Friday, December 7, 2012

Advent Meditations 2012

Where is HE+... that we might worship HIM+?

~ ~ ~ The All-Encompassing GOD ~ ~ ~
Luke 1:26-55

Meditation 6

shall be great,
and shall be called
the SON+ of the HIGHEST:
and the LORD GOD shall give
unto HIM+ 
the throne of His+ father David:
Verse 32

JESUS will be called  SON+ of the HIGHEST.

The LORD [ YHWH] hath said unto ME+, THOU+ art My SON+ ; this day have I begotten THEE+. Psalm 2:7

This great, only-BEGOTTEN, unique SON+ of GOD will receive the nations as His+ Inheritance and the uttermost parts of the earth as His+ Possession. Psalm 2:8

Now note this well: satan offered Our LORD JESUS the same thing...  in the temptations... to be acquired unlawfully. 

However, HE+ will inherit it ALL lawfully because HE+ obeyed the Will of His+ FATHER.

Furthermore, , what will Our LORD JESUS CHRIST  do with those nations and possessions of the uttermost parts of the earth when HE+ inherits them ALL?

Scripture plainly tells us what HE+ will do:

HE+ is going to break them
with a Rod of Iron!

HE+ is going to dash them
in pieces like a potter's vessel !

HE+ does not require all the wealth and splendor of all the nations on planet earth to make HIM+ great !

NO !

His+ Heavenly FATHER was well-pleased with the obedience of His SON+, who learned that obedience through the things that HE+ suffered.  


Come, LORD JESUS, Come !


Almighty GOD our Heavenly FATHER, Who alone through Thy Greatness is able to bestow greatness upon the most humble, create in me a Divine desire for lowliness. 

Remove from me my desire for loftiness, for it is Thy realm alone. 

Keep Thy Greatness ever before my eyes, O LORD, to the end that my glory may sing praise to THEE, and not be silent, O LORD my GOD. 

These things I pray in the Name of JESUS CHRIST,  the SON+ of The HIGHEST.
+  +  +  


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