Friday, May 27, 2016

The SEED of Abraham and the Basest of Men ... Daniel 4:7


of Abraham 

is under attack !

On Guard, O Seed of Abraham ! Your ancient enemy, the satan, is trying to annihilate you.


Who is this SEED of ABRAHAM that has been targeted by all the forces of evil — and the target of people who ascribe to evil — this Most Blessed Seed , planted by the Most HIGH ELOHIM ? 


The Seed of Abraham is 3-fold:  Christians who are the “Grafted-In” of Israel, the Jews, and yes, the sons of Ishmael — who were part of Abraham’s seed — long before the false “prophet” Mohammad or the LIE of islam arrived in 622 AD .

The evil one delights to set them against each other; war is good for business, you see   … and always HAS been for the mammon-servers of the world’s global marketeers.


The Agenda? 


Make money, lots of money, while ridding the earth of the Seed of Abraham.  Brilliant scheme of the satan !


The world global marketeers sell their supplies and resources to make mighty killing machines,  for all 3 groups of the Seed of Abraham.


The other “hidden” strategy to wipe out the Seed of Abraham is to cull the unstable, un-trained, down-trodden, unhappy, and least wealthy members of these groups for pawns in their agenda.


Yes, the global marketeers cull thousands of the Seed of Abraham — currently, the sons of Ishmael being used — to be used as DUPES to do their dirty work, their killing, for them.


Islam has always been known for its willingness to kill all in its path, especially Jews and Christians, and the global marketeers are happy to use this to their own advantage.


Never mind that FOR A FRACTION of the cost these unhappy pawns could be helped with training in LIFE skills, instead of being trained as death squads for the New Secular Order, to become happier, productive citizens of THEIR OWN COUNTRIES.


The global marketeers do not want that.  They need, you seea fomenting force to keep societies and countries in an uproar and in fear and confusion.


Conflicts are GOOD for business contracts, especially military conflicts.


And if the uproar is bad enough — oh, what a delight ! —  the global marketeers are ready:  martial law will be enforced.


The duped ones….will have walked right into their trap! 


VOILA !  An immediate slave-labor camp society is developed ( for the good of society, of course! ), just like in Nazi Germany.  Making mass martial law even more attractive, all the worker-bees’ confiscated goods and possessions return eventually to the global marketeers’  financial institutions, again,  just like in Nazi Germany.

IF MY+ PEOPLE who were called by MY+ Name ... 


If Christians would LOVE their enemies and refuse to fight… loving JESUS more than these trumped-up “patriotic” causes… LIES created to serve the purposes of “The Robber Barons”…



If Christians would stand for RIGHTEOUSNESS and refuse to participate in helping the behind-the-scenes supply-lines and war-machine factories and refuse to  operate the killing machines themselves…


If Christians would, as one, refuse to live immoral lives and stop blessing ALL SORTS of immorality in their churches and groups… 

GOD WOULD INDEED ACT in their behalf ... for obedience to HIS SON+ JESUS CHRIST moves the heart of GOD like nothing else. 



If Christians would remove themselves from the pursuit of mammon and instead pursue The LORD GOD with all their time, energy, and resources to evangelize……


… perhaps the Jews and the sons of Ishmael would turn their hearts to JESUS in greater number… enough to make a difference.



If the Jews would stand for Righteousness as one man, they too, would be led unto all TRUTH+. If they TRULY sought the LORD Whom+ Abraham sought, they would join Abraham who “rejoiced to see His+ Day.”   



If the sons of Ishmael would recognize they stem from ABRAHAM, the common father of both Jews and Christians, they would REFUSE to go to war and slaughter the Jews and the Christians… and other sons of Ishmael.  


Instead, we see the Seed of Abraham at each other’s throats, being handily used as DUPES by the satan, to destroy each other. 



And what about the rich global marketeers ? 

Whose DUPES are they ?


There is NOT ONE OF THEM in this Western Civilization who has not heard about the Gospel of JESUS.


Like the masses, they are not pagans;

they are CHRIST-rejecters.


Each one of them has NOT followed JESUS’ example through the temptation, when the satan offered the kingdoms of this world to GOD’S SON+ if HE+ would fall down and worship him, the satan.


