Monday, January 30, 2017

Upon THIS BED-ROCK, I + Will Build the Church ... of ME+ !

MATTHEW 16: 16 -18 , Courtesy of Bible Gateway

And Simon Peter answered and said,

THOU+ art the CHRIST,

the SON+ of the Living GOD.

17 And JESUS answered and said unto him,

Blessed art thou, Simon Barjona:

for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee,

but My+  FATHER  which is in Heaven.

18 And I+ say also unto thee,

That thou art Peter,

and upon this rock I will build my church;

and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

+  +  +

BEDROCK: In geology, bedrock is the lithified rock that lies under the loose softer material at the surface of the Earth or other terrestrial planet. The broken and weathered regolith includes soil and subsoil.


in the Greek, means  a BEDROCK, a FOUNDATIONAL Bed of Rock .


Petros, in the Greek, means a rock OF THE SIZE  A PERSON CAN PICK UP AND THROW. We would call a “petros”  a STONE. 



LET’S look at Matthew 16:18 under a

GREEK microscope QQ !

Here it is in the Literal GREEK: 


I+ ALSO MOREOVER TO YOU ( singular “you”)

I+ say, that you ( singular)  

are PETROS (nominative-MASCULINE-singular…  a rock the size I can pick up and throw )

and  upon this ( dative-FEMININE-singular “this”)

the (dative- feminine- singular “the”)



OF ME+   ( this is a genitive or possessive pronoun usually translated "my" but the literal translation is " OF ME" .)

I+ will build the church of ME+

And the Gates of Hades

will not prevail against her.

+  +  +

We plainly see that the PETRA, the Bedrock of CHRIST JESUS HIMSELF+ , is the SOLID FOUNDATION upon which HE+ HIMSELF+ builds the Church of the Living GOD  …. of HIMSELF+. 

Of HIS+ own Flesh and Blood, Our LORD builds His+ Church and places it upon the SOLID ROCK FOUNDATION of Himself+.

1 Corinthians 10:4, Courtesy of Bible Gateway

And did all drink the same spiritual drink:

for they drank of that

spiritual PETRAS+* that followed them:

and that PETRA+* was CHRIST.

* PetraS is the genitive form of petrA, i.e., the same word.
PETRA is a different word than PETROS.

+  +  +

Thus, upon a closer inspection of this passage, we see that the BED-ROCK is CHRIST+ , the SON+ of the Living GOD, as Simon Peter confessed HIM+ to be. 

Furthermore, That CHRIST JESUS will … it is determined… build His+ Church of Himself+ , through Himself+, by means of Himself+. 

Those who try to implode that Bedrock+ will only find out, in terror, that HE+ CANNOT BE MOVED.  HE+ CANNOT be moved from His+ intention to build His+ Church.  HE+ cannot be deterred from His+ determination to do it. 

HE+ cannot be vanquished because… HE+ has already met the worst that they could do to him ( humans in conjunction with the satan) …

and HE+ won !  

So, tremble, you devils and all the enemies of CHRIST JESUS… you host of wicked ones who lead the world astray … dragging as many with you into hell as you possibly can. 


For your day of destruction is coming soon; all can see it looming on the horizon. You will terrorize NO MORE. 

And furthermore, we hereby give notice to you that the Church of The LORD JESUS CHRIST  will stand against you to defeat you in the Name of The LORD JESUS CHRIST and by all the power of His+ Blood that HE+ grants us… the least little one of us in His+ Living Church ! 

And according to His+ Will, The Living Church of The LORD JESUS CHRIST will rescue ALL we are enabled to free from the grip of the satan.

By the Power granted to us through HIS+ BLOOD and His+ Blessed HOLY SPIRIT, we will demolish satan’s lying illusions  and deliver as many as we can from the strongholds of the satan … until HE+ calls us HOME unto the Church VICTORIOUS. 

