Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Resurrection Season ~ Day 39 ~
HE+ Leaves His+ Peace

For the Year of Our LORD, 4.30.2008

Peace I leave with you,
My peace I give unto you:
not as the world giveth,
give I unto you.

Let not your heart be troubled,
neither let it be afraid.

Ye have heard
how I said unto you,
I go away,
and come again unto you.

If ye loved ME+,
ye would rejoice,

because I said,
I go unto the FATHER:
for My Father is greater than I.

Yes, it was necessary that Our LORD went away, for HE+ said it. It was imperative that HE+ leave His+ children… in earthly, Adamic form… although HE+ was the second Adam. HE+ promised that when HE+ went away HE+ would send the HOLY SPIRIT from the FATHER. HE+ promised that HE+ would not leave us as orphans, that HE+ would come to us. HE+ fulfilled perfectly everything that HE+ promised.

[NOTE: Since the first Adam, a man, was beaten by satan, it was necessary that a man beat satan. This person was the SECOND Adam, the SON+ of Man, Our LORD JESUS CHRIST. ] Because HE+ beat satan, we can beat him too, through the enabling Grace of the HOLY SPIRIT.

HE+ prepared the disciples for His+ death and Resurrection. However, HE+ knew they would be so shattered in heart after the crucifixion that they would not remember … nor believe if they did … about His+ coming Resurrection.

HE+ spoke these words of comfort in John 14 to them before entering into His+ Passion.

Glory be to The FATHER,
and to The SON, our LORD JESUS CHRIST,
and to the HOLY SPIRIT.

As it was in the beginning,
is now and every shall be,
world without end.

+ + +
The Resurrection of JESUS CHRIST… the most life-changing event in human history!+ + +

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Resurrection Season ~ Day 38 ~
….Yet in Our Sins

For the Year of Our LORD, 4.28.2008

What has the Resurrection to do with the forgiveness of our sins?

The Apostle said without the Resurrection of Our LORD JESUS CHRIST… we would be yet in our sins. Yes! Here is the Scripture.

For if the dead rise not, then is not CHRIST raised:

And if CHRIST be not raised,
your faith is vain;
ye are yet in your sins.

Then they also
which are fallen asleep in CHRIST are perished.

If in this life only we have hope in CHRIST,
we are of all men most miserable.

But now is CHRIST risen from the dead,
and become the firstfruits
of them that slept.

For since by man came death,
by MAN+ came also
the resurrection of the dead.

For as in Adam all die,
even so in CHRIST shall all be made alive.

But every man in his own order:
CHRIST the firstfruits;
afterward they that are CHRIST’S
at His+ coming.

I Corinthians 15: 16-23

What has the Resurrection to do with the forgiveness of our sins?

Everything !

It is a package-deal; it all is included with the Resurrection and Victory of CHRIST JESUS over death, hell, and the grave. He+ broke the chains of death and darkness that the lying adversary satan had put upon the human race through his deception. All who choose to do so, may be freed from those chains.

Because sin entered the human race through Adam, death of the flesh, soul, and spirit of man came into being. The tempter, the devil, knew that disobedience to The LORD GOD would bring a swift, sure, and severe consequence. The tempter knew it firsthand and VERY well. He wanted to hurt his creator any way possible, but that was impossible. Thus, the tempter went after His new creation, Adam and Eve. The tempter knew it would bring their demise and even cause a curse to be put upon the living earth.

That is why the tree of life was forbidden to Adam and Eve after their disobedience. Cherubim, plural, more than one, (a VERY powerful order of angelic being) with a “whirling sword of flame” the Hebrew says, was placed before the Garden of Eden to keep them from entering therein and partaking of the tree of life. If they had eaten from it, they would have lived forever in the cursed and now sinful state. The LORD did not want that condition for His+ splendidly-created new creatures.

The NEW Tree of Life, our living LORD JESUS CHRIST, was promised to Adam and Eve, even as they were expelled from the Garden of Eden. And yes, the Adamic flesh would certainly taste of death now… but The LORD provided a way for the obedient soul and spirit to enter Life Eternal through His Beloved SON JESUS CHRIST.

Death of our Adamic flesh and nature came because of sin. Sin entered due to disobedience. When our LORD JESUS CHRIST won out over death, HE+ triumphed over the works of the Adamic curse for mankind! HE+ made a way for those who would obey Him+ … in love, in salvation, in yielding the control of their lives over to Him+ … to be born anew, from above. Those who do this will NEVER TASTE OF DEATH.

HE+ said it. HE+ meant it.
GOD is not a man that HE should lie.

Glory be to The FATHER,
and to The SON, our LORD JESUS CHRIST,
and to the HOLY SPIRIT.

As it was in the beginning,
is now and ever shall be,
world without end.

+ + +
The Resurrection of JESUS CHRIST… the most life-changing event in human history
!+ + +

Monday, April 28, 2008

Resurrection Season ~ Day 37 ~
Nothing in my Basket…
For the Year of Our LORD, 4.28.2008

Yesterday, as I looked at the Scripture selection to plan my own funeral (see yesterday’s blog), I was suddenly hit with an intense fear: I have nothing in my basket to offer The LORD. I have no great works to put therein. Indeed, most days I have times of great struggle. My discipline is sorely undisciplined. I have been weighed in the balance and been found wanting! Thus, all through the worship service I was in tears or close to it.

Last month, we had a dear, dear elderly Christian friend who died. She had planned out her funeral years ago because she didn’t want to be a burden on anyone, for she had no family. But this year, she had gotten progressively sicker. She was 90 and under constant medical care. She would often say, “…I don’t know what is going to become of me!” We knew “what was going to become” of this faithful Christian sister and we tried to comfort her joyfully in the LORD, but she was still very much afraid.

Now, I understand it. She felt she had nothing in her basket, also. No amount of words could comfort her regarding her own standing before CHRIST JESUS. Oftentimes, however, the things we do in life, just because we belong to Him+, are very precious in His+ sight. When it is done out of love for Him+, He+ sees it! Many times we don’t even notice these things. But He+ does.

I’m not saying that there should be no effort made on our part to keep those things JESUS has commanded us to keep and do. We should make the effort.. He+ expects us to do them, as we call upon Him+ in our weakness. But remember, He+ has sent to us the Holy Spirit from His+ FATHER to give us enabling Grace to overcome and to be pleasing in His+ sight. If we choose to do His+ will in all things, we can, by His+ Grace. We are all able to have some fruit in our basket. Some of it may surprise us!

For me, I will call upon His+ Mercy and ask for the continuing strength of HIS Holy Spirit. Our elderly sister did not like the physical state she found herself in, and she told us so! But in the midst of it all, she remained faithful to her LORD+ Whom she loved and trusted in. She continued giving out her “widow’s mite” until the very last of her days on earth. She did what she could in whatever she could. I suspect that is all that any of us can do. Call on the Lord+ for His+ strength and remain faithful in whatever situation we find ourselves in. That’s what the Martyr’s did, and still do.

Here is an old poem some of you may remember. It is worthy.

Only one life, ‘Twill soon be past.

Only what’s done For CHRIST will last.

When I am old, how glad I will be
if the lamp of my life has been burned out
for THEE+.

