Sunday, December 9, 2012

Advent Meditations

Mary, did you know.... ?  

~ ~ ~ The All-Encompassing GOD ~ ~ ~
Luke 1:26-55

Meditation 8

34 Then said Mariam unto the angel,
How shall this be,
seeing I know not a man?
Poor Girl! She had been with no man carnally... yet she was expected to believe that she would become with child... and bear the scorn and rejection designated for the impure.

Bitterness and grief --- at least socially and perhaps even within the immediate family circle --- was to be young Mariam's bitter portion.  She knew she was innocent, but  even  her betrothed, Joseph, her closest friend, thought she had played the harlot.

Poor, sad, lonely girl with not a friend in the world!


O GOD of all mercies, Who+ looketh upon Thy+ children with compassion for their infirmities and weaknesses, help me to do the same.

More love to THEE+ , O CHRIST, is my need today. Then, when I love THEE+  more, I will have more love towards those enslaved by weaknesses, bitterness, grief and fear.

O HOLY CHILD JESUS, I thank THEE+ for embracing the souls of men who are filled with weakness, bitterness, grief, and fear...  just like me.  For, all those --- any of those --- who come to THEE+, O SAVIOR of mankind, THOU+ wilt not turn away.
+  +  +


Mevashir said...

Beautiful devotion!

Question: why don't you put + next to Jesus when you put it next to Thy and many other words?

Sister Judith Hannah said...

Dear Friend.... "JESUS" I capitalize fully, to honor His+ Name.

The pronouns and other words referring to HIM+ I put a small cross after to MAKE CERTAIN everyone realizes the reference is to Our LORD JESUS CHRIST... and to honor HIM+ , likewise.

"JESUS" seems to be self-explanatory, with readers knowing I am referring to GOD'S Only-Begotten SON+, The LAMB+ of GOD Who+ taketh away the sin of the world ... at least on a Christian site.

So, I do not establish a cross after "JESUS."

However, if I MAINLY wrote to reach other groups ( on this blogspot ) which were from Middle Eastern cultures, I might do well to establish that small cross after His+ Name, for identity purposes.

This particular blogspot is to strengthen all Followers of JESUS, the brothers and sisters in CHRIST.

Did you like the picture with "HE+ Didn't Come Here to Lose " article ?

At any rate, thank you for commenting. I receive very little feedback, so your comments are very welcome at all times.

In JESUS, Who+ alone is Life, both here and beyond the grave...

Sr. Judith Hannah + + +