+ + +

In the Name of GOD the FATHER ALMIGHTY,

and of His+ Beloved, Eternal SON+ 

Who+ has Redeemed us by His+ Blood,

and The Blessed , Eternal HOLY SPIRIT,

Who sanctifies us.


Saturday, January 28, 2017


A Guest Post by Bro. Brendon Patrick

We also say:  "NEVER AGAIN"!
We say NO …
to the nations that would force Israel into a small corner of their own land, and then turn their backs on them! 

WE say NO…
to Judas-religious leaders that support Israel's enemies who have sworn to destroy them! 
We say NO …
to the islamic regimes who, following the orders of their False Prophet, have sworn to destroy the nation of Israel and to kill every Jew and every Follower-of-Y’SHU+ the M’SHIKHA+, the "Grafted-in" Israelites. 
The issue will be decided and Ended Forever when the Satanic Entity that seeks to destroy the Whole House of Israel is obliterated forever on the hills and valleys of the Land of Israel  ...
 ... which is Protected by YHWH ELOHIM of Heavenly Armies. 

Pray for the Peace+ of Jerusalem! 
The Peace+ of Jerusalem is seated
at the Right Hand of YHWH.
HE+ is the Peace of Jerusalem! 
GLORY BE TO THE ETERNAL GOD AND FATHER OF MESSIAH YESHUA + the coming King Who shall Reign from Jerusalem over the Whole Earth, and HIS+ Holy Ones with HIM+. Amen
To the servants of Satan we say… "NEVER AGAIN"…. And that will be FOREVER, according to Scriptures.

Friday, January 20, 2017


... sown by the satan, 
are notoriously found

The good seed is sown by The LORD JESUS CHRIST.   This sowing takes place in the field of the world. 

The Good Seeds are the sons of the Kingdom, but the tares are the sons of the wicked. 

Our LORD allows the tares to grow right alongside of the good seeds... 
WHEN we cull the tares, 
we also UPROOT the good seeds.

ALL of the harvest would be lost then, lost long before it can even begin to bear fruit or develop to maturity.

Thus, we Followers of JESUS

 are appointed 

to grow along with the tares, according to the Word of Our LORD JESUS. 

We must be willing to develop Precious Fruit, regardless of the situations  in which we find ourselves placed by The Hand of The LORD. 

Uncomfortable, despicable, stressful, and wretched situations that are not in our power to change   may indeed be our lot.

They are only in His+ Power to change.  Some HE+ changes; some HE+ does not.  

In either case, WE are appointed TO CHANGE. We are required to CONTINUE TO HOLD onto the TRUE VINE+ so that we can grow. (John 15 )

Nothing in this dead and dying, un-redeemed world is going to become "better" ;  it is only going to grow worse ... until HE+ directs the wicked ones into the Valley of JEHOSHAPHAT  for their final threshing. 
 ( See Joel 3 and Jeremiah 51, especially verse 33.)

There HE+ will thresh them properly and they will not emerge alive.  


O Heavenly FATHER, 

I lay down on Thy Altar my desire to escape from the hard times approaching, as the satan tries to wipe out Thy Witness+ upon this earth. 

Help me to WATCH and PRAY, instead, and to be ready to speak Thy+ Word in season and out.   

Help me to embrace growth even when surrounded by thorns and stinging nettles. 

I thank THEE+, O LORD, for Thy Strength in time of need. Let me not shy away from the battle which lies ahead.
Let Thy Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. 

This for the love I bear unto my LORD and SAVIOR+, JESUS CHRIST.  Amen. 

Saturday, January 14, 2017

How Many Times... O LORD

[ Do you have a pierced ear ? ]


How many times, O LORD,

YOU+ saved me?

All honor, glory, and praise is due unto THEE+, O CHRIST. 

YOU+ have saved me from my sins, yes…. Sins which were many, sins which were both seen and well-hidden, sins which would have kept me out of Heaven. Sins which were warping and twisting my soul, making me unfit for human companionship and  unfit for Holy fellowship with THEE+, O CHRIST.

All honor, glory, and praise

is due unto THEE+, O CHRIST. 