From the 1979 Book of Common Prayer [Anglican, Episcopalian],

In peace, let us pray to the LORD:

Into Thy hands, O LORD, we commend Thy Servant __________, our dear brother/sister, as into the hands of a faithful Creator and most merciful Savior, beseeching THEE that he/she may be precious in Thy sight. Wash him/her, we pray THEE, in the blood of that immaculate LAMB that was slain to take away the sins of the world; that, whatsoever defilements he/she may have contracted in the midst of this earthly life being purged and done away, he/she may be presented pure and without spot before THEE; through the Passion, Death, and Resurrection of JESUS CHRIST thine only Begotten SON our LORD. Amen

+ + +
The Resurrection of JESUS CHRIST… the most life-changing event in human history!+ + +

Resurrection Season ~ Day 36 ~
We Belong To GOD

For the Year of Our LORD, 4.27.2008

We are attending as visitors a most interesting Sunday School class presented by the local Episcopal church. This church is very Episcopal and cherishes its traditions intensely. The class is a review and explanation of the Burial Service as found in the 1979 Book of Common Prayer.

Some interesting facts have emerged regarding the technicalities of being buried. For instance, there are no state laws here in Tennessee regarding caskets. One could choose to be buried in the ground simply in one’s clothes or wrapped in a white sheet. One can be buried on one’s property, also, establishing a family cemetery. If the estate is sold, however, one must inform the buyer of the area that contains the burial ground. There are absolutely no state rules about where you may scatter ashes of the deceased, either.

Rules and regulations for caskets come from the cemetery owners. Embalming is NOT required by state law. Transporting the body across state lines, however, may involve some regulations.

In the course of this class, we are asked to plan our own funeral… which is very interesting. However, even more interesting are the questions some of the parishioners are asking regarding death. That usually takes the discussion to different levels than what was originally planned.

One point which the minister emphasizes in each class is that we Christians should wear the same clothes at our funeral services as we do at Resurrection Time and Baptism : white. In that particular church, an enormous WHITE pall or shroud covers the casket.

We focus on the “death event,” as he calls it, like we would upon baptism … as an entrance into Life. In baptism, we die to our flesh and enter into Life through a watery grave. Later, at our appointed time, as our Adamic flesh dies, we enter into Life through the gate of death. This is similar to The LORD’S death and Resurrection.

This Sunday, he pointed out that when we were baptized, the proclamation is declared: NOW YOU ARE GOD’S! NOW YOU BELONG TO HIM+ !

And when we die, we proclaim the same thing. Scripture says:

For none of us liveth to himself,
and no man dieth to himself.

For whether we live,
we live unto the LORD;

and whether we die,
we die unto the LORD:

whether we live therefore, or die,

For to this end CHRIST both died,
and rose, and revived,
that HE might be LORD
both of the dead and living.
Romans 14:7-9

From the 1979 Book of Common Prayer [Anglican, Episcopalian],

In peace, let us pray to the LORD:

Grant that all who have been baptized into CHRIST’S death and Resurrection may die to sin and rise to newness of life, and that through the grave and gate of death we may pass with them to our joyful resurrection. Amen

+ + +
The Resurrection of JESUS CHRIST… the most life-changing event in human history!+ + +

Resurrection Season ~ Day 35 ~
Our Mortal Bodies…or…Why Should We Cry?

For the Year of Our LORD, 4.26.2008

But if the SPIRIT of HIM
that raised up JESUS
from the dead dwell in you,

HE that raised up CHRIST from the dead

shall also quicken [make alive]

your mortal bodies

by His+ SPIRIT that dwelleth in you.
Romans 8:11

For our citizenship [conversation, KJV] is in Heaven;
from whence also we look for the Savior,

WHO+ shall change our vile body (The body of our humiliation; it says in the greek ms.),

that it may be conformed unto
[fashioned like, KJV]

the body of His+ glory
[His+ glorious body, KJV],

according to the working of the power of HIM+
even to subdue all things unto Himself+.

Philippians 3:20-21, with Greek text wording

From the 1979 Book of Common Prayer [Anglican, Episcopalian]

A Commendatory Prayer

Into your hands, O merciful SAVIOR, we commend your servant _______. Acknowledge, we humbly beseech THEE+, a sheep of Thine own fold, a lamb of Thine own flock, a sinner of Thine own redeeming. Receive him into the arms of Thy mercy, into the blessed rest of everlasting peace, and into the glorious company of the saints in light. Amen.

May his soul and the souls of all the departed , through the mercy of GOD, rest in peace.

+ + +
The Resurrection of JESUS CHRIST… the most life-changing event in human history!+ + +

Friday, April 25, 2008

Resurrection Season ~ Day 34 ~
What Did Hannah Know?
For the Year of Our LORD, 4.26.2008

And Hannah prayed, and said,
My heart rejoiceth in the LORD,
mine horn is exalted in the LORD:
my mouth is enlarged over mine enemies;
because I rejoice in Thy salvation.

There is none holy as the LORD:
for there is none beside THEE:
neither is there any rock like our God.

Talk no more so exceeding proudly;
let not arrogancy come out of your mouth:
for the LORD is a GOD of knowledge,
and by HIM actions are weighed.

The bows of the mighty men are broken,
and they that stumbled
are girded with strength.

They that were full
have hired out themselves for bread;
and they that were hungry ceased:
so that the barren hath born seven;
and she that hath many children is waxed feeble.

The LORD killeth, and maketh alive:
HE bringeth down to the grave, and bringeth up.

The LORD maketh poor, and maketh rich:
HE bringeth low, and lifteth up.

HE raiseth up the poor out of the dust,
and lifteth up the beggar from the dunghill,
to set them among princes,
and to make them
inherit the throne of glory:
for the pillars of the earth are the LORD’S,
and HE hath set the world upon them.

HE will keep the feet of His saints,
and the wicked shall be silent in darkness;
for by strength shall no man prevail.

The adversaries of the LORD
shall be broken to pieces;
out of the heavens* shall HE thunder upon them:

the LORD shall judge
the ends of the earth;
and HE shall give strength unto his king,
and exalt the horn of His anointed.
I Samuel 2:1-10

*Note: In the Hebrew text, the word Heaven is ALWAYS IN THE PLURAL FORM. As a matter of fact, the ancient Jewish teaching states that there are seven heavens, seven realms in the Heavenly regions. Early Christian writings also refer to this. In the Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs, the testimony of Levi, son of Jacob, gives an account of what the different heavens were like. This is found in the Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol. 8, Section 3, p. 13. The footnotes to this writing contain other references to this also.

In The Name of The FATHER, and of The SON+, and of the HOLY SPIRIT + + +

+ + +
The Resurrection of JESUS CHRIST… the most life-changing event in human history!+ + +

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Resurrection Season ~ Day 33
For the Year of Our LORD, 4.24.2008
Carried by the Angels…second version

And it came to pass, that the beggar died,
and was carried by the angels
into Abraham’s bosom:
the rich man also died,
and was buried;
The words of The LORD,
recorded in Luke 16:22

Yesterday, we presented a document about the angels who meet the Christian soul at the moment of death. It was from the Ante-Nicene collections of Christian writings which occurred before 400 A.D. The early Christians were familiar with these writings even though they are not in the Canon of Scripture as we know it.

