Monday, February 24, 2014

As a Thief in the Night, the Day of The LORD .... COMETH !

Photo by Juan Carlos Casado ,
published in the Daily Mail, 
taken in  Tasiusaq Farm in Greenland,
at 21:24 EST
on Year of Our LORD,
speaks to mankind in a variety of ways: 
he who has a heart to hear, let him hear ! 

.... HE+ is clear when HE+ judges 
and justified 
when HE+ speaks.

+  +  + 

And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of GOD, and have the testimony of JESUS CHRIST+ 

Photo by Juan Carlos Casado ,
published in the Daily Mail, 
taken in or near ?
Tasiusaq Farm in Greenland,
at 21:24 EST
on Year of Our LORD,

+   +   +

Who shall not fear THEE+, O LORD ...

for the great day of HIS+ Wrath shall come; 
and who shall be able to stand ? 

Who shall not fear THEE+ , O LORD, 
and glorify Thy+ Name ? 

For THOU+ only are HOLY
and all nations shall come 
and worship before THEE+... 

are made manifest ! 

Photo by Juan Carlos Casado ,
published in the Daily Mail, 
taken in  Tasiusaq Farm in Greenland,
at 21:24 EST
on Year of Our LORD,

+   +   +

Fear GOD, and give glory to HIM; 
for the hour of HIS judgment is come: 
and worship HIM that made Heaven, 
and earth, and the sea, 
and the fountains of waters. 

Photo by Juan Carlos Casado ,
published in the Daily Mail, 
taken on QUALERALIT GLACIER, Greenland,
at 21:24 EST
on Year of Our LORD,
+  +  +

But the 
Day of The LORD 
will come 
as a thief in the night;
in the which the Heavens 
shall pass away 
with a great noise, 

and the elements shall melt 
with fervent heat,
the earth also 
and the works that are therein 

shall be burned up. 

Photo by Juan Carlos Casado , 
published in the Daily Mail, 
taken on QUALERALIT Glacier, Greenland,
at 21:24 EST
on Year of Our LORD, 
The Milky Way in splendor and glory !

+  +  +

Now unto HIM+ 
Who+ is able to keep you from falling, 
and to present you faultless 
before the Presence of His+ glory 
with exceeding joy,  
to the only wise GOD our SAVIOR+, 
be glory and majesty, 
dominion and power, 
both now and ever. 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Hide Not THY+ Face...

Photo by


Year of Our LORD, 2007

Hide not Thy+ Face
far from me; 

Put not Thy+ servant away in anger. 

THOU+ hast been my help; 
leave me not, neither forsake me, 
O GOD of my salvation. 
Psalm 27:9

When do you "see" GOD ?  When do you "look upon" HIS+ Face ?  Is not this the desire of your heart ?
For you know this, if you could only see HIM+ face to face, all would be well. Your hurts would cease in His+ Presence, your fears be gone, your body healed, and the empty places in your heart filled. 

When THOU+ saidst, 
my heart said unto THEE+, 
"Thy+ Face, LORD, will I seek." 

You are enabled to SEE HIM+ by the HOLY SPIRIT, the Paraclete, The Divine SPIRIT of GOD Who comes alongside of you to help.  

When does this happen?

This happens when your heart lines up with His+ Will.

What is HIS+ Will for your life?  

      His+ will for your life is simply this:
Do not hide your face from HIS+.

When you are angry, go to HIM+... do not carry that burden yourself. Bring your intense concerns and upsetnesses to HIM+. 

HE+ sees them coming, before you do.

But, something CHANGES when you do not hide your angry face from HIM+.  

This is what changes:  You put yourself under HIS+ Divine Covering, His+ Divine Protection from your own angry flesh... and from satan using your anger to beget sin.  

Be angry, but sin not, Scripture teaches.

That sin, even if it does not immediately hurt others, will be an open door that satan will use to hurt... YOU!   

The evil one will send oppression, torment, unhappiness, agitation, and fear in to hurt YOU, through that door you have left open to him. The evil one does not know everything... but he knows what will hurt you and REST ASSURED, he will send it your way through every open door you give him. 

When you bring your anger to HIM+, HE+ will hear you out. HE+ will tell you to sit still for awhile with HIM+. Then HE+ will lead you through that awful valley of anger, until you can see: 
1. the hurt that made you angry 
2. the pride that made you angry 
( when pride is stepped upon)

At that point, you must put it ALL on His+ altar, of His+ Will, to do with it all as HE+ sees fitting. 

When you surrender and completely yield to HIS+ Will, you will SEE HIS+ FACE shining towards you!

This is "seen" by the eyes of your heart .... usually !

Therefore, to live a peaceful, secure, and happy life: 

Hide not your face from HIM+ Who+ loves you best...
even when turmoils
beset your heart.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

The UN-Changing CAPTAIN+ of HOSTS... CAPTAIN+ of the Armies of HEAVEN... CHIEF RULER+ of the Kings of the Earth...

Order of the GOOD SHEPHERD+
Year of Our LORD, 

The LORD+ does not change.

There is NO 
variation or shadow of turning 
in HIM+.
There are still the 7000 that have not bowed the knee to baal or kissed his image. 

There are the 7000 left who will and do wield the Sword of the HOLY SPIRIT. 

As it says in Daniel, “Those who know their GOD shall be strong and  do courageous acts." 

JESUS said, "The works that I do my servant shall also do”(John 14:12-14). 

This can only happen among the “Called Out,” faith-filled ones. 

The final battle is approaching. 

Let us draw near to GOD. HE+ promises that when we do that HE+ will draw near to us. 

Live in prayer. 
Lift up your hearts. 

Keep your armor on! 

In JESUS, our Life.
Year of Our LORD,

~ ~ ~ Brother Brendon Patrick  + + +