Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Judas Pope... A Servant of the 10 Kings of Revelation 17 ?

The Judas Pope…..Servant of The Ten Kings

 A Guest Post by Bro. Brendon Patrick, Order of the GOOD SHEPHERD+


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No, I am NOT a Roman Catholic “basher”. Just to put your mind at ease.  Just a few points to consider.



The problems in that organization are notorious and rampant. Everyone knows about them and even some Roman Catholics are uncomfortable with some of them.  Too many additions to the Faith ONCE Delivered ( Jude 1:3 ), and too many subtractions from the same Gospel !

But I am speaking here specifically about the continuing stream of  blasphemous and totally NON-Christian remarks coming out of this Pope’s mouth!

He most recently has compared the Daesh / isis, to The Lord JESUS sending forth the Apostles and Disciples into all the world to make Disciples of all nations!! 

This is a completely insane and OBVIOUSLY inaccurate statement!  Even worldly people can see this!

It seems that the Pope is making these statements at the DIRECTIVE of someone other than himself or the “religious” authorities around him.

Wolf prophet

He carries the message even further,  saying that ” it is a good thing for the islamic “invaders” of Europe to cross breed with the European women, both diluting that particular nations indigenous people, but also helping out the declining birthrate in Europe !!! ( Not kidding! )  

These are not normal statements from a Pope, let alone Christian statements.

[ "Do not be UN-equally yoked to non-believers"  must not be in the Bible the Pope reads ? ]

It seems that the Pope is taking orders from another group, and is promoting that group’s agenda for both Europe and for the world. He  keeps making these outlandish statements over and over, the above being only the most recent at this writing.

There is another well known world “leader” that is doing the same kind of actions. This “leader” is across the world from the Pope, but he and the Pope are making the same kind of statements and pushing the same “agenda”. 

Do they have the same “bosses”? 

Are they BOTH Puppets moved by the same sets of “puppet master” strings ? Both are making senseless and bizarre statements, and BOTH are promoting destructive and Evil plans that serve NO GOOD  PURPOSE .

Do they have a “hot-line” to each other?  Or is there a “hot-line” to them from another group of “bosses” which The Scriptures refer to as “The Ten Kings” who make war with The LAMB+ ?

What will be the next wild statement that will come out of the Vatican?  Will it match up with the next statement coming out of the “City of Baal” D.C.?  Both of these men seem to be employees of the same evil group.

There are reports that Mr. Obama is preparing to begin a global campaign to become the leader of the United Nations.  Of course the campaign will be financed by U.S. taxpayers’ money!

If this is successful, what will be the next step for the world as a whole, and in particular Israel and Christians as a people? Scripture is being fulfilled rapidly.


If you happen to be a member of a “religious” organization that is “going along” with the set of “POLITICALLY-CORRECT LIES” which are coming forth from the governments…


that group IMMEDIATELY

for your own safety!

Those organizations are ODIOUS unto The LORD GOD and are in HIS Sight for Judgment and Wrath. They are being gathered together into “Bundles to be Burned,” Matthew 13:30.  And, HE+ is gathering out of His+ Kingdom ALL things that offend. See Matthew 13:41.

The LORD+ will NOT forsake you,

IF you do not forsake HIM+.

Seek The LORD+ for wisdom and discernment in the coming days, and may the Supernatural Gifts of The HOLY SPIRIT / RUACH ha KADOSH, become REAL and APPARENT among the Body of MESSIAH, The Remnant Church across the earth. 

HE+ is our Life.

Because HE+ lives, we Live also!

John 14 : 19


Come Quickly LORD JESUS + + +



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