There is a parallel account of yesterday’s document in Volume 9, Ante-Nicene Fathers, called The Vision of Paul. This one is from a Latin manuscript. The present translation of the Vision of Paul is made from the text of a Latin version, edited by Mr. M. R. James in the Cambridge Texts and Studies, ii., 3, p. 11 ff. -- from a MS. of the eighth century now in the Bibliotheque Nationale at Paris. Tischendorf’s Greek text which we quoted in yesterday’s blogspot was based on two MSS., the earliest of which is at Munich and is of the thirteenth century. These are copies of the ancient origional.

The Vision of Paul

Section 13

And I [Paul] said to the angel: I wished to see the souls of the just and of sinners going out of the world. And the angel answered and said unto me: Look down upon the earth… (etc.)

And I looked and saw all the world, and men were as naught(nothing) and a-wanting(lacking) and I looked carefully and saw a certain man about to die, and the angel said to me: This one whom thou seest is a righteous man.

And I looked again and saw all his works, whatever he had done for the sake of God’s name, and all his desires, both what he remembered, and what he did not remember; they all stood in his sight in the hour of need;

and I saw the just man advance and find refreshment and confidence, and
before he went out of the world the holy and the impious angels both attended: and I saw them all, but the impious found no place of habitation
in him, but the holy took possession of his soul, guiding it till it went out of the body:

and they [the holy angels] roused the soul saying: Soul, know thy body whence thou goest out, for it is necessary that thou shouldst return to the same body on the day of the resurrection, that thou mayest receive the things promised to all the righteous.

Receiving therefore the soul from the body, they immediately kissed it as familiarly known to them, saying to it: Do manfully, for thou hast done the will of God while placed in the earth.

And there came to meet him the angel who watched him every day, and said to him: Do manfully, soul; for I rejoice in thee, because thou hast done the will of God on earth: for I related to God all thy works, whatever they were.

Similarly also the spirit proceeded to meet him and said: Soul, fear not, nor
be disturbed, until thou comest into a place which thou hast never known, but I will be a helper unto thee: for I found in thee a place of refreshment in the time when I dwelt in thee, while I was on earth.

And his spirit strengthened him, and his angel received him, and led him into heaven: and an angel said: Whither runnest thou, O soul, and dost thou dare to enter into heaven? Wait and let us see if there is anything of ours in thee: and behold we find nothing in thee. I see also thy divine helper and angel, and the spirit is rejoicing along with thee, because thou hast done the will of God on earth. And they led him along till he should worship in the sight of God.

And when they had ceased, immediately Michael and all the army of angels, with one voice, adored the footstool of HIS feet, and his judgement, saying at the same time to the soul: This is your God of all things, who made you in his own image and likeness. Moreover the angel returns and points him (the man) out saying: God, remember his labors: for this is the soul, whose works I related to thee, doing according to thy judgment.

And the spirit said likewise: I am the spirit of vivification(life) inspiring him: for I had refreshment in him, in the time when I dwelt in him, doing according to thy judgment. And there came the voice of God and said: In as much as this man did not vex me, neither will I vex him; for according as he had pity, I also will have pity.

Let him therefore be handed over to Michael, the angel of the Covenant, and let him lead him into the Paradise of joy, that he himself may become co-heir with all the saints.

And after these things I heard the voices of a thousand thousand angels, and archangels, and cherubim, and twenty-four elders saying hymns, and glorifying the Lord and crying: thou art just, O Lord, and just are thy judgments, and there is no acceptance of persons with thee, but thou rewardest unto every man according to thy judgment. And the angel answered and said unto me: Hast thou believed and known, that whatever each man of you has done, he sees in the hour of need? And I said: Yes, sir.
+ + +

Further down, in section 15 of this Vision of Paul, it talks about the “customary angel which precedes it (the soul)” as it departs from the body. This gives us the picture of yet another angel which goes before the accompanying angels as they escort the departing Christian to his Heavenly home.

As we pointed out earlier, the departing one does NOT float aimlessly upwards, but rather is escorted in some manner through the hostile environment surrounding the earth and is led through a gateway into the Heavenly realm.

Many accounts of near-death ordeals discuss the movement of the soul/spirit of a person through a shaft-type entrance, either upwards or downwards.

Let us thank The LORD for His+ glorious Resurrection so that we too may be taken upwards and enter through the gate, at our appointed time. May the angels who meet us find nothing in us to hinder our transition unto The LORD. We pray that we may found worthy of CHRIST and that our works which HE+ has taught us would go before us, to the glory of GOD the FATHER.

+ + +

In the Name of The FATHER, Who created us,
and of The SON+, Who+ redeemed us,
and of The HOLY SPIRIT, Who sanctifies us,

+ + +The Resurrection of JESUS CHRIST… the most life-changing event in human history!+ + +

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Resurrection Season ~ Day 32
For the Year of Our LORD, 4.23.2008
Carried by the Angels…

And it came to pass, that the beggar died,
and was carried by the angels
into Abraham’s bosom:
the rich man also died,
and was buried;
The words of The LORD,
recorded in Luke 16:22

The old Christian writings found in the Ante Nicene Fathers (occurring before the Nicene Council in 325 A.D.) add an interesting picture to the Luke 16:22 verse. In Luke, Our LORD tells us that the poor beggar Lazarus died and “was carried by the angels to Abraham’s Bosom.” This was the comfortable place established in the heart of the earth for those righteous ones who entered into the Patriarchal Covenants or the Covenant of Moses and… as in this same account in Luke … stayed in the covenant by righteous living before GOD.

In “Abraham’s Bosom” were also the Patriarchs and Prophets of ancient time before Moses, and other righteous ones, like Abel and Noah. This place of waiting was established long before the coming of Our LORD and before His+ Resurrection.

The writing in focus for this discussion is found in The New Testament Apocrypha, this particular writing is in Volume VIII of the Ante_Nicene Fathers by Hendrickson Publishers. Volume VIII, contains the writings of the Third and Fourth Centuries. [Note: We know and do follow the admonishment from The LORD JESUS to “call no man father.” We are simply relating the title or sub-titles of the volumes we are using.]

We are focusing on the part called the Revelation (or Apocalypse) of Paul, AnteNicene Vol. VIII, page 358 (introduction) and page 576 (text), second printing, June 1995, reprint edition of the American Edition of the Ante-Nicene Fathers, Volume 8, originally published, 1886… should anyone want to research this for himself!

Here is introductory information by the scholars for The Apocalypse of Paul. It was ascribed by Tischendorf to the year 380, although it is included in the Ante Nicene writings. This would of course be a copy of a much earlier original. There appears to be versions of it in Coptic, Syriac, and Arabic. One of the Syriac versions, from an Urumiyeh manuscript was translated into English by an American missionary in 1864. This translation, or the greater portion of it, is printed by Tischendorf along with his edition of the text. There is a parallel account in Volume 9, Ante-Nicene Fathers, called The Vision of Paul. This is from a Latin manuscript. That translation was done by another man and that translation has some very interesting details, also. Perhaps we will include that account on another blogspot.


