Saturday, February 14, 2015

DISCIPLESHIP: The Forgotten Discipline

 A Timely Word from Bro. Brendon Patrick....

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The organized church as a whole has walked away from discipleship.
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The plain words of CHRIST are ignored and people are taught that if they attempt to actually do what JESUS taught,...  to actually live the way HE+ taught ... they are legalistic and are in "bondage".

On the other hand, the organized "church" will teach that you are under"grace" and can ignore the teachings of JESUS as relating to real life! 

That's right. 

You can ignore the plain teachings and commandments of the ONE+ Who+ saved you by Grace with HIS+ own Body and Blood!

Untrue of course.

JESUS our LORD did all of HIS+ part. HE+ will not do our part for us. 

HE+ will not be HIS+ own Disciple for us. 

HE+ will, however, give us Divine help in every way in the Power of the Holy Spirit to really follow HIM+ and be Disciples in the Way HE+ has taught us.

JESUS plainly said, "If anyone will follow ME+, he MUST deny himself, take up his cross and follow ME+." 

This is NOT taught in the modern churches ... and that is an understatement, at best.

     The Power of the Eternal SPIRIT of GOD was evident in the ancient Church in all Followers of JESUS, both in their daily lifestyle and in the Supernatural Gifts and working of that same Holy SPIRIT. 

The things that JESUS did, they did. 

This was SO evident to those around them that the pagans were the first ones who referred to them as "Christians" ... because they were so much like CHRIST.

HIS+ SPIRIT was in them reproducing CHRIST.

The necessity of discipleship for EVERY follower of CHRIST has been removed from the modern church and has left it floundering, focusing mainly on theological systems that were formulated 1,500 years or more after The SON+ of GOD delivered the Gospel of Life to the world.

This modern church, this religious system, does not even resemble the original church, of course. We have the same Gospels, the same Apostles’ writings, and the same Prophetic writings that the ancient Pre-Nicene church had, but our "battery" is dead, so to speak. 

 It has been drained with the cares of this life and the deceitfulness of riches.






We must learn to YIELD to CHRIST so that the Strength and Power of the HOLY SPIRIT can flow through us as it did through the ancient Christians.

Yes! Unclean spiritual forces do manifest themselves in religious systems and in their adherents’ lives. They have given themselves over to those spirits and agreed that satan’s lies are “truth” ! 

These same unclean spirits came at JESUS, accusing HIM+, threatening, challenging. These unclean spirits have not gone anywhere. They watch for gullible humans to control and inhabit.

As we can see, whole "churches" can be built on the foundation  of demonic teaching and control.

QUESTION:  Are we ready to do as JESUS taught and deny ourselves, pick up our Cross, and yield ourselves TOTALLY to HIM+ so that we will be equipped and prepared to stand against the reality of unclean spirits confronting and challenging The Body of CHRIST on this earth?

Believe me, it is going to get worse,

much worse, than what we now see.

Scripture teaches that JESUS will Baptize us --- immerse us ---  into the HOLY SPIRIT and FIRE.

 I can tell you that we ARE GOING TO NEED THAT!

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Heavenly FATHER, please help us to walk before you as your Beloved SON+ has taught us to walk and to forsake the false teachings of men.

Help us to OVERCOME all things,
in JESUS' Name we ask.

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