Monday, January 30, 2012



The GOOD news today is
that we have no fear.

HE+ promises to walk with us through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, the Valley of rejection, the Valley of loneliness.

HE+ can...
because HE+ has been through death…
....and back!
HE+ endured utter rejection from family, and His+ friends didn’t even stick with HIM+ through His+ strongest trial.
Plus, Our Savior – our dear, dear JESUS —saw His+ FATHER seemingly turn HIS FACE away from HIM+, the only-begotten SON+ in WHOM+ HE, The FATHER, was well-pleased… all due to my sin and the sins of the whole world.

THAT was the DEPTHS of the Valley of rejection, the Valley of loneliness. No-one on earth has had to embrace THAT kind of rejection, that utter abandonment of family and friends to embrace the loneliness to such a horrific degree.
So, we give thanks that HE+ made it through!

We give thanks because…
it wasn’t HIS+ fault.

HE+ covered for us, providing a cover of HIS+ own Blood. We hide underneath it, being grateful-to-tears for the shelter and safety HIS+ Blood brings us. Bless GOD that HE+ made it through to the end to say,
Now, we have no fear, of either Death ( read: “Life” ) or rejection ( read: “Companionship with JESUS” ) or loneliness ( read: “HE+ is right there beside you !” ).
If we embrace the cross, putting self-indulgence, self-pity, self-insistence to “death”, then HE+’S there, leading us unto fullness with HIMSELF+… and Joy follows !
If we accept the rejection and BLESS those rejecters in our hearts, forgiving them, guiding our minds and hearts to practice thinking
“Whatsoever things are lovely, … of good report… true…”
etc., of them….

then, HE+ anoints us with HIS+ great good approval. We have thus practiced HIS+ desire and example to love our enemies. Oh, how happy HE+ is when we do that !
HE+ is happy with US ! And, we will actually experience “the love of GOD being shed abroad” through our hearts, to our rejecters !
“These things have I+ spoken unto you, that My+ Joy might remain in you, and that your joy MIGHT BE FULL.”
Furthermore, if we embrace the loneliness appointed to us by HIS+ Sovereign Will, we will find that HE+ will meet us at the altar to join us to HIMSELF+ so that we will never walk alone.
No matter our condition of health, our situation of life, our position in (or out of ) family, we will NEVER be without companionship… the TRUE companionship of having someone to talk to in our hearts, having someone who knows us and loves us despite our character flaws and many failures.
(We know, of course, that being around other humans does not guarantee “companionship”, but rather, the communing of our hearts with one another is the fellowship  we hunger for. That is why so many find companionship with their little pets and thus, take great good care of their little 4-footed, fuzzy “heart-mates”.)
So, let us walk free of the torment of fear. Embrace the cross; for in so doing, you embrace CHRIST JESUS HIMSELF+, Who+ loves you dearly.
Embrace death to Self, for it will bring you LIFE in CHRIST.
Rejoice in rejection … for it will work in you great holiness.
Welcome loneliness; for inasmuch as you receive His+ ordained loneliness, you’ll receive HIS+ Companionship!
And then, when your sojourn upon earth is finished, the transition unto the Heavenly Kingdom will be utterly desirous… and you will hear,
“Well done, thou good and faithful servant; ENTER THOU INTO THE JOY OF THY LORD.”
Indeed, you have ALREADY been walking in that close JOY for many days with CHRIST JESUS as LORD of your life, through many rejections and much loneliness.
Then it will come to pass that the Valley of Baca … of Weeping… will be turned into a summit of total joy in Our LORD… when you see HIS+ welcoming face, full of love, glowing… coming towards you!

In the Name of The FATHER
Who created us,
and His Beloved SON+,
Who+ saves us,
and the Blessed HOLY SPIRIT,
Who sanctifies us.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Making Yourself AVAILABLE to The LORD...

Making oneself
to The LORD is how
serious Christian disciples
seek to follow

But without faith it is impossible to please HIM+: for he that cometh to GOD must believe that HE is, and that HE is a rewarder of them that diligently seek HIM+. Hebrews 11:6

In the daily walk there are certain things ... practices or disciplines, if you will... that will draw us closer to The LORD ... if we practice them diligently.

The Apostle calls this "sowing to the SPIRIT."