REVELATION of the holy Apostle Paul: the things which were revealed to him when he went up even to the third heaven, and was caught up into
paradise, and heard unspeakable words.

There dwelt a certain nobleman in the city of Tarsus, in the house of St. Paul the apostle, in the government of Theodosius the worshipful king, and of the most illustrious Gratianus; and there was revealed to him an angel of the Lord, saying: Upturn the foundation of this house, and lift up what thou shalt find.

But he thought that he had had a dream. And the angel having persisted even to a third vision, the nobleman was compelled to upturn the foundation; and having dug, he found a marble box containing this revelation; and having taken it, he showed it to the ruler of the city. And the ruler, seeing it sealed up with lead, sent it to the King Theodosius, thinking that it was something else. And the king having received it, and transcribed it, sent the original writing to Jerusalem. And there was written
in it thus: —

[Here we have abridged the long account to get to the part of interest to us regarding the angels which accompany the soul/spirit of a person, upon death.]

And I [Paul] wept, and said to the angel: I wished to see the departures of the righteous and of the sinners, in what manner they go out of the world. And the angel says to me: Paul, look down, and see what thou hast asked.

And I looked, and saw one of the sons of men falling near death. And the angel says to me: This is a righteous man, and, behold, all his works stand beside him in the hour of his necessity.

And there were beside him good angels, and along with them also evil angels. And the evil angels indeed found no place in him, but the good took possession of the soul of the righteous man, and said to it: Take note of the body whence thou art coming out; for it is necessary for thee again to return to it in the day of the resurrection, that thou mayst receive what God hath promised to the righteous.

And the good angels who had received the soul of the righteous man, saluted it, as being well known to them. And it went with them; and the Spirit came forth to meet them, saying: Come, soul, enter into the place of the resurrection, which God hath prepared for His righteous ones.

And the angel said to me: Look down to the earth, and behold the soul of the impious, (unrighteous or unrepentant sinner), how it goes forth from its tabernacle (body), which has provoked God to anger, saying, Let us eat and drink; for who is it that has gone down to Hades, and come up and announced that there is judgment and retribution?

And take heed, and see all his works which he has done standing before him.

And the evil angels came and the good.

The good [angels] therefore found no place of rest in it, but the evil [angels] took possession of it, saying: O wretched soul, pay heed to thy flesh; take note of that whence thou art coming forth, for thou must return into thy flesh in the day of the resurrection, that thou mayst receive the recompense of thy sins.

And when it had gone forth from its tabernacle,(body) the angel who had lived along with it ran up to it, saying to it: O wretched soul, whither goest thou?

I am he who each day wrote down thy sins. Thou hast destroyed the time of repentance; be exceedingly ashamed. And when it came, all the angels saw it, and cried out with one voice, saying: Woe to thee, wretched soul! what excuse hast thou come to give to God? And the angel of that soul said: Weep for it, all of you, along with me…

+ + +

Whatever one might think of this ancient Christian writing, it still does impress upon our hearts that “Today is the day of Salvation; now is the acceptable time.”

Once a person is IN the Covenant of Salvation, it is imperative that he sows to the Spirit and not unto the flesh, as the Apostles teach us in Scripture. He must lay hold onto Eternal Life by doing those things which our LORD JESUS CHRIST has taught and commanded us, and, His+ Apostles, after HIM+.

Then, having done all, we too shall have the escort of the Holy angels into Paradise. We too shall have nothing in us to be claimed by the evil angels at the time of our translation into His+ Presence. And, we too will “enter into the joy of Our LORD.”

+ + +

In the Name of The FATHER, Who created thee,
and of The SON+, Who+ redeemed thee,
and of The HOLY SPIRIT, Who sanctifies thee,

+ + +

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Resurrection Season ~ Day 31
For the Year of Our LORD, 4.22.2008

The Death Prayer Vigil
from the Book of Common Prayer

No, we at the Order of the GOOD SHEPHERD+ are not card-carrying Anglicans nor Episcopalians; we are simply plain Christians. We pattern ourselves after the earliest of the Early Christian Church, believing they followed The LORD JESUS with simplicity and great power. Most every church has ways that reflect the common faith “once delivered to all the saints.” But, not every church follows ALL the ways of this common faith, we’ve discovered.

It just so happens that the Book of Common Prayer used by the Anglicans and Episcopalians contain many good services which truly reflect some of the early ways and teachings. We have found this to be true ESPECIALLY in the issue of death and funerals.

We would differ from that organization, not in services, but in the administration of them. Simply belonging to a church organization does NOT assure one of a berth in Heaven; one must live for The LORD JESUS CHRIST. Inasmuch as one is living solely for The LORD in a holy manner, having been regenerated, is what counts. Nominal Christianity …of any sort or with any group… simply won’t purchase the ticket. Neither will promoting and serving in the “church” …but being cold towards The LORD. One must BE a new creature in CHRIST and produce His+ fruits.

Having said this, I think there is much merit in the various prayers in the Book of Common Prayer. To the Christian who is alive in The LORD, these prayers and litanies bring much comfort.

The Prayer Vigil
adapted from the Book of Common Prayer

Dear Friends: It was Our LORD JESUS Himself+ Who+ said, “Come unto me, all ye who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.” Let us pray, then for our loved one, __________, that he (she) may rest from his labors, and enter into the light of GOD’S eternal Sabbath rest.

Receive O LORD, your servant for he returns to you.

Into Thy hands, O LORD, we commend our brother (sister)_________.

Wash him in the holy font of Everlasting Life, and clothe him in his heavenly wedding garment.

Into Thy hands, O LORD, we commend our brother (sister)_________.

May he hear Thy words of invitation, “Come, Thou blessed of My+ FATHER.”

Into Thy hands, O LORD, we commend our brother (sister)_________.

May he gaze upon Thee, O LORD, face to face, and taste the blessedness of perfect rest.

Into Thy hands, O LORD, we commend our brother (sister)_________.

May the angels surround him and the saints welcome him in peace.

Into Thy hands, O LORD, we commend our brother (sister)_________.

Almighty GOD, Our FATHER in Heaven, before whom all live who die in the LORD: Receive our brother _________ into the courts of Thy Heavenly dwelling place. Let his heart and soul now ring out in joy to Thee, O LORD, the Living GOD, and the GOD of those who live.

This we ask through CHRIST, our Risen SAVIOR and KING, in the joy of His+ glorious Resurrection, the same which is promised to those who love Him+, both now and forever. Amen.

+ + +The Resurrection of JESUS CHRIST… the most life-changing event in human history!+ + +

Resurrection Season, Day 30

Resurrection Season ~ Day 30 ~
Upon Being Carried Away
For the Year of Our LORD, 4.21.2008

A church in our area is commemorating the Great 50 Days of Easter. Ahem… they, the members, really do NOT mean the pagan holiday which remembers the female demonic entity (from which “Easter” takes its name) of the underground world, complete with decorated eggs used for a fertility blessing. But rather more accurately, this church is regarding the 50 Great Days of the Resurrection Season which remembers The LORD JESUS CHRIST. In so doing, the minister is holding special Sunday School classes regarding funerals. It is well attended!