My life is not now mine own, for YOU+ have bought it when you delivered me, over and over again in so many ways, in so many temporal matters… situations my own lusts and foolishness of Self brought upon me.The time I cheated, the times I wreaked havoc with the car, the times I did not do an honest day’s labor.

YOU+ shielded me from debilitating disgrace and life-long regrets and public dishonor … though I deserved them all. 

All honor, glory, and praise

is due unto THEE+, O CHRIST. 

This life now belongs to YOU+, for YOU+ protected me from my Self even when I did not know THEE+, O CHRIST.  Thank YOU+ for opening my eyes now to see THY+ Protection of me, back then.

All honor, glory, and praise

is due unto THEE+, O CHRIST. 

How do I love THEE+ ?  Let me count the way:  totally, with a numbing realization that YOU+ loved me enough to bear with me, to struggle with me, to wrestle my soul from self-seeking slavery. I am SO SORRY of all I put YOU+ through… just to keep me safe !

All honor, glory, and praise

is due unto THEE+, O CHRIST.

I cannot even begin to repay YOU+, LORD.

So… here is my life.

I give it to YOU+,

the Purchaser+ of my Life,

many times over.


I lay my ear on the doorpost.

Pierce it

with THY+ Divine awl ;

I am THINE+ forever.

Exodus 21:6 and Deuteronomy 15:17

Friday, January 6, 2017

The FIRST Church Caravan ... the EPIPHANY of GOD'S SON+

   Traditionally,  January 6 is celebrated in most Western ( High) churches as the EPIPHANY... the manifestation of the SON+ of GOD, our LORD JESUS CHRIST, as come in the flesh ...  the INCARNATION+ of the JEWISH MESSIAH+. 

On THIS day, 
the MESSIAH+  
being worshipped by all flesh 
--- Gentile as well as Jewish --- 
as the Magi came from the East
to worship the Newborn KING+. 

was worshipped as
KING+ of Kings 
and LORD+ of Lords 

by the travelers from afar who had seen his GOD-APPOINTED STAR in the Heavens.   

These Magi, or Wise Men, were single of eye : They followed  only ONE PATH ... that which was ordained by the STAR of Heaven. 

They were single of eye : They set their lives in order, left the comforts of home,  and pursued the ONE TRUE KING+. 

They were single of eye : They brought their treasures with them , to bestow them on this Newborn KING+  ... for they knew His+ Royalty was established by GOD.

They were single of eye : They rejoiced to find HIM+ ! 

They were single of eye And when they found HIM+, They BOWED DOWN from their rich mounts and WORSHIPPED His+ Royalty!  ( Matthew 2:11 )

Somehow knowing that as they worshipped HIM+, they worshipped GOD ALMIGHTY, Maker of Heaven and earth.

They were single of eye : They listened to the Divine Instructions given them in the dream. 

Never the same, the Wise Men rejoiced to see the KING+ of Kings born to mankind and placed on planet earth for the big confrontation between GOD and the satan. 

Never the same, planet earth now had LIGHT+ bestowed upon the human race, a LIGHT+ like as never before given, a LIGHT+ which became the LIGHT+ of the world... and the LIGHT+ which lighteth every man that cometh into the world. 

Never the same, the satan knew his days were numbered and he reacted in utmost wrath, whipping up his human servants to slay the innocent babes in Bethlehem. To this day, we hear the voice of RACHEL weeping, crying for the babes "who are not." 

Never the same, the human race NOW has hope... hope to become children of GOD, the one true FATHER in Heaven, Hallowed be His Name. 

Our Heavenly FATHER and HIS+, now made manifest the plan HE had to bring the human race into the flock, into the fold, of GOD.  This plan was ordained to be worked THROUGH HIS SON+, JESUS CHRIST our LORD. 

Thus, while we know The EPIPHANY celebration  itself is a tradition of man, we know ... 

for all peoples

Bless GOD: 
And , blessed be His Kingdom 
both now and forever.