Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Whom Shall I FEAR ?

... FEAR HIM+ !!!

Hear the Word of the LORD from Proverbs 19:9...

A false witness will not go unpunished,

and he who speaks lies shall perish.

A false witness is one who KNOWS better... but deliberately speaks bad things that are NOT TRUE. A false witness defames the character of someone and slanders or slays his victim with his tongue.

Everybody knows what happens to those who tell lies against neighbors, family, and friends. Estrangement occurs. A wall goes up. Hurt lies in the heart of the one being slandered so viciously.

For Christians, this happens regularly. Family members who have received a witness come under conviction by the HOLY SPIRIT. If they repent, we have won some to CHRIST. But if they don't, the phone lines and emails will be hot with false witnessing against the Christian's character.

Yes, we know how to pray: to forgive, to bind, to bless. Oftentimes, that makes the flaming tongues of hostility hotter. The LORD tells us to count it all joy because not only is it a battle for someone's soul... is it our proving ground, our testing. It is in the FIRE that our souls are weaned from ease and exercised in GODLINESS. That is when GROWTH occurs, for the faithful. And, that growth is TOWARDS THE LORD.

Yes, there will be judgment from GOD for those who provide a false witness against their fellow man, whether the false witness be in the courtroom, in the workplace, or in the family circle.

But, let's look at that Proverb once again, in a new light.

A false witness will not go unpunished,

and he who speaks lies shall perish.

Christians, take heed to your tongue.

Take heed about speaking half-truths about ME+ to others to make others "feel good" about you ... and about ME+.

I am not running a popularity contest. I do not change my Word in order to have people "come to JESUS" the soft way. Do not give the Salvation message backwards: You don't "receive ME+ "... I RECEIVE YOU...

if you are found acceptable to ME+ by your repentance,

if you are humble in your own eyes,

if you are sorrowful over your sins....

if you seal your vow to ME+ under the waters of baptism.

Remember: a false witness will NOT go unpunished, So, be mindful to represent the TRUE CHARACTER of GOD and not some fantasy about Who HE is and Who His SON+ is that is not based in Scripture but in man's confused image.

Remember: he who speaks lies shall perish. so be certain to speak of My+ judgment and My+ INtolerance of ALL sinful ways, as well as My+ love and forgiveness.

+ + +
And fear not them
which kill the body,
but are not able
to kill the soul.
But rather fear HIM+
which is able to destroy
both soul and body,
(the Lake of Fire).
Mt. 10:28

Yes, JESUS does love every soul, no matter how deep the sin. But, HE+ will deal with those who choose to love their darkness more than Light.

Do not fail to include this in your Gospel Message of Salvation. Do not be a false witness for CHRIST.

+ + +

In the name of The FATHER, Who created us,

The SON+, Who+ saves us,

and The Blessed HOLY SPIRIT

Who sanctifies us into a meet vessel,

worthy of HIS+ use.


Sister Judith Hannah+ + +

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