanthropic avenues for helping refugees around the world.[56]

In May 2015 Ulukaya announced that he will donate a majority of his wealth to help refugees around the world.[57] The donation will be made under the auspices of The Giving Pledge, started by Warren Buffet and Bill Gates. The Giving Pledge encourages billionaires to donate at least half of their wealth, either during their lifetimes or in their wills.[56]

Ulukaya visited the Greek island of Lesbos in September 2015 to see first-hand the situation of the mostly Syrian refugees there.[58]

In 2015[59] he launched a foundation called Tent to help refugees. Ulukaya stated that he would like to see more companies and entrepreneurs engaged in helping refugees by providing more innovative solutions to solving the crisis, using their expertise to help refugees and asking companies to explore hiring refugees. At Chobani’s plants in Upstate New York and Twin Falls Idaho, Ulukaya has long hired refugees from around the world from regions across Asia, Africa and the Middle East.[58]

In 2015, Ulukaya attended the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, and launched several new initiatives to help refugees while also encouraging world and business leaders to do more.[60] [61]

On September 29, 2015 Ulukaya spoke at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York. He urged business people to do more than “just write checks” to help alleviate the suffering of the displaced.[62]

In addition to receiving many entrepreneurship awards, in April 2014 he was named by President Barack Obama as an inaugural member of the Presidential Ambassadors for Global Entrepreneurship (PAGE) initiative – 11 selected business leaders who will champion and encourage entrepreneurship in the U.S. and abroad.

In November, 2015 Ulukaya was honored by the Children’s Aid Society with their Corporate Leadership Award.[66]

In 2016, Ulukaya was invited to join the Special Olympics International Board of Directors.[68] SEE: wikipedia article on HAMDI ULUKAYA. 

The $450 million-dollar Chobani facility in Twin Falls, Idaho needs LOTS of workers.  And TWIN FALLS, IDAHO has just the man-power on hand:  a large contingent of muslims of working age.


The federal government has commi$$ioned the  local  college, the College of Southern Idaho (CSI) ,  as the agent to help train and settle the muslim refugees.  These refugees come from several muslim countries, including countries in Africa.  One school teacher said she had 23 languages spoken in her classroom, according to reports.  


[ That is not the only  problem in the classroom, as other incidents of muslim elementary school boys  bringing knives to school AND CUTTING OTHER STUDENTS , according to the above article from Blacksphere. ] 

So now the MONEY-CONNECTION unfolds.  


Mr. Ulakaya, currently a billionaire with Chobani yogurt factories in other countries, is very philanthropic and quite generous with his  gifts  for civic  projects. 


No wonder… this civic-minded Kurdish-American sits on the board of Upstate Regional Advisory Board  of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the Vice Chair of the Corporate Fund Board of the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts. 

Recently, he astounded even the most generous of givers with the announcement that he is GIVING SHARES of Chobani  to the workers themselves,  based on the number of years they have worked for the company.    This is no  light  thing: his shares are worth   $150,000.

In April, 2016, Chobani announced it was giving 10 percent of its ownership stake to its employees. Considering there are 2000 employees, this would be on average $150,000 per employee.[14]

Some employees will be becoming instant millionaires as a result of this action, because share awards were based on tenure at the company.[15] See the same wikipedia article as above, on CHOBANI.

Surely those “elected”  city council  members  are aware of the benefits of  keeping  Mr. Ulukaya  pleased  with their performance. 


What  is  good for business,  is good for all ! ( all… except for the victims who are attacked and assaulted by the protected muslims.)  


This is not hearsay either: U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch has declared “the muslims are under OUR protection.”

[ https://www.frontpagemag.com/point/263223/obama-atty-general-muslims-under-our-protection-daniel-greenfield    Article posted on June 19, 2016.

WOE  Unto You… 

WOE unto you, city council members, who will not protect the innocent because it might hurt mammon and put  a  hindrance  before  those citizens that call  you to your REAL responsibility  before  The GOD of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and HIS Eternal SON, our LORD JESUS CHRIST.   


WOE to you police officers  who  protect position and job and system  rather  than the victims of  muslim  violence, both young and old. 


WOE  unto you , county prosecutor,  who manages not to manage any conviction in these many crimes  — if they are muslim-originated  — and especially for this poor family. 


WOE unto you,  Twin Falls, Idaho.  Your days are numbered.  Your mammon-serving gusto has come up as a stench into the nostrils of The LORD OUR GOD.  HE will take you to task for it, in no uncertain terms. 


WOE  unto the “powers-that-be”  that have designated Twin Falls, Idaho,  as a place to work your evil. 


It  is  written:   Whoso diggeth a pit shall fall therein: and he that rolleth a stone, it will return upon him. Proverbs 26:27

REPENT and separate yourselves from the Tents of Korah… before it is too late. ( Numbers 16:32. )

+  +  + 

May The LORD GOD of Israel help this poor child and her family….who are NOT rich nor powerful, and heal their little girl, and grant them help to get away from those who are threatening them.


We all know how females are treated among the “death-cult” of islam, but that is NOT ALLOWED among those who follow The Eternal SON+ and WORD+ of The LORD GOD of Israel, JESUS CHRIST / Y’SHUA+ ha MOSHIACH.


This filthy behavior is NOT  tolerated where the Gospel of Life is known, no matter how much protection the conniving government may give the ones doing it.


May The LORD GOD take vengeance for this child and all like her who are injured by the “Death-Cult” of islam, whatever nation they may live in.


The DOJ recently made the statement that “The muslims are under our protection.”

How much protection is there going to be for regular American people who have lived here for generations? 


How much protection will this government give to their own citizens…  when they are injured, insulted, raped, or attacked by muslim so-called “refugees” ?  Why are the civic and criminal laws of the land not applicable to muslims ? 


“Equality” for all  starts with the law, equally applied.

Why has the government made the muslims a protected class immune from any consequences? 


What agenda is being worked out?

and … WHY ?