In the Anglican tradition, a Christian burial follows the liturgical theme, not of death, but of the Resurrection. And well it should… for any who are regenerated into CHRIST JESUS and walking with The LORD. The minister wears Resurrection garments at the funeral of a Christian. He gives Communion and everybody stands to receive it. This church teaches that death is merely a gate, a transition into the Heavenly realm.

So what really happens in the moment of death for a Christian? Does his soul and spirit simply part from his body and float away aimlessly, heading towards the clouds? No, Scripture gives us a more firm word, right from the Mouth of The LORD.

And it came to pass, that the beggar died,
and was carried by the angels
into Abraham’s bosom:
the rich man also died,
and was buried;
Luke 16:22

Now, let us notice the details of this true account given us by The LORD, for it is not a parable. First of all at the moment of death, the Heavenly angels MEET the departing soul. This is good and necessary. Since the fall of Adam, the earth’s atmosphere in the spiritual realm is hostile to the sons of Adam. The evil one has been thrown to the earth, for his time is short. Through this hostile spiritual environment, then, the newly-departed soul/spirit of a Christian must travel. To be met by an Angel Band (as the old country hymn says) provides a protection for the soul/spirit at the time of departure of the Christian.

What did the angels who met Lazarus do? They carried him to where he was going. This is good, for how would he know the path to take, never having done this before? It is a once-in-a-lifetime journey, for sure.

Many, many Christians’ death bed visions of angels confirm this, even nowadays. These are not hallucinations. A few years ago, we got word of a sister who was dying of cancer. She fought it. She had children and a husband and didn’t want to die. Finally, she reconciled herself to the Will of the LORD. At the time of her death, she called to her husband, “O, come quickly! Can’t you see them? Can’t you see the angels standing at the door?” Bless GOD! What a wonderful thing to bequeath to her family to comfort their hearts.

Now notice that the poor beggar Lazarus was met by, AT THE VERY LEAST, two angels … yes, TWO angels… because the word spoken by The LORD is plural. It could have been more. He didn’t have to travel alone. Furthermore, he had not just anyone, but messengers of the Living LORD to be with him. They took him to the place The LORD had appointed for his people, with no mistake. There, Lazarus awaited the Day of Resurrection. Blessed be GOD!

A Commendation at the time of death, from the Book of Common Prayer, used by the Anglicans and Episcopalians:

Depart, O Christian soul, out of this world;
In the Name of GOD the FATHER Almighty Who created you;
In the Name of The LORD JESUS CHRIST Who+ redeemed you;
In the Name of the HOLY SPIRIT Who sanctifies you.
May your rest be this day in peace,
and your dwelling place in the Paradise of GOD.

+ + +The Resurrection of JESUS CHRIST… the most life-changing event in human history!+ + +

Saturday, April 19, 2008

RESURRECTION SEASON ~ ~ ~ Day 29 --- of Gates and Keys

Resurrection Season ~ ~ ~ Day 29

--- Of Gates and Keys

For the Year of Our LORD, 4.20.2008

+ + +

Arise, shine: for thy light is come,

and the glory of the LORD

is risen upon thee.

+ + +

Therefore, thy gates shall be open continually;

they shall not be shut day nor night;

that men may bring unto thee the

forces of the Gentiles,

and that their kings may be brought.

+ + +

For the nation and kingdom

that will not serve thee

shall perish;

yea, those nations shall be utterly wasted.

+ + +

Isaiah 60, excerpts

+ + +

These wonderful verses in Isaiah also tell us another truth about gates: the gates of the City of Zion and Jerusalem will be opened BECAUSE THE PEOPLE WILL BE DWELLING IN SAFETY. The LORD of HOSTS on that day will be their defense and the glory of the GOD of Israel will be their protection. Bloodshed will indeed cease in the Holy Land.

+ + +

The sons also of them that afflicted thee

shall come bending unto thee;

and all they that despised thee

shall bow themselves down

at the soles of thy feet;

and they shall call thee,

The city of the LORD,

The Zion of the Holy One

of Israel.

Isaiah 60: 14

+ + +

The Resurrection of JESUS CHRIST…

the most life-changing event in human history!

+ + +

RESURRECTION SEASON ~ ~ ~ Day 28 --- Of Gates and Keys

Resurrection Season ~ Day 28 ~
Of Gates and Keys
For the Year of Our LORD, 4.19.2008

Speaking of Gates and Keys, look at the gates in Psalm 24, the gates that lead into the Heavenly Realm. Our LORD has entered into them, IN HIS+ TRIUMPHANT, GLORIFIED BODY ! Keep in mind these gates are NOT OPENED to everybody... or every spiritual entity. The Rebellious ones who were involved in the great insurrection against GOD eons ago would like nothing better than to usurp HIS Authority... if they could.

Lift up your heads, O ye gates:

and be ye lift up,

ye Everlasting Doors;

And the King of Glory shall come in.

Who is this King of Glory?

The LORD strong and mighty,

the LORD mighty in battle.

Lift up your heads, O ye gates:

even lift them up,

ye Everlasting Doors;

and the King of Glory shall come in.

Who is this King of Glory?

The LORD of Hosts,

HE+ is the King of Glory.

Psalm 24: 7-10

+ + +

[...Just a note about the hosts in this verse. Heavenly Hosts refer to the large amount of Heavenly Ones, angelic beings, Heavenly warriors, who are on the LORD'S side. HOSTS do not refer to the "stars" of the sky. There is a different Hebrew word which refers to the natural stars in the sky. In English, we know the word as sabbaoth. That means Heavenly beings or warriors, if it is talking about The LORD. Otherwise, sabbaoth means an army . .. but never the stars in the sky. Some hymns have erroneously confused this concept also.]

+ + +

The Resurrection of JESUS CHRIST… the most life-changing event in human history!

+ + +

RESURRECTION SEASON ~ Day 27~ ~ ~ Of Gates and Keys,

Resurrection Season Day 27
~ ~ ~ Of Gates and Keys...
for the Year of Our LORD, 4.18.2008
+ + +
...Upon this rock
I will build of ME+ the Church:
and the gates of hell
shall NOT prevail
against her.
Green's Interlinear NT, Matthew 16:18

The gates of hell mean the locked entrance into the realm of the dead souls and spirits of mankind. [Note: When we say "souls and spirits" we assume these entities are together... that is, one soul-and-spirit unit, as they were before their Adamic flesh died.] Before the crucifixion,death, and Resurrection of CHRIST JESUS, all the souls and spirits of the dead humans were locked up in Hades / Sheol / hell.

After His+ Resurrection, however, The LORD JESUS CHRIST took His+ people to HIM+ as HE+ arose. HE+ placed them into the Paradise of GOD in the Third Heaven... never more in the heart of the earth. Furthermore, those who have entered into His+ covenant by repentance and baptism and have STAYED IN IT through His+ help, ascend upwards into the Heavenly Realm when they leave their Adamic shell of flesh. No longer, JESUS says, do they die to descend into the heart of the earth... as all did before His+ Resurrection.

For this we give HIM+ thanks and praise for all Eternity!

