Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The SUPPER of the 7-Headed Beast with the 10 RAVENOUS Horns ...

The Supper of the Seven-Headed Beast with the 10 RAVENOUS Horns...

Its Menu has been Appointed:
the Great Whore
is the Main Course.

Of Seven Mountains, this Seven-Headed beast has 10 RULING Horns, one for each of those hidden but globally-powerful "ten kings" who rule the earth but have NO KINGDOM.  

Who is this Great Whore ?

Her characteristics are found in Revelation 17.

1. The Great Whore rides the beast of the bottomless pit.

1. This filthy creature sits upon many waters. Thus, the Great Whore has contact with the Seven Mountains. 

If the "many waters" are the oceans and the "seven mountains" are the continents of this world, then the Great Whore ENCOMPASSES the entire earthly world.

This filthy creature "sits" upon peoples, multitudes, nations, and tongues. (Rev. 17:15)

2. She gives Wine to the inhabitants of the earth, making them drunk... senseless, incapable of making right judgments.

Thus, she enables them to live in a heightened sense of their own base powers, all fantasy, not based on reality.

3. She is be-robed in purple and scarlet.

4. She is decked with gold, pearls, and precious stones. ( Huge sums of wealth are given to this unclean creature. )

5. This filthy creature fornicates with the kings of this world. (There is close contact with the world’s leaders… indeed, they are bed-fellows, in secret. )

6. She carries a filthy cup, even though made of gold, which CONTAINS the wine of the filthiness of her fornications and abominations.

7. Engraved on her forehead is her name:
·                  Mystery
·                  Babylon the Great
·             Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth

8. Her Wine Cup is filled with the Blood of the Saints and the Martyrs of JESUS.  She is drunk on this "drink" of Blood.

9. This filthy creature, called a Great City, REIGNS over the kings of the earth

.... until...

10. The 10 Kings turn and burn HER, make HER desolate, strip HER of her finery, hate HER, and eat HER .

WHO, then, is that Great, Filthy, Creature called the "Whore" who rides the beast of the bottomless pit?

Could it be Islam ? 

Could it be the oil-rich countries ? 

Could it be Apostate Christianity ?

Could it be Babylon the Great of chapter 18 of Revelation --- the world's greatest power of commerce and military might? 

Could it be ALL of the above since they are in AGREEMENT and work toward the same goal, following the same agenda?

 Revelation 17: 16-17

And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.

For GOD hath put in their hearts
to fulfil HIS will,
and to agree,
and give their kingdom
unto the beast,
until the Words of GOD
shall be fulfilled.

+  +  +

Let this be a warning …

… to all those who agree with the agenda of the Great Whore. 

The Satan always devours his instruments, those he uses to destroy others.

Your Last State will be worse
than your First.

You will have your ever-lasting Portion of Satan’s Judgment in The Second Death in the Lake of Burning Fire … where the Worm does not die and the Fire is Never Quenched.

Thus saith The LORD.

Monday, April 25, 2016

30 DAYS ... and Counting ... Through the Glorious RESURRECTION SEASON ...

Today is DAY 30 of the  "40 days and nights"  Our Risen LORD JESUS CHRIST spent with His+ Disciples, coming and going among them, teaching them those things concerning the Kingdom of GOD, opening unto them the Scriptures concerning HIMSELF+. 

Can we just IMAGINE how filled with JOY and HOPE His+ followers were... those same ones who had heard HIM+ teach, who had walked with HIM+ daily, and who saw HIM+ die ?  
Forty Days and Nights are a LONG TIME  for our Resurrected LORD JESUS to spend here on earth, appearing at will behind closed and locked doors,   disappearing at will , and even eating...  to the awe of His+ Disciples. 
We have only come to Day 30 yet from the Glorious Resurrection Day,  counting down to ASCENSION DAY.    Here is a laud with which to worship Our Risen LORD: 

A  SONG to The LAMB+

(Revelation 4:11, 5: 9-10, 13 )


Splendor and honor 

and kingly power

are YOURS by Right, 



For You created 

everything that is,

and by Your will 

they were created

and have their being;  


And Yours by right, 

O LAMB+ that was slain, 

for with Your Blood 

You have redeemed for GOD ,

from every family, languages, people, and nation,

a Kingdom of Priests 

to serve our GOD.


 And so,   

to HIM 

Who sits upon the Throne

and to CHRIST the LAMB+,

be worship and praise,

dominion and splendor, 

for ever and for evermore. 

(BCP , Morning Prayer II, pg 93-94)   

Friday, April 22, 2016

WHY? Why Do The Nations RAGE ?

Why  ? 



The Palestinian authority has postponed its latest request for a U.N. resolution to push Israel to stop building homes on Israel’s own territory, the Jerusalem Post reported on Friday, April 22, 2016.





France is putting forth a plan for the dividing up of Israel and Jerusalem, but is now calling for a “peace” conference in Geneva in May to discuss this issue.


 Oddly,  Neither Israel nor the Palestinian Authority are invited to that conference… to divide up Israeli land.




Meanwhile, UNESCO has renamed the Western Wall – The Wailing Wall-- "The Al-Buraq Plaza," IGNORING the Jewish claim to the site of its two historic Temples.




