Monday, January 16, 2012

Making Yourself AVAILABLE to The LORD...

Making oneself
to The LORD is how
serious Christian disciples
seek to follow

But without faith it is impossible to please HIM+: for he that cometh to GOD must believe that HE is, and that HE is a rewarder of them that diligently seek HIM+. Hebrews 11:6

In the daily walk there are certain things ... practices or disciplines, if you will... that will draw us closer to The LORD ... if we practice them diligently.

The Apostle calls this "sowing to the SPIRIT."

Similarly, there are certain daily activities or "focuses" of our energy and mind, that, if we pour ourselves into them, will draw us FARTHER AWAY from The LORD and HIS+ values.

The Apostle calls this "sowing to the flesh."

All serious-minded Christians know and do realize the truth that sowing to the flesh reaps corruption.  

The problem is, however, that usually the CORRUPTION doesn't OCCUR immediately and the CORROSION oftentimes is not obvious but unseen.  The corrosion remains hidden until a time of testing befalls a Christian, then the "steel girders" of one's faith are found to be piles of rust, giving way at the very moment when needed and blown as the chaff in the air. The Christian tumbles and the witness is destroyed.

Here is an easy rule to ascertain what "sowing to the flesh" entails: It is ALL those things that  DO NOT PROFIT US SPIRITUALLY !

For some , it may be chatting on the phone or emailing. For others, it may be TV or videos or reading a book, listening to music, doing projects around the house.... anything that takes our focus OFF of The LORD

For some, it may even entail involvment with church work and activities and hospitalities.

Most of us have innumerable duties and responsibilities through the day, in the public or at home. Some of us are so over-loaded that we are almost too exhausted to think.

The cure is to seek The LORD ... and then simplify where HE+ shows us to simplify.

 But, I will tell you this as a fact:

>  >  >  The LORD would rather have you quiet and with HIM+ than being full of activity... in or out of the church ... in or out of the home.

HE+ is not fooled. HE+ knows when our projects, activities, meetings, church doings and fellowships are being substituted for spending "down" time with HIM+.  If  HE+ is not directing us SPECIFICALLY to an activity, then we need to spend that time quietly, sowing to the SPIRIT.

> > > We will never live  making ourselves available to HIM+  if we do not sow to the SPIRIT, every day, in a disciplined way. 
what exactly entails
"sowing to the SPIRIT" ?
It is ALL those things that DRAW us closer to The LORD ... that make us recall His+ Sacrifice ... that make us recall our sins and repent ... that make us love HIM+ more ... so that we can embrace more of the Cross . All those things that make our MIND as well as our FLESH submit unto The SPIRIT entails "sowing to the SPIRIT."
Yes, all those  things which strengthen us SPIRITUALLY should become our daily sowing, our daily food, our daily discipline. 
Dear ones...
    You know what they are, for The LORD has shown you. HE+ will show you more, if you ask. Furthermore, HE+ will clear your schedule, if you wish to have more time to diligently seek HIM+... for HE+ is desirous for you to COME. HE+ would rather have a "Mary" than a "Martha..."   for Mary had chosen the better part.

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