Friday, January 20, 2017


... sown by the satan, 
are notoriously found

The good seed is sown by The LORD JESUS CHRIST.   This sowing takes place in the field of the world. 

The Good Seeds are the sons of the Kingdom, but the tares are the sons of the wicked. 

Our LORD allows the tares to grow right alongside of the good seeds... 
WHEN we cull the tares, 
we also UPROOT the good seeds.

ALL of the harvest would be lost then, lost long before it can even begin to bear fruit or develop to maturity.

Thus, we Followers of JESUS

 are appointed 

to grow along with the tares, according to the Word of Our LORD JESUS. 

We must be willing to develop Precious Fruit, regardless of the situations  in which we find ourselves placed by The Hand of The LORD. 

Uncomfortable, despicable, stressful, and wretched situations that are not in our power to change   may indeed be our lot.

They are only in His+ Power to change.  Some HE+ changes; some HE+ does not.  

In either case, WE are appointed TO CHANGE. We are required to CONTINUE TO HOLD onto the TRUE VINE+ so that we can grow. (John 15 )

Nothing in this dead and dying, un-redeemed world is going to become "better" ;  it is only going to grow worse ... until HE+ directs the wicked ones into the Valley of JEHOSHAPHAT  for their final threshing. 
 ( See Joel 3 and Jeremiah 51, especially verse 33.)

There HE+ will thresh them properly and they will not emerge alive.  


O Heavenly FATHER, 

I lay down on Thy Altar my desire to escape from the hard times approaching, as the satan tries to wipe out Thy Witness+ upon this earth. 

Help me to WATCH and PRAY, instead, and to be ready to speak Thy+ Word in season and out.   

Help me to embrace growth even when surrounded by thorns and stinging nettles. 

I thank THEE+, O LORD, for Thy Strength in time of need. Let me not shy away from the battle which lies ahead.
Let Thy Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. 

This for the love I bear unto my LORD and SAVIOR+, JESUS CHRIST.  Amen. 

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