No, rather, being the BASEST OF MEN,  they fell for the satan’s lies. They agreed to serve mammon at all cost of human life and sacrifice.  Human life means NOTHING to these servants of satan.


These global marketeers have lifted THEMSELVES up as “gods” indeed and have received huge portions of the kingdoms of this world, being the BASEST of men


They have gathered around themselves their own courts, governments, and agencies of assassins in order to obtain these earthly kingdoms by any force needed. 


They gather to themselves lower-level henchmen and assassins — also hungry for mammon —  in order to maintain their global “control.”  They are “robber-barons”, in the words of Francis R. Connolly. 


In short, they TAKE what they want…

when they want…

how they want .

They strong-arm entire countries to yield their resources to them, robber-barons all … promising a carpet of gold, or else if refused, a carpet of bombs.


Mr. Connolly succinctly identified the ruthless globalists behind the destruction of the Seed of Abraham.


The video is called: OIL HAS DESTROYED US. The 14 minute video is well researched and is sickening to see what lies have been in place for a long time, masquerading as truth.

 ( Mr. Connolly’s  full video ( 3 hours long ) is linked on John Little’s page below the shorter clip. Warning: It is EXTREMELY sobering and  very disturbing. )


However, Mr. Connolly

missed the point.


The point of this all

is to destroy

 the Seed of Abraham.


He also missed the point when urging “revolution now.”  The satan is also TRYING to destroy the whole human race… and he does not care how it is done.

Both the programmed wars AND the "revolutions by the people" are just fine with the satan. As a matter of HISTORIC fact, the robber-barons finance BOTH SIDES of every killing conflict  for profit, even "people's" revolutions.

Even more revolting, they are doing this right now across the globe. 

In other times, the satan will gladly destroy human flesh even through medicine and so called “health” programs and is doing it right now. 


At this point in history, we are  witnessing the attack and destruction of the reproduction of human beings… from abortion to same gender unions to the mingling of animal with human in “breeding” experiments behind closed doors of government-financed laboratories.


This has been done before:

Pre-Flood Atlantis tried it.


That is the satan’s agenda. To destroy man is the only way left for the satan to strike back at The LORD GOD / YHWH ELOHIM for casting him out of Heaven.



The satan’s ultimate desire is to eradicate ALL WITNESS to the LORD GOD / YHWH ELOHIM  from off the earth. Man, you see, was created to bear witness of the LORD to the visible and invisible of creation.

Man was created 
in the likeness 
of The ELOHIM. 


The satan, however, wants man to bear his stamp and image !


Lowly man will one day, through the Messiah, YESHUA+ ha MOSHIACH, judge angels also, which is a bitter gall to the satan.


Thus we see the satan, for his own destructive purposes,  using those who REFUSE to submit to The LORD JESUS to try to hurt  GOD.

Yes, the Seed of Abraham --- all three groups --- know ENOUGH and have heard ENOUGH that every one of them can turn their hearts to JESUS instead of to the sword and "patriotic" causes trumped up by the global marketeers


Because they refuse --- en masse --- to follow the Words of CHRIST, they are used as DUPES — en masse — of the global marketeers, over and over again.



And YES, the global marketeers know ENOUGH and have heard ENOUGH that each one of them could turn their own hearts to JESUS instead of to hollow skulls and dead bones, and the abominations that go along with that.


If they know enough 

to mock, 

then they know enough 

to TURN.


They erroneously think that their control of their vast money interests is going to last forever … just like they think they are!


The satan is delighted with this entire set-up.  It all might be avoided if the global marketeers would realize they are but men, also.


The satan controls ALL who do not follow JESUS above Self-interests, above mammon, above “patriotic” causes


These obscenely-wealthy global marketeers are DUPES of the satan also… just like the worker-bees they ruthlessly use, ravenously devour, and heartlessly dump into a mass grave when their usefulness is over.

The ONLY way out is to TURN the hearts of the duped ones, deluded high-born or programmed worker-bees to The LORD JESUS CHRIST... before it is too late. 

Pick up your Bibles, 
not your guns. 

Wave the Standard of Righteousness, 
not the red, white, and blue. 

Work for the Kingdom of GOD,
not the kingdom of this world.

And WORK ... 
for the night is coming
when no man can work.  

We can NOW see that Night on the horizon.


