Tuesday, November 29, 2011


For now we see through a glass, darkly;
but then face to face:
Now I know in part,
but then shall I know
even as also I am known.
1 Cor. 13:12

Any Christian witness is going to bring opposition. But what should a Sister do when Husband opposes the head-covering? What should she do when  Husband does NOT want her to wear it ?

Scripture , as always, has the anointed answer. Let us consider the context of the Head-Covering, 1 Corinthians, chapter 11.

Verse 3 BEGINS the reasoning for a Sister to wear a veiling:

"But I would have you know,
that the HEAD+ of every man is CHRIST;
and the head of the woman is the man;
and the HEAD of CHRIST is GOD. "

Thus, the Apostle establishes the authority-line, the Headship, that is to be found amongst Christian churches....  and Christian HOMES. 

Husbands dislike the head-covering for a variety of reasons. One major reason is embarrassment: they don't want to be married to a "dowdy"- looking wife. They want "their" wife to look fetching and lovely !

Sisters, can you honestly blame them?
Do you want Husband to dress
in any way
to embarrass YOU ?     

Each of us has different "standards" in our mind's eye as to what is "okay" and what is "embarrassing."  When we go to church, go out to eat or shopping,  go to visit "our" side of the family, or when we are on a public job.... IT MATTERS  how Husband looks when we are together ! 

Chances are that you not only want his fingernails without car grease, but you also want him  not to appear as a  homeless street-man [ in his most comfy old plaid flannel shirt , moccasins, and rubbed raw cordoroys].... even if he is sparkling clean!  Some Sisters cannot stand to have the public see Husband's knobby knees underneath those bermuda shorts, either... it simply robs Sister of dignity!

Likewise, MOST husbands want their wives to REFLECT THEM and THEIR VALUES. 

Now, a head-covering can look dignified. It also can look lacey and feminine. However, it can be quite UN-dignified,  looking like canning-day or garden-work attire. Sometimes, a red or blue man's work handerchief is worn.... and dignity flees !   

Furthermore, a well-designed "early Christian" head-covering can resemble a Roman Catholic nun's covering. It may resemble an Anabaptist's cap or shorter veiling. The Charity veiling comes in all lengths. Most are either dark or light. Some are see-through.

Some veilings sit back on the head as a "symbol" of a head-covering ( ? ) and some hug the circle of the face, showing NO HAIR at all.

BUT, if Husband is embarrassed to have "his wife"  seen in public with ANY of those head-coverings on, then the Sister better find out WHY.... with a firm assurance to Husband that she will not go against his standard. 

If Husband wants his wife to CHANGE the style , then she should do so

But, if Husband is uncomfortable with ANY head-covering, then forsake it ... for his sake and to keep the Authority / Headship line in tact in the home...  as per Verse 3 ! 

Likely, a Sister in that predictament will be able to wear it IN HER PRAYER CLOSET where no-one else is present. She may be able to wear it IN THE HOUSE when no-one is home.... but she should walk in integrity towards Husband and remove it before answering the door or doing garden work if she lives in a suburb.

Even worse, if Husband wants his wife to look pretty when he arrives home from work.... she should do so. Fix the hair becomingly yet modest. Remove the chore clothes or garden clothing and don something appropriate --- home clothes that are fetching. If Husband likes earrings, put them on for at least his entrance and suppertime at the table.

IT IS NO SIN to look pretty for Husband.

Indeed,  it is a way to say, "You are important to me... so important that I will STOP my day and LOOK WELCOMING just for  you . "

So, even if YOU, dear Sister, are convinced that you need to wear a covering .... but Husband opposes it.... lovingly follow his headship in this matter.

For, that is what the COVERING means, in truth: that you are under Husband's headship!

The LORD knows your heart of obedience towards HIM+ .... but let it begin at home, with your Husband.

Truly ,
it will be accounted
as your obedience
towards HIM+.


In the name of The FATHER,
WHO created us;
Who+ saves us;
And their Blessed HOLY SPIRIT,
Who sanctifies our obedience
unto The Living Word+.

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