Thursday, February 26, 2015

The SIGN of the CROSS in our hearts... The Law INCARNATE+

PASCHA Preparation Meditation  
commonly called Lenten Meditation

Meditation upon The Law INCARNATE+ 

And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying,  Speak unto all the congregation of the children of Israel, and say unto them, 
"Ye shall be holy: for I the LORD your GOD am holy." Leviticus 19:1-2

But as HE+ WHO+  hath called you is holy, so be ye holy in all manner of life because it is written, 

Be ye holy; for I am holy.
I Peter 1: 15-16

+  +  +

Yes, the LAW is dead. It does not give us LIFE, nor does The LAW of Moses even help us to obey it.

However, it still retains something precious for us.

 It retains GOD'S standard 

Even though Our LORD fulfilled the LAW, HE+ did not change the standard of what GOD considers RIGHT and what GOD considers WRONG !

Let us pray: 

O Holy FATHER, I am ashamed of the lack of holy standards in my life.  I see that I do not reflect Thy standard of holiness written in Thy Word, Incarnate in Thy SON+ JESUS CHRIST, and sought for by The Great Husbandman of the Vine+. 

Cleanse me now, that I may truly reflect Thy Character at all times to my family, my friends, and in my mirror. 

I thank THEE that THOU hast wrought for me such a full and cleansing Salvation, through the merits of Thy Holy SON+... the Standard of all holiness Incarnate. 

In Whose+ Name, and by Whose+ strength I come to THEE, O Holy FATHER, MOST RIGHTEOUS.  

+  +  +

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The SIGN of the CROSS in the HEAVENS.... the KILLSHOT Eruption

This is the actual SOHO LASCO 2C picture of the
" KILLSHOT " eruption of a million-kilometer long
filament on the sun, which erupted on the
backside of the sun....
not due to " earth getting lucky once again" 
but to the
great Mercy of The LORD !

At the time appointed, something similar to this 
may strike the earth, according to Isaiah 30:26.

How should we then live ? 

Isaiah 30:26
26 Moreover the light of the moon shall be as the light of the sun, and the light of the sun shall be sevenfold, as the light of seven days, in the day that the Lord bindeth up the breach of his people, and healeth the stroke of their wound.

The KILLSHOT filament eruption recorded on Saturday, Feb. 21, 2015 and released on Feb. 22, is seen on the frames from position of "3 o'clock"  continuing down to "6 o'clock" position. The glare of the sun is blotted out by the filter placed upon the picture so that the bright flares, CME's, and other eruptions on the sun may be clearly seen. 

Here's a picture of the MASSIVE SIZE of this eruption:  

To represent the earth in scale model, put the tip of your tiniest finger at the "5:20 o'clock position", at about 1/2 inch or more from the sun.  That spot would be the earth being IN FRONT of the eruption... and the earth being about 1/4 the size, in scale, of the tip of your tiniest finger. 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

The SIGN of the Cross ... Being Carried !

The PASCHA Preparation Season  
~ ~ ~ Commonly called Lenten Season ~ ~ ~

The SIGN of the CROSS... being carried !


+  +  +

We have completed the season when most followers of Y'SHU+ the M'SHIKHA have forsaken their normal routines  and stopped --- at one point or another --- to remember His+ Incarnation, around the time of the Roman taxation of the Jews living under the rule of Rome in Israel  ... most likely after the time of the in-gathering of the fall harvest.

Whatever we choose to call it --- "Christmas" or "Advent" or The Incarnation+ Season --- , we simply remember the approximate time of His+ coming to earth, being born as a babe in a humble setting, and donning the human robe of flesh to become the SECOND ADAM+.

It pleased Our FATHER Who art in Heaven to deliver mankind from sin, death, the satan, Sheol, and the grave through Y'SHU+ the M'SHIKHA. 

Thus, HE+ became Incarnate as the SECOND ADAM+ to suffer human death ... but this human death was unlike any other: HE+ rose triumphant, bodily. 

Death had NO dominion over HIM+. Furthermore, neither did the satan because the wicked one could find NO UNRIGHTEOUSNESS in HIM+. Death, then , could not holdHIM+.