The WAR is on between the Eternal Kingdom of Light and Life, and the kingdom of Death and Darkness. The Final Battle is approaching.

Be prepared to stand for The SON+ of GOD, JESUS CHRIST our LORD.  The satan and his dupes , the current crop of world controllers, ARE GOING TO BE  DESTROYED and given to the "Burning Flame. "  Daniel 7:11


Get your Armor on!  

Take it seriously.  

The time is at hand.

 +  +  +

Flee, one and all, 
to the ONE true 
SEED+ of Abraham, 

HE+ gives 
an open invitation to all 
kindred, tongues, 
peoples, and nations
to come to HIM+, 
the Fount of Living Water,
to be cleansed from sin. 
+ + +
The night is far spent; 
DAY is close at hand. 

Hold onto JESUS; 
HE+ will hold onto you.
+  +  + 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Judas Pope... A Servant of the 10 Kings of Revelation 17 ?

The Judas Pope…..Servant of The Ten Kings

 A Guest Post by Bro. Brendon Patrick, Order of the GOOD SHEPHERD+


  Taken under a low Januray morning sun (0800). View from the south

No, I am NOT a Roman Catholic “basher”. Just to put your mind at ease.  Just a few points to consider.



The problems in that organization are notorious and rampant. Everyone knows about them and even some Roman Catholics are uncomfortable with some of them.  Too many additions to the Faith ONCE Delivered ( Jude 1:3 ), and too many subtractions from the same Gospel !

But I am speaking here specifically about the continuing stream of  blasphemous and totally NON-Christian remarks coming out of this Pope’s mouth!

He most recently has compared the Daesh / isis, to The Lord JESUS sending forth the Apostles and Disciples into all the world to make Disciples of all nations!! 

This is a completely insane and OBVIOUSLY inaccurate statement!  Even worldly people can see this!

It seems that the Pope is making these statements at the DIRECTIVE of someone other than himself or the “religious” authorities around him.

Wolf prophet

He carries the message even further,  saying that ” it is a good thing for the islamic “invaders” of Europe to cross breed with the European women, both diluting that particular nations indigenous people, but also helping out the declining birthrate in Europe !!! ( Not kidding! )  

These are not normal statements from a Pope, let alone Christian statements.

[ "Do not be UN-equally yoked to non-believers"  must not be in the Bible the Pope reads ? ]

It seems that the Pope is taking orders from another group, and is promoting that group’s agenda for both Europe and for the world. He  keeps making these outlandish statements over and over, the above being only the most recent at this writing.

There is another well known world “leader” that is doing the same kind of actions. This “leader” is across the world from the Pope, but he and the Pope are making the same kind of statements and pushing the same “agenda”. 

Do they have the same “bosses”? 

Are they BOTH Puppets moved by the same sets of “puppet master” strings ? Both are making senseless and bizarre statements, and BOTH are promoting destructive and Evil plans that serve NO GOOD  PURPOSE .

Do they have a “hot-line” to each other?  Or is there a “hot-line” to them from another group of “bosses” which The Scriptures refer to as “The Ten Kings” who make war with The LAMB+ ?

What will be the next wild statement that will come out of the Vatican?  Will it match up with the next statement coming out of the “City of Baal” D.C.?  Both of these men seem to be employees of the same evil group.

There are reports that Mr. Obama is preparing to begin a global campaign to become the leader of the United Nations.  Of course the campaign will be financed by U.S. taxpayers’ money!

If this is successful, what will be the next step for the world as a whole, and in particular Israel and Christians as a people? Scripture is being fulfilled rapidly.


If you happen to be a member of a “religious” organization that is “going along” with the set of “POLITICALLY-CORRECT LIES” which are coming forth from the governments…


that group IMMEDIATELY

for your own safety!

Those organizations are ODIOUS unto The LORD GOD and are in HIS Sight for Judgment and Wrath. They are being gathered together into “Bundles to be Burned,” Matthew 13:30.  And, HE+ is gathering out of His+ Kingdom ALL things that offend. See Matthew 13:41.

The LORD+ will NOT forsake you,

IF you do not forsake HIM+.

Seek The LORD+ for wisdom and discernment in the coming days, and may the Supernatural Gifts of The HOLY SPIRIT / RUACH ha KADOSH, become REAL and APPARENT among the Body of MESSIAH, The Remnant Church across the earth. 