Similarly, there are certain daily activities or "focuses" of our energy and mind, that, if we pour ourselves into them, will draw us FARTHER AWAY from The LORD and HIS+ values.

The Apostle calls this "sowing to the flesh."

All serious-minded Christians know and do realize the truth that sowing to the flesh reaps corruption.  

The problem is, however, that usually the CORRUPTION doesn't OCCUR immediately and the CORROSION oftentimes is not obvious but unseen.  The corrosion remains hidden until a time of testing befalls a Christian, then the "steel girders" of one's faith are found to be piles of rust, giving way at the very moment when needed and blown as the chaff in the air. The Christian tumbles and the witness is destroyed.

Here is an easy rule to ascertain what "sowing to the flesh" entails: It is ALL those things that  DO NOT PROFIT US SPIRITUALLY !

For some , it may be chatting on the phone or emailing. For others, it may be TV or videos or reading a book, listening to music, doing projects around the house.... anything that takes our focus OFF of The LORD

For some, it may even entail involvment with church work and activities and hospitalities.

Most of us have innumerable duties and responsibilities through the day, in the public or at home. Some of us are so over-loaded that we are almost too exhausted to think.

The cure is to seek The LORD ... and then simplify where HE+ shows us to simplify.

 But, I will tell you this as a fact:

>  >  >  The LORD would rather have you quiet and with HIM+ than being full of activity... in or out of the church ... in or out of the home.

HE+ is not fooled. HE+ knows when our projects, activities, meetings, church doings and fellowships are being substituted for spending "down" time with HIM+.  If  HE+ is not directing us SPECIFICALLY to an activity, then we need to spend that time quietly, sowing to the SPIRIT.

> > > We will never live  making ourselves available to HIM+  if we do not sow to the SPIRIT, every day, in a disciplined way. 
what exactly entails
"sowing to the SPIRIT" ?
It is ALL those things that DRAW us closer to The LORD ... that make us recall His+ Sacrifice ... that make us recall our sins and repent ... that make us love HIM+ more ... so that we can embrace more of the Cross . All those things that make our MIND as well as our FLESH submit unto The SPIRIT entails "sowing to the SPIRIT."
Yes, all those  things which strengthen us SPIRITUALLY should become our daily sowing, our daily food, our daily discipline. 
Dear ones...
    You know what they are, for The LORD has shown you. HE+ will show you more, if you ask. Furthermore, HE+ will clear your schedule, if you wish to have more time to diligently seek HIM+... for HE+ is desirous for you to COME. HE+ would rather have a "Mary" than a "Martha..."   for Mary had chosen the better part.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Drawing Closer to The LORD...

Money cannot buy:

1. health

2. love

3. peace

4. forgiveness
  5. cleansing from your sins 

6. a pure conscience

7. a new heart

8. a new character

9. an escape from the grave

10. freedom from FEAR of loss… of anyone or anything

11. a family , natural or otherwise, to belong to

12. an entrance into Heaven

… and, you cannot LIVE without any of these 12 !

So, little Flock, why do you spend your time and thought chasing after the things NOT on this list ? Why do you worry about "more" money… when it cannot get you NOT EVEN ONE of those 12 things you cannot live without?
Spend your every waking moment with ME+; I will see to it that you have the earthly things needed.
Simplify those "desires" of your eyes and heart. Make your life easy to maintain, to clean , to keep going with the least amount of time.
Spend your time with ME+; return to ME+ every hour with a Psalm, a prayer of thanksgiving. Stop your day to RETURN.

Teach your children to do so, when they are young. When they are old, they will not forget how to draw closer to ME+.

Draw CLOSER to ME+... nothing else is more important to you than this.

+  +  +
To draw closer to The LORD, accept DISCIPLINE... of some form... into your daily schedule. Return to The LORD on the hour, or on the prayer station hours, read a chapter from John after every meal, walk around the block or down the lane as a "prayer" walk and exercise time, etc.  The important thing is to do something that cuts across the grain of your time, your thought, your daily schedule... and helps you re-focus upon Our LORD JESUS CHRIST. If you have little children, make them join you or settle on the couch with a "Jesus book" for a small version of prayer times. They can join you in prayers , also. Do something... whatever you can... to draw nearer to JESUS our LORD.