In addition to that wondrous fact, The Risen LORD was pleased to bring all the Righteous Dead out of Sheol withHIM+, taking captivity itself captive and moving it 

up... up... up ... 

out of the heart of the earth and into the Paradise of GOD (ALAHA ), which is in Heaven ... that Heaven in which no un-righteousness dwells.

According to Scripture, however , Our Incarnate LORD didsomething else for us when HE+ submitted to the Crucifixion ... something that some followers of Y'SHU+have missed !

became the LAW INCARNATE+ 

... as precisely as HE+ had become The WORD+ Made Flesh, The Living MILTHA+ of ALAHA , as the Aramaic / Syriac states.

For, what IS the WORD+  .....

 but the LAW INCARNATE+ ? 

That WORD+ is the LIVING Word+ which became flesh and dwelt among man, full of Grace and Truth.

+  +  +

Yes, the LAW is dead. It does not give us LIFE, nor does The LAW of Moses helps us to obey it.

But wait... it still retains something precious for us. 

It retains GOD'S standard 

Even though Our LORD fulfilled the LAW, HE+ did not change the standard of what GOD considers RIGHT and what GOD considers WRONG !

No, indeed, Our LORD JESUS CHRIST established the LAW.  

So, where did HE+ establish  it ? 

HE+ established the LAW in our hearts !

Let us pray: 

Forgive me LORD, for setting aside Thy+ Holy Word... The Word that was given to me for my perfection, for my understanding of RIGHT vs WRONG. 

Help me to understand where I sin against Thy+ Holiness. Help me to understand Thy+ Ways. 

I humble myself before Thy+ Holy Word, knowing I have fallen short of keeping it hallowed within my heart, that I might not transgress against THEE+. 

Show me Thy+ Standard as I read Thy+ LAW... and Thy+ Standard is JESUS. 

Through Whose+ Holy Name I pray... 



Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The SIGN of the CROSS

The Sign of the CROSS

 Ash Wednesday

 the beginning of PASCHA

 The Preparation Season
 commonly known as Lent 

N for Nazarene Arabic character on Catholic Church door
"The local church’s action is a witness of the 'New Evangelization' in which Pope Francis calls on Christians to proclaim peace in and for the world," says the pastor of St. Mark Catholic Church in Richmond, Kentucky.

From: Vision Vocation 

 Chritians are being persecuted

 in Iraq ( and elsewhere).

The  Christian sign is represented by the Arabic alphabet character for the letter “N.” 

The “N” stands for Nazarene and was first used by militants to identify property owned by Christians violently forced to leave Mosul, Iraq. Perhaps you have seen the symbol replacing friends Facebook profile pictures throughout the summer?

One of the more impressive signs of solidarity has come from St. Mark Catholic Church in Richmond, Kentucky, which has painted their West Main Street door with this Arabic symbol.

Father James Sichko, pastor of St. Mark, told the Richmond Register: “We are all Iraqi Christians. As Catholic Christians, the members of St. Mark stand together in defiance of genocide, of persecution, of hate and the slaughter of Christians anywhere.” 

Let these images and symbols continue to be a reminder ...




Now is My+ Soul troubled,
 and what shall I+ say, 

"FATHER, save ME+ from this hour?"

But for this cause came I+ unto this hour; 

FATHER, glorify Thy Name...


   As we come face to face with the activities of those haters of CHRIST JESUS Our LORD, let us identify with our persecuted brothers and sisters.  

In  order to do that, we must FIRST identify with

 Our LORD and SAVIOR, Who+ was persecuted by the haters of GOD ... and Who+ still is. 

The haters of GOD, YHWH, the HOLY ONE of Israel, cannot "touch" Our LORD JESUS now, in the flesh. So, they are directed by demons to attack those who carry His+ Name.

During this PASCHA  season, let us bear the reproaches of them who reproached Our Lord, and suffer along with HIM+. 

Let us suffer along with our persecuted brethren across this dead and dying world. 

We will suffer  ...  if we stand for righteousness. 

Prepare your hearts to do so. 

Let us pray: 

O HOLY ONE+ of Israel,  we thank THEE+ for coming for "this" hour,  the hour of Thy+  Death. Help us to show our love for THEE+ by picking up our Cross, our "N" , and dying to Self for Thy+ Name's sake. 