HE+ is our Life.

Because HE+ lives, we Live also!

John 14 : 19


Come Quickly LORD JESUS + + +



Friday, May 20, 2016

TRANS-GENDER BATHROOMS in Babylon the Great... A Prophetic Word from Bro. Brendon

Trans-gender Restrooms for Babylon America... if North Carolina falls in its battle against allowing "open access" to all genders in either bathrooms, the REAL BATTLE has just begun. 

May The LORD help North Carolina State… its officials, its people, its state legislature. They are not allowing trans-genders to enter public restrooms “of their CHOSEN identity” instead of their birth gender.


Today, trans-gendering the schools… tomorrow, the prisons ?

Has the US become a laughing-stock to the world?

Has the US become a nation of fools ?


North Carolina, stoutly within the Bible Belt of America, is one of the poorer states in the Union, ranking 38th in the Union, according to Median Household Income --- and that after an influx of companies moving the state further away from an agriculture-based economy during the last decade.


Little , impotent North Carolina has taken a law-abiding legislative stand AGAINST the enforcement of IMMORALITY in the public sector, due to its common-sense “bathroom bill” HB2, recently enacted.  


North Carolina will be wounded for its stand …as much as the perpetrators of this evil agenda are allowed to hurt it. 


Already it is reported that 100 big-name companies, like Apple, Barnes & Noble , Yahoo, Bank of America, Paypal … have decided to penalize North Carolina residents  by withdrawing commercial endeavors with that state. 

Here’s a list from an LGBT’rs’ website:, current as of April 13, 2016 By Matt Miller.

When the corporation that designed the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant and a porn website are boycotting your entire state, you know you've done something horribly wrong. 

[ Ed. note: Remember, this is Esquire's perverted opinion. ]

General Electric and xHamster are among the list—that also includes Ringo Starr and Bruce Springsteen—of beings and corporations that are refusing to do business with North Carolina for its recent banning of local LGBT nondiscrimination ordinances and requirement that transgender people use public bathrooms that match their birth certificates. 

Let's keep the boycotts coming, folks, and maybe we can get the NBA to pull the 2017 All-Star game and the NFL to relocate its May team owners meeting (both in Charlotte). 

Here's the list of all the people and companies boycotting the state so far:

Ringo Starr , Bryan Adams ,Deutsche Bank ,PayPal ,Bruce Springsteen ,Michael Moore ,xHamster ( porn site ),  Joel McHale, General Electric ( govt contractor ), the Dow Chemical Company, Pepsi , Hyatt, Hewlett Packard, Choice Hotels International, Whole Foods, Levis Strauss & Co., Lionsgate ...

&  &  &  &  &  &  

Isaiah 5 : 20 - 23
Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!

Woe unto them that are mighty to drink wine, and men of strength to mingle strong drink:

Which justify the wicked for reward, and take away the righteousness of the righteous from him!

+  +  +


These immoral money companies and groups --- who care NOTHING about the innocent children ---   are trying to dictate BY ECONOMIC strictures and threats the morals of the people of North Carolina.

[ Ed. Note:  Several of these companies and conglomerates do business on a large scale in China and other countries in Southeast Asia and the Middle East … all which have VERY RESTRICTIVE penalties , whippings, jail sentences, and executions on the law books for LGBT’rs. 


An interesting confusion of standards, yes ? Actually, NO. Money profits, not social ideologies nor human rights nor anti-discriminatory practices, rule. The bottom line is : THE BOTTOM LINE ! An internet search of companies boycotting North Carolina reveals a wealth of hypocrisies operating.]


Two states of the Union have also decided NOT to do business with North Carolina companies, that is:  New York State and Washington State. 


Technically, the Executive Branch of the federal government is not making “LAW.” 


BY-PASSING CONGRESS, the Executive Department can accomplish its purpose with the stroke of a pen, via ADMINISTRATIVE REGULATIONS. 


The Executive branch is forcing the Departments of the federal government to make REGULATIONS .   Fines, restrictions of funds, jail terms, and contempt of court accompany these FEDERAL agencies’ and departments’




have all the force of LAW.


