Wednesday, April 20, 2016

HE Watching Over ISRAEL ...

... slumbers not
nor sleepeth. 
Will the USA Turn it's Back on Israel 
Prophecy from Due Diligence 
on Tuesday Apr 19 2016

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The U.N. Security Council members are set to incur the Wrath of GOD against them ...  and their land ... and their peoples... this Passover. 

On Passover 2016, Year of Our LORD, 4.22.2016, the members of the UN Security Council are going to vote on adopting a resolution introduced by the Palestinians to divide Israel ... and perhaps Jerusalem.  Mr. President has declared that he will support the resolution (s). 

This is in line with the Kerry Peace ( Piece ? ) plan.  

There is also a push to FORCE ISRAEL to return the Golan Heights to Syria... the area Israel won while defending itself against the bombs and attacks lobbed at it from Syria, from the Golan Heights in 1967, in a war of annihilation. 

Mr. Netanyahu stated, " NO. We will not return the Golan. To whom should we return it?  To isis ? ? "

Scripture states that those who stand against Israel, DIRECTLY become the enemy of The LORD. 

Woe , woe, woe to the nation and nations who touch the apple of GOD'S eye.  

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HEAR, O NATION of Arrogance... 

HEAR, O WORLD of Iniquity: 

You shall not win.

You have chosen to come against My people in many lands. 

Now you are coming against My People in My land. 

Thus ... I will come against your people in your land. 

You who are leading the campaign to crush My Ancient People, your goal is not hidden from ME. 

Your plots are not hidden from ME.  I hear what you plan in secret, in your secret rooms, with your secret henchmen. 

I see all your secret devices, hidden from the eyes of men, but you forget WHO made the eye. 

Your intricate devices are not hidden from ME. 

You forget that your most clever devices depend upon the Universe which I set in motion... and can change at will. 

Your finely-turned devices shall come to naught. They have no power to stop ME. They will, in fact, be your doom. 

No, you shall NOT have world dominion. 

There is ONE spot in this world where you shall not rule and reign. It is the Apple of My Eye.  I neither slumber nor sleep. 

All who burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces... lacerated... gashed... torn apart violently. 

I know WHO you desire to destroy in all your exalted weapons of mass destruction... the HOLY ONE+ of Israel. 

You cannot reach that ONE+. 

HE+ can reach you. 

And soon shall.  

The Judgment has been set; the decree written; the out-come sure. 

Thus saith The LORD. 

 [ Zechariah 12:3, Psalm 121:4 , Zechariah 2:8, Daniel 7:22-27, Obadiah 1:3-4 ... and many others. ]

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