However, the unrighteous ones who die in their sins do descend into that stronghold. The gates of hell most certainly DO prevail against those souls and spirits. Nothing has changed for them regardless of how many years they have spent in the heart of the earth, suffering in the torments of at least flame, thirst, and anguish of heart. (See the account related by Our LORD regarding the rich man and the beggar Lazarus in Luke 16:23.)

It is safe to assume that the rich man in that account had been born, oddly enough, into the covenant of Abraham, the Mosaic covenant, because he recognized Abraham and called him "Father." Somehow, though, the rich man ended up on the wrong side of the chasm in Sheol, in hell... the worst mistake of his life.

Nothing will ever change for that rich man or any others who die in their sins... whether they are born into the covenant or not. [Could this be a note of warning, perhaps, from the mouth of Our LORD ?] They are doomed forever. They will remain in that stronghold... well aware of their particular torments... until the LAMB's Book of Life is opened. Then they will go into the Lake of Burning Fire, (the Valley of )Tophet or Hinnom, as it is sometimes called... for all eternity. Our LORD spoke of this place in Mark 9.

The gates of hell are the strongest gates imaginable. They are at the entrance of the realm of the dead. Our LORD JESUS CHRIST prevailed strongly against them and moved His+ people UP from that realm unto the Heavenly realm, Scripture tells us.

Jerusalem, too, had gates, as did the City of Zion. No-one could simply "walk into" those places, for they were surrounded by walls. One had to go through the opening allowed.

Although modern cities have no gates nor walls, their are walls of one sort or another around the countries proper. "Free entrance" or open borders are simply not available. If one enters another country illegally, there will be some stiff consequences if one is discovered.

+ + +

Now, here is something to ponder:



(to be continued)

The Resurrection of JESUS CHRIST… the most life-changing event in human history!

+ + +

Friday, April 18, 2008

Resurrection Season ~ ~ ~ Day 26
for the Year of Our LORD, 4.17.2008
…Of Gates and Keys

And Simon Peter answered and said,
THOU art the CHRIST,
the SON of the Living GOD.

And JESUS answered and said unto him,
Blessed art thou, Simon Barjona:
for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee,
but My FATHER WHO is in heaven.

And I say also unto thee,
That thou art Peter,
and upon this rock
I will build My+ church;
and the gates of hell
shall not prevail against it.

Matthew 16:16-18

+ + +

We would be remiss if we did not discuss the gates and keys which The LORD JESUS CHRIST controls. HE+ speaks of the gates of hell in Matthew 16:18. The Old Testament oftentimes mentions the gates of the grave, such as in Isaiah 38:10, where Sheol has been translated grave.

There are numerous other gates mentioned in Scriptures. City gates, the gates of righteousness, gates connected with the courts of the Tabernacle and Temple, the gates of Jerusalem, and the gate of Zion.

Gates are normally part of a fortification and are thus located at an entrance. Gates are used to keep things INSIDE, to imprison beings within an enclosure. Gates are also used to keep things or beings OUT of the enclosure. If there is a gate, there usually is a locking apparatus of some sort. Gates are opened with some sort of a KEY. (It is fairly obvious that these are NOT gates or doors as we would normally think of gates or doors, but rather passage ways from one realm into another realm.There are other names for these that we may discuss later)

This is so for the gates of hell. The LORD JESUS tells us in Revelation 1:18 that indeed HE+ has the keys of hell (Sheol, Hades) and death. These keys are also known as the Key of David found in similar verses in Isaiah 22:22 and Revelation 3:7.

And the key of the house of David
will I lay upon His+ shoulder;
so HE+ shall open,
and none shall shut;
and HE+ shall shut,
and none shall open.
Isaiah 22:22

And to the angel
of the church in Philadelphia write;
These things saith
HE+ that is holy,
HE+ that is true,
HE+ that hath the key of David,
HE+ that openeth,
and no man shutteth;
and shutteth,
and no man openeth;
Rev. 3:7

Locked gates have keys. Keys have owners. Owners of keys have the control. Death had control of all those souls and spirits of the saints who died before the Resurrection of CHRIST… which was a good few years! At the Resurrection of CHRIST from the Heart of the earth, those ancient saints were moved UP, to the Paradise of GOD and re-located in the Third Heaven. The Gates of Hell could not hold HIM+ … and anyone HE+ chose to take with HIM+ … inside them any longer. The LORD JESUS CHRIST prevailed ! Thanks be to GOD !

However, the gates of hell still DO PREVAIL against those who die in their sins… but no-one is forced to remain in that condition, is he?

…I will build My+ church;
and the gates of hell
shall not prevail against it.

Matthew 16:18

+ + +

To be continued…..

The Resurrection of JESUS CHRIST… the most life-changing event in human history!

+ + +

In the Name of the FATHER, and the SON+, and the HOLY SPIRIT

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Resurrection Season ~ ~ ~ Day 25
for the Year of Our LORD, 4.16.2008
We Shall Never Taste Death, part 2
…Or, GOD is NOT a man that HE+ should lie !

Verily, verily, I say unto you,
If a man keep my saying,
he shall never see death.
John 8:51

+ + +

The Resurrection of Our LORD brought to mankind the release of captivity, our “jail sentence” upon death. That is, the spirits and souls of the Righteous… those who die “in CHRIST”… now will never have to descend into Sheol, into Abraham’s Bosom, upon death. That is, their spirits and souls would be taken UP to where HE+ is. His+ saints, His+ Church, His+ Body, would be with HIM+ forever more.

Keep in mind that the body houses the soul which in turn houses the spirit. Currently, the bodies of flesh must return into the dust until Our LORD returns. Our souls and spirits, however, ascend into the Heavenly realm when we are separated from our Adamic shell.

When HE+ returns, our bodies will instantly arise and become glorified and re-united with our souls and spirits. Those in Heaven accompany HIM+ as HE+ returns. We who are alive and upon the earth will be changed in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet.

For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again,
even so GOD will also bring with HIM+
all those who have fallen asleep through JESUS.
(I Thess. 4:14, Jay P. Green’s Greek Interlinear NT)

Jesus said unto her,
I , I AM
the resurrection, and the life:
the one believing into ME+
even though he die
yet shall he live.

And all the ones living and believing into ME+
would not ever die
unto the age (forever).
(John 11:25,26 expanded Greek and Green’s Interlinear)

+ + +

The Resurrection of JESUS CHRIST… the most life-changing event in human history!

+ + +

In the Name of the FATHER, and the SON+, and the HOLY SPIRIT

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Resurrection Season ~ ~ ~ Day 24
for the Year of Our LORD, 4.15.2008
How Shall We Never Taste Death?
…Or, GOD is NOT a man that HE+ should lie !

Verily, verily, I say unto you,
If a man keep my saying,
he shall never see death.
John 8:51

Let us examine how John 8:51 could possibly come about.

During that One Great Passover Season… which all Passovers pointed towards… there was a lot of movement going on in the spiritual realm!

First of all, our LORD moved from the land of the living into the confines of the dead. After HE+ preached the Gospel for three days and three nights to the spirits held captive in Sheol, a Great Movement took place: HE+ re-entered His+ uncorrupted Body of flesh, glorifying it with His+ Holy power.