The main Federal Departments now pushing this agenda are the US Department of Education and the US Department of Justice.


However, ANY FACILITY or service regulated by the Interstate Commerce Commission, US National Park Service, and other federal agencies will develop ( if they have not already  done so ) REGULATIONS regarded by the law and courts as “the LAW of the LAND.”


In daily activities…

that translates into TRANS-GENDER restrooms at all federal and state parks, all rest areas along the interstates, all public libraries and museums, all government offices, health facilities,  all sports arenas … any thing REGULATED by ANY FEDERAL agency or department will now be required to ENFORCE OPEN, PUBLIC, TRANS-GENDER restrooms in their facilities.


Last week …

an 8-year-old girl was nearly choked to death in a ladies’ restroom in a Chicago restaurant by a man.  Her mother, in a stall nearby, heard her screaming and rescued her. Patrons tackled the man and held him for police and he was charged. 


A support group ( ? ) said he, 33,  was innocent, simply defending himself ( ? ) , according to a WSL-TV report.  Yes, read this incredible comment for yourself:


“I’m sure his intent was innocent,” said Susan Wright in a Friday post on the conservative website RedState. “I’m sure he really felt that he belonged in the women’s restroom and the little girl was somehow oppressing him, which caused the confusion, resulting in his hands ending up around her neck.” The Washington Times - Saturday, May 14, 2016



Who is more immoral ...

The Executive ?


The mixed-up child molester ?


Or,  the supporters who see “discrimination”  in every MORAL STAND backed by the Holy SCRIPTURES ?


Christians, Be Aware that the federal agenda follows the “10 Kings” of Revelation 17. That agenda is to destroy the children’s bodies as well as morals as well as spirits.  They are making them fit for demonic possession.


NOTE:  We never have to teach children to be BAD; they will turn to immorality of every sort naturally.  


Remove your children from the public schools at whatever the cost and inconvenience to you.


MOST of the public schools on the local level receive MILLIONS of dollars each year from the federal government.  They have done and will do the federal government’s bidding just to keep the money… at the sacrifice of the children they are SUPPOSED to be helping, on the altar of mammon instead of molech.


Here is a comment by Franklin Graham, who is out-raged at the “bathroom” gender crisis.


Franklin Graham Criticizes Obama for Transgender Bathroom Directive: 'Who Does He Think He is?'

Amanda Casanova | Religion Today Contributing Writer | Monday, May 16, 2016

“Who does President Barack Obama think he is? The sultan of Washington?” Graham wrote on his Facebook page. “Does he think he can just make a ‘decree’ and we will bow down and simply obey?”


“The president obviously must have no fear of God, who made us and created us male and female. I hope that school districts across this nation will defy President Obama and his administration’s radical progressive agenda to promote and advance the sin of homosexuality and the LGBT agenda,” he added.


If a state refuses the federal funds for education, it makes itself a TARGET for the government to take over the direct control of the schools.


Christians, REFUSE to purchase anything at a commercial establishment which supports the LGBT  regulations.  The pocketbook is the only “standard” these mammon-servers seem to follow.


No, we Followers of JESUS do not HATE the LGBT’rs; we mourn over them as we mourn over the lost souls of the drunkards and drug-addicts.  


We  DO , however, stand for righteousness.  As we try so hard to bring the depressed souls of the alcoholics et. al.,  to Light and Life in JESUS CHRIST, so we do for the LGBT’rs.


They are in pitiful shape, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Chick Tract’s newsletter points this out. [ Although we do not endorse all of Chick’s doctrinal stands, we do recognize the validity of this report. ]

courtesy of Chick Tracts

Chick Tract’s Battlecry Newsletter  May/June 2016 reported this:


“Of the dozens of articles researched for this writing, one topic got little coverage: transgenders pay a huge price in physical and psychological health. Therapists report a 40 percent attempted suicide rate and 60-90 percent exhibit serious psychiatric disorders.


Two in 10 had significant regrets about having transitioned, yet going back was not easy, particularly if they had been permanently physically mutilated by reassignment surgery.


When homosexuals first began to come out of the closet several decades ago, research showed that violence and disease cut the average life expectancy of the promiscuous male homosexual to a little over half the rest of the population.


A recent study by the Centers for Disease Control reveals a shocking level of violence in the "gay" community.


