Thursday, February 19, 2015

The SIGN of the Cross ... Being Carried !

The PASCHA Preparation Season  
~ ~ ~ Commonly called Lenten Season ~ ~ ~

The SIGN of the CROSS... being carried !


+  +  +

We have completed the season when most followers of Y'SHU+ the M'SHIKHA have forsaken their normal routines  and stopped --- at one point or another --- to remember His+ Incarnation, around the time of the Roman taxation of the Jews living under the rule of Rome in Israel  ... most likely after the time of the in-gathering of the fall harvest.

Whatever we choose to call it --- "Christmas" or "Advent" or The Incarnation+ Season --- , we simply remember the approximate time of His+ coming to earth, being born as a babe in a humble setting, and donning the human robe of flesh to become the SECOND ADAM+.

It pleased Our FATHER Who art in Heaven to deliver mankind from sin, death, the satan, Sheol, and the grave through Y'SHU+ the M'SHIKHA. 

Thus, HE+ became Incarnate as the SECOND ADAM+ to suffer human death ... but this human death was unlike any other: HE+ rose triumphant, bodily. 

Death had NO dominion over HIM+. Furthermore, neither did the satan because the wicked one could find NO UNRIGHTEOUSNESS in HIM+. Death, then , could not holdHIM+.

In addition to that wondrous fact, The Risen LORD was pleased to bring all the Righteous Dead out of Sheol withHIM+, taking captivity itself captive and moving it 

up... up... up ... 

out of the heart of the earth and into the Paradise of GOD (ALAHA ), which is in Heaven ... that Heaven in which no un-righteousness dwells.

According to Scripture, however , Our Incarnate LORD didsomething else for us when HE+ submitted to the Crucifixion ... something that some followers of Y'SHU+have missed !

became the LAW INCARNATE+ 

... as precisely as HE+ had become The WORD+ Made Flesh, The Living MILTHA+ of ALAHA , as the Aramaic / Syriac states.

For, what IS the WORD+  .....

 but the LAW INCARNATE+ ? 

That WORD+ is the LIVING Word+ which became flesh and dwelt among man, full of Grace and Truth.

+  +  +

Yes, the LAW is dead. It does not give us LIFE, nor does The LAW of Moses helps us to obey it.

But wait... it still retains something precious for us. 

It retains GOD'S standard 

Even though Our LORD fulfilled the LAW, HE+ did not change the standard of what GOD considers RIGHT and what GOD considers WRONG !

No, indeed, Our LORD JESUS CHRIST established the LAW.  

So, where did HE+ establish  it ? 

HE+ established the LAW in our hearts !

Let us pray: 

Forgive me LORD, for setting aside Thy+ Holy Word... The Word that was given to me for my perfection, for my understanding of RIGHT vs WRONG. 

Help me to understand where I sin against Thy+ Holiness. Help me to understand Thy+ Ways. 

I humble myself before Thy+ Holy Word, knowing I have fallen short of keeping it hallowed within my heart, that I might not transgress against THEE+. 

Show me Thy+ Standard as I read Thy+ LAW... and Thy+ Standard is JESUS. 

Through Whose+ Holy Name I pray... 



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