Then, HE+ took the captive ones who belonged to HIM+ out of the heart of the earth and MOVED THEM INTO THE PARADISE OF GOD, WHICH IS IN THE THIRD HEAVEN. Some of these saints appeared unto many in Jerusalem. The saints did not yet have glorified bodies; it would have been their souls and spirits that were moved into the Third Heaven.

What could this portend for mankind, after HIS+ Resurrection and the Great Removal of His+ Body, the Church, from the confines of Sheol ?

Let us look at John’s records of Our LORD’S words.

Truly, truly, I say to you that an hour comes
and now is when the dead will hear
the Voice of the SON of GOD,
and the ones hearing will live.
(John 5:25 , Jay P. Green’s Interlinear Greek NT)

And I have other sheep which are not out of (ek) this fold. Those also it behooves ME+ to lead, to bring along, to conduct, and of My+ Voice they will hear and will become one flock, one SHEPHERD+.
For this reason, My+ FATHER loves ME+
because I, I lay down My+ Life in order that I may take it again.
John 10:16,17 ( OGS Expanded Greek and Green’s Interlinear)

Jesus said unto her,
I , I AM the resurrection, and the life:
the one believing into ME+
even though he die
yet shall he live.
(John 11:25, expanded Greek and Green’s Interlinear)

And then, for the second group NOT YET DEAD, let us look at the very next words of Our LORD:

And all the ones living and believing into ME+
would not ever die unto the age (forever).
(John 11:26, literal Greek)

Truly, truly , I say to you, the one hearing My+ Word
and believing the ONE having sent ME+,
has life everlasting
and does not come into judgment
but has passed out from death unto life.
(John 5:24 , Gk)

Truly, truly I say to you,
If anyone keeps My+ Word
he will not ever behold death
to the age (forever).
(John 8:51, Gk)

+ + +

Now Our LORD takes His+ New Covenant saints to Himself+ immediately, when the spirit and soul leaves the body of flesh. Although the bodies of flesh are buried, awaiting His+ Return to earth, their spirits are alive with Their LORD in the Paradise of GOD in the third Heaven. That is why JESUS said the New Covenant saints are passed from death unto Life and would NEVER SEE DEATH.

That is , their spirits and souls would
Rather, they would be taken UP to where HE+ is.
His+ saints, His+ Church, His+ Body,
would be with HIM+ …forever more!

+ + +

The Resurrection of JESUS CHRIST… the most life-changing event in human history!

+ + +

In the Name of the FATHER, and the SON+, and the HOLY SPIRIT

Sunday, April 13, 2008

RESURRECTION SEASON ~ ~ ~ Day 23 ~ ~ ~ The Great Removal... or, NO TRAIL of TEARS HERE !

Resurrection Season ~ ~ ~ Day 23
for the Year of Our LORD, 4.14.2008

Removing the Church
from the Heart of the Earth
Part 2

To Answer the Questions in Psalm 88,
in light of the Resurrection of CHRIST JESUS
from the dead and
the Removal of His+ Saints from Sheol:
+ + +

Wilt THOU+ shew wonders to the dead?
Shall the dead arise and praise THEE+ ? Selah.

YES ! Amen.

Shall Thy+ lovingkindness
be declared in the grave?
Or Thy+ faithfulness in destruction?

YES ! YES ! Amen.

Shall Thy+ wonders be known in the dark?
And Thy+ righteousness
in the land of forgetfulness?


Psalm 88: 10-12

+ + +

After two days will HE revive us:
in the third day HE will raise us up,
and we shall live in HIS sight.
Hosea 6:1-2

The Resurrection of JESUS CHRIST
the most life-changing event in human history.
+ + +

RESURRECTION SEASON ~ ~ ~ Day 22 ~ ~ At Prayer

Father, into Your Hands
I commit my spirit.
+ + +


Who+ takes away the sins of the world,

Have mercy upon us.

+ + +


Bearer+ of our sins,

Have mercy upon us.

+ + +


Savior+ of the world,

Grant us Thy+ peace.

+ + +

Resurrection Season ~ ~ ~Day 21~~ Securely My Body Shall Rest

For You are My GOD,
You alone are my joy;
Defend me, O LORD.
+ + +
Glad are my heart and my soul;
Securely my body shall rest.
To be at Your Right Side forever,
For me, would be happiness always.
+ + +
For You are my GOD,
You alone are my joy;
defend me, O LORD.

Friday, April 11, 2008

RESURRECTION SEASON ~ Day 20 ~ The Removal of the Church

Resurrection Season ~ ~ ~ Day 20
for the Year of Our LORD, 4.11.2008
Removing the Church
from the Heart of the Earth, Part 1

Let GOD arise,
let HIS enemies be scattered:
let them also that hate HIM
flee before HIM.
Psalm 68: 1

What did Our LORD do after HE+ preached the GOSPEL of His+ Salvation in Sheol to the Patriarchs, Prophets, Old Testament saints, and to the disobedient ones (whom we assume had never heard about The LORD) who died in the time of Noah?

THOU, which hast shewed me
great and sore troubles,
shalt quicken me again,
and shalt bring me up again
from the depths of the earth.
Psalm 71:20

Yes, we know Our LORD JESUS CHRIST arose from the dead and was seen by many infallible witnesses, according to Acts 1:3.

To whom also
shewed himself alive
after His+ passion
by many infallible proofs,
being seen of them forty days,
and speaking of the things
pertaining to the kingdom of God:

Acts 1:3

Him+ [JESUS] being delivered
by the determinate counsel
and foreknowledge of GOD,
ye have taken,
and by wicked hands
have crucified and slain:

Whom GOD hath raised up,
having loosed the pains of death:
because it was not possible
that HE+ should be holden of it.

Acts 2:23-24.

However, HE+ didn’t come up out of Sheol by HIMSELF+!
No… not by HIMSELF+.
The hour is come, that the SON+ of man
should be glorified.
Verily, verily, I say unto you,
Except a corn of wheat
fall into the ground and die,
it abideth alone:
but if it die,
it bringeth forth much fruit.
Words of Our LORD,
recorded in John 12:23,24

HE+ brought His+ Body, the Church, with HIM+ !

THOU+ hast ascended on high,
THOU+ hast led captivity captive:
THOU+ hast received gifts for men;
yea, for the rebellious also, that the
LORD God [Jehovah Adonai]
might dwell among them.
Psalm 68: 18

HE+ that is our GOD is the GOD of salvation;
and unto GOD the Lord belong
the issues
[ the egresses, the exits, the deliverances]
from death.
Psalm 68:20

Our LORD very competently and with great power arose from the realm of the dead, the Firstborn among many brethren, the Firstborn of every creature... the Firstborn from the dead… the Head of the Body, His+ Church.

Yes, HE+ re-entered His+ Body of flesh which lay UNcorrupted in the sealed tomb until the third day… and yes, with great power glorified it… and truly, HE+ will never die again! For which we give HIM+ thanks and praise for all Eternity !

Knowing that CHRIST being raised from the dead
dieth no more;
death hath no more dominion over HIM+.
Romans 6:9
+ + +

At the same time, HE+ removed His+ people from Sheol in the heart of the earth unto the Paradise of GOD, which is in the third Heaven.

