Thursday, December 13, 2012

Advent Meditations 2012

JOY+ to the world...


And Mariam arose in those days
and went into the hill country with haste,
into a city of Judah;
and entered into the house of Zacharias,
and saluted Elisabeth.
And it came to pass that,
when Elisabeth heard the salutation of Mariam, the babe leaped in her womb;
and Elisabeth was filled
with the HOLY SPIRIT.
Luke 1: 39-41

Do we leap for joy when we hear the name of JESUS .... when we hear someone exalting HIM+ ?

Do we rejoice so much that we are filled with the HOLY SPIRIT, as Elisabeth was ?

O House of Joy ! For even the babe in Elisabeth's womb knew when to leap for joy!


O LAMB that was slain.... for the joy that was set before THEE+ , THOU+ didst endure the Cross, despising the shame.

Me, I am lacking endurance, O LORD , as THOU+ knowest. Instead of enduring, I run and hide. I turn my attention to "other important things". I hide in books, DVD's, duties, and even fellowship.

Increase my steadfastness, O MIGHTY ONE+, and help me to engage the battle against my flesh, to endure until the victory is sure and certain. Keep me from avoiding the Cross THOU+ hast chosen for me.

When I have endured, Thy+ Joy will be my portion and THEN, my joy will be full. 

I thank THEE+ for enduring the Cross so that I, when I endure my little cross, I may have JOY, also. 

Joy to the World!  Yes, JOY cometh by the means of the Cross. Yes indeed, JOY+ to the world!

In the name of JESUS I pray. Amen. 

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