Thursday, December 6, 2012

Advent Meditations 2012

We are coming!
~ ~ ~ The All-Encompassing GOD ~ ~ ~
Luke 1:26-55

Meditation 5

30 And the angel said unto her,
Fear not, Mary:
for thou hast found favour with God.

31 And, behold,
thou shalt conceive in thy womb,
and bring forth a son,
and shalt call HIS+ name Jesus.

"You shall call HIS+ name JESUS..."
Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is no other name under Heaven given among men,  whereby we must be saved. Acts 4:12
 >>> No other way exists to enter Heaven.
Wherefore GOD also hath highly exalted HIM+, and given HIM+ a Name which is above every Name: That at the name of JESUS every knee should bow of beings in Heaven, and beings in earth, and beings under the earth:
And that every tongue should confess that JESUS CHRIST is LORD, to the glory of GOD the FATHER. Philippians 2:9,10.
JESUS said, " I+ AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life; no man cometh unto The FATHER, except by ME+."
Heavenly FATHER, O THOU Who has sent us a way out of this gross darkness, hear the cry of my heart for my un-saved family and my un-saved neighbors and friends.
I lay down all my hindering fears of rejection. Set me free, I pray THEE, to share Thy Salvation through JESUS according to Thy Divine Will and purpose for their life.
Grant me such a fervor for their souls that "Eternity With JESUS" is stamped  upon my forehead... and "Eternity Without HIM+" is stamped upon my eyes, with great sadness. 
Bring forth, O Gracious LORD, Thy convincing to the wayward and soul-lost ones.
I thank THEE, O LORD JESUS, for laying down all Thy+ fears in order to rescue me.

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