Bless our efforts in this and keep us ever mindful of the dear ones who have already paid the price for following THEE+, and grant them sweet rest at Thy+ FATHER'S throne. 

In the Name of Our Suffering SAVIOR, The LORD JESUS CHRIST, we pray. 


John 12:26-28 ( Courtesy of

26 If any man serve ME+  let him follow me; and where I am, there shall also my servant be: if any man serve me, him will my Father honour.
27 Now is my soul troubled; and what shall I say? Father, save me from this hour: but for this cause came I unto this hour.
28 Father, glorify thy name. Then came there a voice from heaven, saying, I have both glorified it, and will glorify it again.

*  The "mark" that looks like a dotted U on the door of the church is the Arabic letter that = N in English. It stands for "Nazarene" , which is what they call Christians in Arab lands. 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

DISCIPLESHIP: The Forgotten Discipline

 A Timely Word from Bro. Brendon Patrick....

  +  +  + 
The organized church as a whole has walked away from discipleship.
 +   +   +
The plain words of CHRIST are ignored and people are taught that if they attempt to actually do what JESUS taught,...  to actually live the way HE+ taught ... they are legalistic and are in "bondage".

On the other hand, the organized "church" will teach that you are under"grace" and can ignore the teachings of JESUS as relating to real life! 

That's right. 

You can ignore the plain teachings and commandments of the ONE+ Who+ saved you by Grace with HIS+ own Body and Blood!

Untrue of course.

JESUS our LORD did all of HIS+ part. HE+ will not do our part for us. 

HE+ will not be HIS+ own Disciple for us. 

HE+ will, however, give us Divine help in every way in the Power of the Holy Spirit to really follow HIM+ and be Disciples in the Way HE+ has taught us.

JESUS plainly said, "If anyone will follow ME+, he MUST deny himself, take up his cross and follow ME+." 

This is NOT taught in the modern churches ... and that is an understatement, at best.

     The Power of the Eternal SPIRIT of GOD was evident in the ancient Church in all Followers of JESUS, both in their daily lifestyle and in the Supernatural Gifts and working of that same Holy SPIRIT. 

The things that JESUS did, they did. 

This was SO evident to those around them that the pagans were the first ones who referred to them as "Christians" ... because they were so much like CHRIST.

HIS+ SPIRIT was in them reproducing CHRIST.

The necessity of discipleship for EVERY follower of CHRIST has been removed from the modern church and has left it floundering, focusing mainly on theological systems that were formulated 1,500 years or more after The SON+ of GOD delivered the Gospel of Life to the world.

This modern church, this religious system, does not even resemble the original church, of course. We have the same Gospels, the same Apostles’ writings, and the same Prophetic writings that the ancient Pre-Nicene church had, but our "battery" is dead, so to speak. 

 It has been drained with the cares of this life and the deceitfulness of riches.






We must learn to YIELD to CHRIST so that the Strength and Power of the HOLY SPIRIT can flow through us as it did through the ancient Christians.

Yes! Unclean spiritual forces do manifest themselves in religious systems and in their adherents’ lives. They have given themselves over to those spirits and agreed that satan’s lies are “truth” ! 

These same unclean spirits came at JESUS, accusing HIM+, threatening, challenging. These unclean spirits have not gone anywhere. They watch for gullible humans to control and inhabit.

As we can see, whole "churches" can be built on the foundation  of demonic teaching and control.

QUESTION:  Are we ready to do as JESUS taught and deny ourselves, pick up our Cross, and yield ourselves TOTALLY to HIM+ so that we will be equipped and prepared to stand against the reality of unclean spirits confronting and challenging The Body of CHRIST on this earth?

Believe me, it is going to get worse,

much worse, than what we now see.

Scripture teaches that JESUS will Baptize us --- immerse us ---  into the HOLY SPIRIT and FIRE.

 I can tell you that we ARE GOING TO NEED THAT!

 +    +    + 

Heavenly FATHER, please help us to walk before you as your Beloved SON+ has taught us to walk and to forsake the false teachings of men.

Help us to OVERCOME all things,
in JESUS' Name we ask.