Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Truth is fallen in the street...

And judgment is turned away backward,

and justice standeth afar off;

for Truth is fallen
in the street,

and equity cannot enter.

Yea, truth faileth;

and he that departs from evil

makes himself a prey:

and the LORD saw it,

and it displeased HIM

that there was no judgment.
Isaiah 59:14, 15

The age of apostacy is dead-set upon us. The lies are waxing bolder and stronger. Even the pretense of right-thinking has become warped. This is what we've seen this last week:

  • a health "reform" bill in Congress that would have mandatory counseling to the elderly on medical monies from the government about how to commit suicide...

  • That same bill would diminish treatments (i.e., payment for) quality treatment for the chronically ill and handicapped... especially if their conditions were not hopeful.

  • a blasphemous set of statements about The LORD JESUS CHRIST on YouTube
  • a book written about a man meeting "GOD" in a shack... where the HOLY FATHER of Our LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST is portrayed as a woman ! WHAT "GOD" COULD THAT BE?

How can Christians know

what is Truth?

The only way to recognize Truth is by holding issues up to the Life+ in JESUS CHRIST, as found in the Gospels... not in the imagination of man. We hold these issues up to the Light+ and "see" them for what they are.

Like the sunflower, we turn always toward the Light+ in JESUS CHRIST and we follow HIM+. We do NOT swerve to the left or to the right.

That Life+ in JESUS CHRIST is gained by death.

THIS "DEATH" is Not the sick urge "for the good of society" toward suicide or eliminating the non-producers of society...

...but by the denial of our flesh for the sake of being His+ disciples and out of an obedient, love-faith relationship with CHRIST JESUS OUR LORD. (Thank you, Brother David Bercot!)

When we start denying our flesh, picking up our cross, and TRULY spend our time, energy, and thoughts following JESUS...

...then we will know Truth.

The real, unshackled


will come to abide in us then

and we will recognize the phony,

the placating,

the apostate,

and the wicked spirits

that are pouring forth

from men

who will NEVER

deny themselves

for the sake of CHRIST JESUS.

That is how we discern the difference between good and evil.


For they that are after the flesh

do mind the things of the flesh;


they that are after the SPIRIT

the things of the SPIRIT.

For to be carnally minded is death;

but to be spiritually minded is
life and peace.

Because the carnal mind is

enmity against GOD:

for it is not subject
to the law of GOD,

neither indeed can be.

So then they

that are in the flesh

cannot please GOD.

Romans 8:5-8

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Whom Shall I FEAR ?

... FEAR HIM+ !!!

Hear the Word of the LORD from Proverbs 19:9...

A false witness will not go unpunished,

and he who speaks lies shall perish.

A false witness is one who KNOWS better... but deliberately speaks bad things that are NOT TRUE. A false witness defames the character of someone and slanders or slays his victim with his tongue.

Everybody knows what happens to those who tell lies against neighbors, family, and friends. Estrangement occurs. A wall goes up. Hurt lies in the heart of the one being slandered so viciously.

For Christians, this happens regularly. Family members who have received a witness come under conviction by the HOLY SPIRIT. If they repent, we have won some to CHRIST. But if they don't, the phone lines and emails will be hot with false witnessing against the Christian's character.

Yes, we know how to pray: to forgive, to bind, to bless. Oftentimes, that makes the flaming tongues of hostility hotter. The LORD tells us to count it all joy because not only is it a battle for someone's soul... is it our proving ground, our testing. It is in the FIRE that our souls are weaned from ease and exercised in GODLINESS. That is when GROWTH occurs, for the faithful. And, that growth is TOWARDS THE LORD.

Yes, there will be judgment from GOD for those who provide a false witness against their fellow man, whether the false witness be in the courtroom, in the workplace, or in the family circle.

But, let's look at that Proverb once again, in a new light.

A false witness will not go unpunished,

and he who speaks lies shall perish.

Christians, take heed to your tongue.

Take heed about speaking half-truths about ME+ to others to make others "feel good" about you ... and about ME+.

I am not running a popularity contest. I do not change my Word in order to have people "come to JESUS" the soft way. Do not give the Salvation message backwards: You don't "receive ME+ "... I RECEIVE YOU...

if you are found acceptable to ME+ by your repentance,

if you are humble in your own eyes,

if you are sorrowful over your sins....

if you seal your vow to ME+ under the waters of baptism.

Remember: a false witness will NOT go unpunished, So, be mindful to represent the TRUE CHARACTER of GOD and not some fantasy about Who HE is and Who His SON+ is that is not based in Scripture but in man's confused image.

Remember: he who speaks lies shall perish. so be certain to speak of My+ judgment and My+ INtolerance of ALL sinful ways, as well as My+ love and forgiveness.

+ + +
And fear not them
which kill the body,
but are not able
to kill the soul.
But rather fear HIM+
which is able to destroy
both soul and body,
(the Lake of Fire).
Mt. 10:28

Yes, JESUS does love every soul, no matter how deep the sin. But, HE+ will deal with those who choose to love their darkness more than Light.

Do not fail to include this in your Gospel Message of Salvation. Do not be a false witness for CHRIST.

+ + +

In the name of The FATHER, Who created us,

The SON+, Who+ saves us,

and The Blessed HOLY SPIRIT

Who sanctifies us into a meet vessel,

worthy of HIS+ use.