UNESCO is calling Israel “the occupying power,” and blaming “Israel aggression”  for violence at the site.




This statement was made despite  HISTORIC facts.

RECALL: that the war of 1967 to annihilate Israel was begun by the United Arab Republic ( i.e., Egypt) and Jordan and Syria who were miraculously defeated IN SIX DAYS by the small Israeli Army and Air Force as the Arabs were amassing troops on the Israeli border ... to attack Israel.


Hence, the Israelis captured the Gaza Strip and Sinai Peninsula from Egypt, the West Bank and East Jerusalem from Jordan, and the Golan Heights from Syria in this 6-Day war of 1967 … which Israel did not want nor start


( And while  noting HISTORICAL FACTS, please take note that "Palestinians" were NOT a distinct people group and owned NO part of the Holy Land in 1967, just a few  decades ago.  So... who is "occupying" the West Bank and Gaza Strip now, pray tell ? ) 


Had those Arab nations been satisfied with their portion, Israel would be much smaller … and harder to defend … today.


In the recent, one-sided, UNESCO announcement, it made no mention of the muslim rioters and their violence against innocent Jews and Christians who come near the Temple Mount simply to pray at the Wailing Wall.


( Reports from and 1967 Arab-Israeli Six-Day War, Wikipedia)

+ + + + + + +



PSALM 2:1-4


Why the nations rage,

and the people imagine

a vain thing ?


The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD YHWH, and against HIS MASHIYACH+, saying,



"Let us break Their bands asunder, and cast away Their cords from us."



HE that sits in the Heavens shall laugh:


the LORD ADONAI+ shall have them in derision. 


+  +  +


Why are they at it again ?


Why are the nations  DETERMINED to annihilate the Seed of the Whole House of Israel ?  ( both the Natural and the Grafted IN Branches )


Why are the nations so stupid ?


... or rather, so dull of wit ?


Who has drugged them,

and made their senses so very dull ?


+  +  +



JOEL 3:4


Yea, and what have you to do with ME,

O Tyre, and Zidon,

and all

the coasts of Palestine?


Will ye render ME a recompense?


and if ye recompense ME,


swiftly and speedily

will I+ return your recompense

upon your own head;


+  +  +


Take heed, 

you nations that foam at the mouth, 

that speak great swelling words 

at My+ Expense.


Your recompense is coming soon.


A recompense like Pharaoh’s indisputable recompense.


Pharaoh would not turn from his satanic desire to destroy My+ Servants...

even though HE KNEW they were MINE+,

not his.


Even though Pharaoh clearly KNEW I+ was defending My+ People... at his expense.


Even though Pharaoh clearly saw My+ Hand of Power and Might... at his expense.


Even though Pharaoh clearly heard his counselors (Exodus 8:19) tell him he could not win against GOD ALMIGHTY, Pharaoh plunged forward in hatred ... at his own expense.


So I allowed Pharaoh to have his own will and hardened his heart in his own choice.


Pharaoh’s own arrogance destroyed him ...

... despoiled his land's enormous riches...

... vanquished his nation's invincible army

... and afflicted all his own people.



 I+ have spoken THROUGH-OUT THE AGES to you haters of the Seed of the Whole House of Israel. If you choose to retain your hatred, you will receive the recompense planned.


It is not because of their righteousness that Israel is not destroyed, but rather.....

...because ISRAEL is MINE+. 


You ... and the 10 kings directing your path, and the unclean ones directing them,

 ... cannot have what is MINE+.


+  +  +


HE+ Who+ Watches Over Israel,

neither slumbers nor sleeps.

Psalm 121:4





Wednesday, April 20, 2016

HE Watching Over ISRAEL ...

... slumbers not
nor sleepeth. 
Will the USA Turn it's Back on Israel 
Prophecy from Due Diligence 
on Tuesday Apr 19 2016

+  +  +

The U.N. Security Council members are set to incur the Wrath of GOD against them ...  and their land ... and their peoples... this Passover. 

On Passover 2016, Year of Our LORD, 4.22.2016, the members of the UN Security Council are going to vote on adopting a resolution introduced by the Palestinians to divide Israel ... and perhaps Jerusalem.  Mr. President has declared that he will support the resolution (s). 

This is in line with the Kerry Peace ( Piece ? ) plan.  

There is also a push to FORCE ISRAEL to return the Golan Heights to Syria... the area Israel won while defending itself against the bombs and attacks lobbed at it from Syria, from the Golan Heights in 1967, in a war of annihilation. 

Mr. Netanyahu stated, " NO. We will not return the Golan. To whom should we return it?  To isis ? ? "

Scripture states that those who stand against Israel, DIRECTLY become the enemy of The LORD. 

Woe , woe, woe to the nation and nations who touch the apple of GOD'S eye.  

+  +  +

HEAR, O NATION of Arrogance... 

HEAR, O WORLD of Iniquity: 

You shall not win.

You have chosen to come against My people in many lands. 

Now you are coming against My People in My land. 

Thus ... I will come against your people in your land. 

