Saturday, January 7, 2012

Drawing Closer to The LORD...

Money cannot buy:

1. health

2. love

3. peace

4. forgiveness
  5. cleansing from your sins 

6. a pure conscience

7. a new heart

8. a new character

9. an escape from the grave

10. freedom from FEAR of loss… of anyone or anything

11. a family , natural or otherwise, to belong to

12. an entrance into Heaven

… and, you cannot LIVE without any of these 12 !

So, little Flock, why do you spend your time and thought chasing after the things NOT on this list ? Why do you worry about "more" money… when it cannot get you NOT EVEN ONE of those 12 things you cannot live without?
Spend your every waking moment with ME+; I will see to it that you have the earthly things needed.
Simplify those "desires" of your eyes and heart. Make your life easy to maintain, to clean , to keep going with the least amount of time.
Spend your time with ME+; return to ME+ every hour with a Psalm, a prayer of thanksgiving. Stop your day to RETURN.

Teach your children to do so, when they are young. When they are old, they will not forget how to draw closer to ME+.

Draw CLOSER to ME+... nothing else is more important to you than this.

+  +  +
To draw closer to The LORD, accept DISCIPLINE... of some form... into your daily schedule. Return to The LORD on the hour, or on the prayer station hours, read a chapter from John after every meal, walk around the block or down the lane as a "prayer" walk and exercise time, etc.  The important thing is to do something that cuts across the grain of your time, your thought, your daily schedule... and helps you re-focus upon Our LORD JESUS CHRIST. If you have little children, make them join you or settle on the couch with a "Jesus book" for a small version of prayer times. They can join you in prayers , also. Do something... whatever you can... to draw nearer to JESUS our LORD.

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