The real surprise was the violence between lesbians. 44 percent reported either rape, physical abuse or stalking by their intimate partners.


For males, it was 26 percent. The study also supported the point made in the Chick tract, Home Alone, that many who end up involved with the homosexual lifestyle were molested as children.”

 +  +  +

Mr. Obama is blinded to the Truth of the Holy Scriptures or our HOLY GOD: The FATHER, The SON+ our LORD JESUS CHRIST, and the HOLY SPIRIT.  He thinks dignity comes through allowing, tolerating, and promoting un-righteous behavior !  

Obama: Transgender bathroom guidance meant to affirm kids' dignity

By Kevin Liptak, CNN White House Producer Updated 4:17 PM ET, Mon May 16, 2016

Washington (CNN)Responding to criticism of his administration's new guidance on transgender students' use of school bathrooms, President Barack Obama said Monday he wanted to ensure children were being treated with dignity.White House issues guidance on transgender bathrooms .


Mr. Obama and his advisers, ---  the appointed leaders of this land and would-be leaders of the world ---  do not understand that human beings CANNOT go against GOD’S LAWS without paying a dreadful price.  This is why these mixed-up people purporting to “change” their gender are hurting so badly, underneath it all.


Mr. Obama and kind are blocking them from receiving the deliverance from pain and hurt through JESUS CHRIST. 


Thus, their pain and hurt remain and are translated into belligerent, arrogant behavior … thinking that the Messengers of Truth+ are the ones who are hurting them !


Human beings are created in the image of GOD, not the image of the devil and his cohorts. It is the satan who comes to steal, kill, and destroy, not our LORD JESUS CHRIST.


If North Carolina falls, we can expect only one thing: the personal COST for being a Follower of JESUS will grow exponentially harder.   


Expect  TERRIBLE  economic hardships to fall on colleges, companies, and families who stand for JESUS.


To be sure,

The WORST is yet to come…

To be followed

by The BEST !











Saturday, May 14, 2016


The Glorious Ascension of our LORD'S risen and glorified earthly body  has occurred. In our remembrance of the occasion on the Christian calendar ( for western Christianity Orthodox or Eastern churches will observe the remembrance of His+ glorious Ascension on June 9 in 2016.)  

Now,  Ten Days later comes The Day of Pentecost, celebrating the outpouring of The Blessed HOLY SPIRIT on The Called-Out Disciples of MESSIAH, clothing them with Power from on High, sent forth from our LORD+ as HE+ Promised.   This Sunday the 15th of May, is Pentecost by the Western Church calendar. 


Pentecost :  Preparing a People for Possession


HE+ shall Immerse you
into The HOLY SPIRIT and FIRE, 
Whose+ fan is in HIS+ Hand,
and HE+ will throughly
purge HIS+ floor....

Through the Blood of The LAMB+, and The FIRE of PENTECOST, Followers of JESUS are entered into the Royal Lineage, the Royal Priesthood.  The HOLY SPIRIT infuses the waters of Baptism, infusing His+ Followers with Himself+. 

A further Baptism of the HOLY SPIRIT is also promised for further UNION WITH our HOLY LORD.  (Acts, 4 : 31 )  So even after the original Baptism and Gifting of The HOLY SPIRIT, there are further Anointings of The same SPIRIT for Disciples of MESSIAH+.

This is promised for each one of us... when we MEET the CONDITIONS.  However, many who have been filled with the HOLY SPIRIT are missing the mark. 

Will they RETAIN their position
in the Royal Lineage ? 

+  +  +

Let's find out if THE LORD ever CHANGES HIS MIND ....


And I declare to him:  ( To  Eli )

I am judging his house forever, for the iniquity which he has known because his sons have been making themselves VILE... and he has NOT RESTRAINED them.

And therefore I have sworn to the house of Eli that the iniquity of Eli's house shall NOT BE ATONED for by sacrifice or offering forever.

And, in  I Samuel 3:13, 14 ....

the GOD of Israel: 

I said indeed that your house should walk before MY Face forever.

But now YHWH declares,

Be it far from ME

For those who honor ME, I will honor, and those who despise ME shall be lightly esteemed.
I Samuel 2:30 ( Hebrew translation from Jay P. Green, Sr., Hebrew-English Interlinear )

+  +  +
The LORD cannot be tricked. 