Sister Judith Hannah+ + +

Saturday, July 11, 2009


I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance.
but HE+ that cometh after me
is mightier than I,
Whose+ shoes I am not worthy to bear:
HE+ shall baptize you
with the HOLY SPIRIT,
and with
Whose+ fan is in His+ hand,
and HE+ will thoroughly purge His+ floor;
and gather His+ wheat into the garner;
but HE will burn up the chaff
with unquenchable fire.
Matthew 3: 11, 12

If you want the blessings of The LORD to attend your way, then you must ask yourself: What have I done for JESUS CHRIST?

Paid your bills? ....Commendable, but millions of pagans and Buddhists and Moslems and Hindus pay their bills.... but they won't get into Heaven.
Didn't ever drink, smoke, or do drugs? ... lots of people haven't done these things. But that's not a ticket into Heaven either.
Fed, clothed, and raised your children to be decent, law-abiding, productive citizens? .....Now this is simply your un-abdicatable duty; you will be dreadfully accountable if you don't do this. Again, the above millions of peoples do this very same thing... yet they do not follow the Living Savior, Our LORD JESUS CHRIST,... so Heaven will be closed to them also.

Kept the 10 Commandments? (i.e., no stealing, no killing, no "cussin' using The LORD'S name, no adultery, doing ONLY Holy things on the sabbath, have not coveted after [lusted after] anything or person I've seen, etc.)... Aha, you say, I've kept all these things from my youth up because my parents made us live holy and righteous lives... but, that's not enough to get you into Heaven. If it was, the Bible could have stopped at Exodus.
Like JESUS Himself+ said, those commandments are right things to do and indeed, are simply the basic requirements of all.. Nothing beyond basic duty here... although you will reap better fruits if you do these right things than if you do not!
BUT, it still won't get you into Heaven.
Because you haven't been cleansed from your past sins...
and your present tendency
to hide your sinful nature from GOD.

However, HE+ sees you as you REALLY are.
HE+ loves you...
but an uncleansed sinner simply doesn't enter Heaven.

HE+ will not change the rules for anyone,
including me or you.

If you don't believe this now,
REALITY awaits you
when you open your eyes
in death.

So, what must I do to be saved from the punishment
certainly ordained for each person who dies in their sins?

says you MUST (no option here) ... yes, MUST be born again in order to see Heaven. You must be born from above, through water and by the HOLY SPIRIT.
here is the scary part...
you can't control the HOLY SPIRIT...
HE+ does!

HE+ Who+ loves you MOST, knows you BEST.
You cannot hide anything in the secret place of your heart;
HE+ sees you in there.

So HE+ waits.
HE+ waits for you to come clean
and confess your sins...
all of them...
to HIM+.

If you confess and turn away from your sins
HE+ will know it!
[ HE+ will also know it if you
don't want to live only for HIM+ .]

HE+ will bring you that new birth from above [through water and the HOLY SPIRIT] and make you into a brand new creature...that new creature in CHRIST that The Word talks about. And you will be clean and have help to STAY clean until it is your time to leave this world for the Heavenly realm.

So, if you want the reality of blessings, then do it HIS+ WAY... repent, be cleansed, and come and follow JESUS... in spirit and in truth.
Then... and only then... you will be able to DO SOMETHING FOR JESUS... something that is acceptable unto a Holy LORD and not a pitiful humanistic endeavor.
Then --- and only then---
send forth His+ blessings
for this year and all the years to come.

Believe me, you'll get nothing from participating in a superstitious chain letter ...except another sin to be accountable for on the day of judgment.

JESUS said,
"I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life;
no one
comes to the FATHER
except through ME+."
HE+ meant it.
This was written in response to a superstitious chain letter sent to me. It had a portion of the LORD'S PRAYER on it. It said to say it and then immediately send the chain letter to 20 people to receive [health, wealth, etc.] for an entire year... with no problems!
At the bottom, we were informed it was a Roman Catholic novena. Upon research, I discovered its content originated in 1952 out of Mother Teresa [see "novena Wikipedia"]. But, Mother Teresa refused to give the poor dying ones the simple GOSPEL message that JESUS saves repentant sinners.
I'd stick to the Word!
Sister Judith Hannah + + +

Thursday, July 2, 2009


~ OR ~

Is ANY nation "under GOD" ?


One nation under GOD+ does NOT exist...


as we have been led to believe.


The LORD JESUS CHRIST said plainly,


"My+ Kingdom is not of THIS world."




So, who do we believe?


The deceiver and destroyer of mankind...


The AUTHOR+ and FINISHER+ of our faith ?

There is a Kingdom of GOD+ that exists "out of every kindred, tongue, people and nation." There is a nation that is truly ONE and INDIVISIBLE. The other one is a fake, a phony, a supplant trying to get the people of GOD+, the called-out ones, to follow it.


But, JESUS said,


"Follow ME+ ."


There is a nation where there is liberty and justice for all ... but we do NOT fight for that liberty and justice with any carnal weapons.

For, the weapons of that peculiar nation's warfare are NOT CARNAL BUT MIGHTY through GOD+, to the pulling down of strongholds, casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of GOD+.



YES... there is a nation which is ONE NATION UNDER GOD+, INDIVISIBLE, with LIBERTY and JUSTICE FOR ALL.






<(((>< <(((>< <(((><


JESUS said, "Render therefore


unto Caeser


the things that are Caeser's ;


and unto GOD,


the things that are GOD'S.


+ + +