You who are leading the campaign to crush My Ancient People, your goal is not hidden from ME. 

Your plots are not hidden from ME.  I hear what you plan in secret, in your secret rooms, with your secret henchmen. 

I see all your secret devices, hidden from the eyes of men, but you forget WHO made the eye. 

Your intricate devices are not hidden from ME. 

You forget that your most clever devices depend upon the Universe which I set in motion... and can change at will. 

Your finely-turned devices shall come to naught. They have no power to stop ME. They will, in fact, be your doom. 

No, you shall NOT have world dominion. 

There is ONE spot in this world where you shall not rule and reign. It is the Apple of My Eye.  I neither slumber nor sleep. 

All who burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces... lacerated... gashed... torn apart violently. 

I know WHO you desire to destroy in all your exalted weapons of mass destruction... the HOLY ONE+ of Israel. 

You cannot reach that ONE+. 

HE+ can reach you. 

And soon shall.  

The Judgment has been set; the decree written; the out-come sure. 

Thus saith The LORD. 

 [ Zechariah 12:3, Psalm 121:4 , Zechariah 2:8, Daniel 7:22-27, Obadiah 1:3-4 ... and many others. ]

Monday, April 18, 2016


unto the coastal cities ! 

A timely word from Bro. Brendon

And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars, and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity, the sea and the waves roaring,

men’s hearts failing them for fear,

and for looking after those things that are coming upon the earth, for the powers of heaven shall be shaken. 

Luke 21 : 25 – 26

Many of GOD’S Servants are receiving  dreams and visions regarding the destruction coming to the nations from the vast oceans of the world.

This would not be any sort of “false flag,” or anything planned and controlled by human beings, but a furious and sudden destruction from The LORD GOD, The Holy One of Israel.

In a recent dream, I was picked up over the Eastern part of the United States, and could see the whole eastern coastline with all of its heavily-populated urban areas.

Then I was lifted up even higher. New York city was the size of a small postage stamp. I could see the circle of the Earth and the whole Atlantic Ocean and a little of the overseas landmass.

The sun was rising and the whole Atlantic Ocean was reflecting the golden sunrise. I remember thinking how LOW the cities seemed to the water level .  The  Dream was over.
+  +  +

New York City  is about 16 feet above sea level, with some areas being only 5 feet above sea level.   Needless to say, this is not good news in the event of any seismic activity. This event would of course be very SUDDEN, with no warning before the fact.

Here is the scenario.

An organization in the The United States planned --- with all due governmental permission --- to erect a VERY pagan and evil temple–arch for the worship of “baal”, to which evil demon, infant children were sacrificed in days of old.

Today, Infant children are still being sacrificed en masse in America by government-financed and defended institutions, who then use the infants’ body parts for “scientific sorcery.”

This “baal” edifice was planned  to be erected in Times Square on April the 19th. For unpublished reasons, the event was cancelled. However, the evil purported WAS NOT.  It still exists, just hidden now.  

This OPEN courting of the satan opens doors and sends an invitation in the spiritual realm for the “Fallen Watchers,”  the “Rebel Angels” and their demonic entities, to take America.

This land has been given over to them by America’s own free will, both high and low.

This is to say that if you, or anyone you know, loved ones or friends, live along the coast of America, if there is any way possible to urge  them to relocate to another area more inland, 


If there are family members or friends that you, or they, could go to for a relocation base, that would be helpful.

Yes, they may think that you are crazy or at least really unbalanced, but at least they will be warned. Remember Lot’s sons-in-law thought he was joking when he tried to get them to leave Sodom!

Please understand. I am not seeking to promote fear or sensationalism, but to encourage prayer and seeking the LORD+ about going away from the large urban coastal areas.

( Moving away from ANY large urban area would not be a bad idea, if you are at all able to do so.)

The LORD GOD takes NO PLEASURE in the death of the wicked.

When a nation
and works evil continually,
it is a serious matter
that WILL BE SERIOUSLY dealt with.


Given the amount of dreams and visions being sent into the Body of CHRIST, this warning is worthy of serious consideration.

 America is now FLAUNTING its EVIL at The LORD GOD , and challenging HIM+ to do something about it ! 

HE+ is LONG- SUFFERING, but the time comes when Judgment will fall  in a big way.

If there is a large shaking on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean, try to imagine New York City being evacuated before a massive Tidal Wave reaches that city which is between 5 and 16 feet above sea level ! 

This could also occur in ANY of the less populated Coastal areas. 

It is NOT easy to relocate. America cannot go on as it is doing without some serious retribution, some serious consequences. 

It would be wise to get away from ground zero, where the Arch of the Temple of “baal” was planned to be erected, even though post-poned for a season.  It is a reflection of the satan that this nation worships. 

May The LORD GOD of Hosts, The Holy One of Israel, help HIS+ Servants the Prophets and those who walk before HIM+ in Sackcloth, and protect all of HIS+ Children in these times of trouble and evil.

In The Name of GOD the FATHER Almighty,
and of HIS Beloved Eternal SON+ and WORD+,
and of HIS Blessed Eternal HOLY SPIRIT

AMEN + + +