HE REFUSES to go against His standard of Righteousness... just to avoid unrighteous man's accusing finger pointing at HIM and saying,

" But YOU said I  could 
 [ ... be in Heaven no matter how I lived ! ] " 


Willful sin will come into Judgment. (Heb 10:26-27)
If sin is present REPENT and turn your back on it.

HE has told us, O Man, the things HE wants us to do. HE has told us, just like HE instructed His Ancient People, the Israelites, how HE+ wants us to live.

HE has TOLD US --- by Word+ and EXAMPLE+ in CHRIST JESUS.....The MESSIAH --- what KIND of WORSHIP is acceptable to HIM.

When we choose to IGNORE His instructions,
then HE is not obligated to keep
His part of the Covenant. 


Why is this so ?
Does not GOD keep His Promises to us forever ?


The problem lies with us: 

WE BREAK the Covenant with disobedience. WE  ignore "our part" of the covenant. 

When it goes on LONG ENOUGH ...  The LORD divorces us. HE separates us from His Presence.  The Divine Husbandman knows well how to wield the pruning knife against the unruly, non-fruitful branches.  ( John 15:2 )

HE is the ONE WHO  does the removing
.. removing us

from His Presence and His Promises.

In the case of the Priest Eli, The LORD separated Eli's family from  coming before HIS Face forever !

Eli knew his grown sons were strong-arming the people bringing sacrifices.  Eli knew his grown sons were prostituting themselves with the women at the gate of the Tabernacle.

Yes, Eli voiced his disapproval... but he did NOT DO WHATEVER WAS NECESSARY  to remove the evil. Eli was not forceful in standing FOR GOD and AGAINST EVIL.

Why ?

Perhaps his sons would have killed him; they were the basest of men.

Perhaps his sons would have led a revolt; they likely had friends of the basest sort also.

Why would not Eli CORRECT his sons with the KIND OF CORRECTION that would have cleansed the evil from Israel's midst ?

They were simply his sons, that's why.

GOD conducts no "royalty line"
 like the world does;
flesh and blood cannot INHERIT
the Kingdom of GOD.

Thus, those who CHOOSE The LORD ... consistently choosing to follow JESUS in the face of our daily situations ... are part of the True "Royalty Line" established by The LORD GOD HIMSELF.

Those Choosers become
"a kingdom of priests"
which serve our LORD.

The LORD is able to raise up STONES to worship HIM in righteousness.

Indeed, HE has predetermined that HE will  have a people, a people for possession, a royal priesthood,  a Holy Nation, to show forth the praises of HIM+ Who+ has called man out of darkness into His+ marvelous Light... the LIGHT+ of  HIS SON+ , our LORD JESUS CHRIST. ( 1 Peter 2 : 9 )

This is NOT a NEW message.  The LORD declared this to Eli through the mouth of the prophet , in 1 Samuel 2:35:

Then I will raise up for Myself a faithful priest who shall do according to what is in My heart and in My mind.  I will build him a sure house, and he shall walk before the face of My MOSHIYACH+.

GOD'S message has
not changed.

+  +  +

Take HEED, O Man,
who calls yourself by My+ Name.

You think you are priests and you claim My+ Words as your promise.

I am NOT OBLIGED to bless disobedience.

I am NOT OBLIGED to be with you if you refuse to walk with ME+ ... and that entails, walking honestly and whole-heartedly in the Truth I+ have set before you.
I do NOT WALK in darkness, but in The Light+. 

I will judge you as surely as I judged Eli.

There is no royal priesthood
apart from obedience to ME+.

Take My+ Words seriously.
Take them earnestly and eat them up.

Do exactly what My+ words say to do. Do not change them to suit your convenience or to avoid being hated.  The worldly ones have always hated My+ Words.

If you ignore them, I will ignore you.
If you cast them to the side,
I will cast you to the side.

HEED My+ call.

Cast away your guns and gold.

If you fall away, I+ will cut you off.
  If you adhere to ME+,
I+ will adhere to you.

It is TOTALLY your choice;
I+ am not changing 
My+ Words. 

I+ Desire all to be saved,
but I+ will NOT choose for you.


Thus saith The LORD.