How do we know this? For one thing, Our LORD told the repentant thief on the cross that “…today thou shalt be with me in Paradise.” Since The LORD spent three days and three nights in the heart of the earth, Paradise had to be in that location at first. Notice that HE+ did NOT speak those words to the unrepentant thief on the other cross, who reviled HIM+. Hence, the unrepentant thief also descended into Sheol, but on the OTHER SIDE OF THE CHASM… as was the unrighteous rich man who saw Lazarus in peace and joy in Abraham’s Bosom… and both were “dead” in Sheol. However, the LORD did not stay in Sheol after those three days and three nights. HE+ HIMSELF returned to the earth for 40 days before ascending unto His+ FATHER for the final time.

Secondly, the Apostle Paul speaks of the third Heaven, the paradise into which “a man in CHRIST” ( in the body or out of the body) was caught up .

Thirdly, the Apostle John speaks of the Paradise of GOD in which is the Tree of Life, which obviously must be located in Heaven since it is no longer located here on earth.


And, behold, the veil of the temple
was torn in two
from the top to the bottom;
and the earth did quake,
and the rocks were sheared;

And the graves were opened;
and many bodies of the saints
which slept arose,

And came out of the graves
after His+ resurrection,
and went into the holy city,
and appeared unto many.
Matthew 27:51-52

That is what is says and that is exactly what it means. There were some of the “dead” Church who were permitted to appear to mortal men during this transition time. The old writings of Nicodemus confirms this, explaining that the timing and the permission to speak and appear to mortal men was very precisely given. This writing says these saints spoke to their relatives and aquaintances of the Resurrected CHRIST !

They had just witnessed the power of Sheol, of death, broken. They had just witnessed not only The LORD’S release but also their own release from the confines of Sheol. They were heading upwards, to the Paradise of GOD in the Third Heaven !


(… for all Eternity, thanks be to GOD)

Let us pray:

For Thy Resurrection victories, we praise and thank THEE+, O Holy LAMB of GOD. For Thy past faithfulness to the saints of old, we praise THEE+. For removing them from the confines of Sheol, we praise THEE+. For moving Paradise up into the Third Heaven, we thank THEE+. For Thy Resurrection Power in the past, present and most-assuredly the future… we praise THEE+ and glorify Thy Holy Name LORD JESUS CHRIST, O Precious LAMB of GOD!

Glory be to The FATHER, to His Beloved SON+, and to His most Blessed HOLY SPIRIT. As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be: world without end, to the ages of the Eternal ages! Amen.

+ + +

After two days will HE revive us:
in the third day HE will raise us up,
and we shall live in HIS sight.
Hosea 6:1-2

The Resurrection of JESUS CHRIST… the most life-changing event in human history.+ + +

Thursday, April 10, 2008

RESURRECTION SEASON ~ ~ DAY 19 ~ The Formation of the CHURCH

Resurrection Season ~ ~ ~ Day 19
for the Year of Our LORD, 4.10.2008
Forming the Church in the Heart of the Earth, Part 4

For we are members of His+ body,
of His+ flesh, and of His+ bones.
Ephesians 5:30

+ + +

For the last part of this discussion, let us look at verses in Psalm 139:14-17 through the eyes of the Church, or rather …through the formation of the Church in the heart of the earth… for we are His+ Body.

+ + +

I will praise thee;
for I am fearfully and wonderfully made:

or, more literally from the Hebrew:
I will thank You
for with fearful things
I am wonderful
[Hebrew text, Jay P.Green’s Interlinear]

marvellous are thy works;
and that my soul knoweth right well.


Yes, with fearful things ! Who would be in great fear when The LORD descended into Sheol ? Certainly NOT Abraham and the other saints who rejoiced to see His+ day ! See what is written in Scriptures:

Blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that was against us, which was contrary to us, and [HE+] took it out of the way, nailing it to His+ cross; And having spoiled principalities and powers, HE+ made a shew of them openly, triumphing over them in it. (Col. 2:14-15). Applying this verse to the formation of the Church in Sheol, we can see where ---and to whom--- great fear would come!
+ + +

Now then, let us return to Psalm 139:15, focusing our eyes upon the formation of the Church, His+ Body, in the heart of the earth.

My substance was not hid from thee,
when I was made in secret,
and curiously wrought
in the lowest parts of the earth.

This verse tells us something: My substance is NOT referring to the beginnings of “my” personal human life in the womb. Yes, The LORD does know our human beginnings. Yes, we are humanly conceived in secret, and yes, our human bodies are intricately formed. But… we as baby humans are NOT WOVEN TOGETHER IN THE LOWEST PARTS OF THE EARTH.

My Substance, then, refers to the human souls held captive in the heart of the earth, in Sheol, whom The LORD preached unto… knitting them into His+ Body, the Church. The dominion of principalities and powers over the souls and spirits of the dead was broken, spoiled.

+ + +

And thus, we see that my substance and the further references to my and me are also referring to the formation of the church of its various members.

Thine eyes did see My substance,
yet being unperfect…

(that is, incomplete until CHRIST JESUS descended into Sheol to knit the Church of the Old Testament saints into Himself+ as part of His+ Body);

…and in Thy book all My members were written,

Thy Book, historically, would be referring to the LORD’S Book in Exodus 32:32 and the Book of the Living in Psalm 69:28. There is also The LORD’S Book mentioned in Daniel 12:1,2. And then, there is the LAMB’S Book of Life (Luke 10:20, Phil 4:3, Rev. 3:5, 13:8, 17:8, and 21:27). All these mean those members of the living church of CHRIST.
+ + +

…which in continuance were fashioned,
when as yet there was none of them.

Here we must revert to the literal Hebrew text in order to see the picture more clearly. Thus, again from Jay P.Green’s Hebrew Interlinear:

…And on Your book
all (thy members) were written;
the days they were formed,
and none was among them.

Although more literal, Jay P.Green’s translation still adds into the English words and punctuation not found in the Hebrew. He adds his punctuation plus the words “thy members” and, like the KJV, leaves us wondering exactly what is being said.

Upon parsing the verb forms, we found again a future tense ! Therefore, we would more accurately read it like this:

And on Your Book of Life,
all of them will be written down
the days they were intensely formed

(i.e., during “THE” 3 days and 3 nights)

although they were not yet united into one.

(i.e., not yet before this time One Body).

Yes, that word “one” is the Hebrew plural one, literally meaning a unified “one”, combined or united out of many. It is used in adjective form here. Echad, the Hebrew word, is the adjective used to describe ELOHIM, the ONE GOD:
The FATHER, the SON, and the HOLY SPIRIT.

+ + +

How precious also are Thy thoughts unto me, O God! how great is
the sum of them! If I should count them, they are more in number than the sand: when I awake, I am still with thee.

+ + +

What did Our LORD do after HE+ preached in Sheol, forming His+ Body the Church out of the Patriarchs, Prophets, Old Testament saints, and the disobedient ones (whom we assume had never heard about The LORD) ?

(Or see Psalm 68:18 and Eph. 4:8 )
(To be continued)

+ + +

For thou wilt not leave my soul in hell;
neither wilt thou suffer
thine Holy One
to see corruption.
Psalm 16:10
+ + +
The Resurrection of JESUS CHRIST
… the most life-changing event in human history.
+ + +