Thursday, December 20, 2012

Advent Meditation #19

This is My+ Body,
Which is given for you...

For HE looked upon the low estate [ humiliation ] of HIS maidservant  for behold from now on all generations shall declare me blessed.
Luke 1:48 ( Gk.) 

 Indeed, all generations shall declare us blessed also, who receive humiliation now when we obey JESUS CHRIST. 

Humiliation is the portion we should expect to receive on earth, before being glorified.

If Our KING+ was rejected, why should we expect any different treatment from the enemies of our LORD and SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST ? 


O LORD our GOD, KING+ of kings and LORD+ of lords, I bless Thy+ Holy Name... The WORD+ of GOD made flesh.

O Great KING+ Who+ didst don a robe of common flesh to dwell amongst your subjects, look upon my lowliness with compassion and mercy.

My heart, O Sovereign KING+, is needful and pitiful... yet with a hard pride do I cover myself before the eyes of man. I also know my pride is at the root of my anger; I cannot please THEE+ with pride in my heart.   

Help me to exchange this covering of pride and replace it with a quiet ... and deep .... humility.

LORD JESUS, I want nothing to come between me and THEE+... especially this proud bearing.  

I do choose to follow THEE+, my MASTER+ and KING+, Who+ received rejection and humiliation at the hands of high and low, polished and base, Jew and Gentile, strangers and even family. 

I thank THEE+, O blessed REDEEMER, for loosening the grip of pride from my heart, the foundation of my anger. 

I thank THEE+ for Thy+ magnificence... which will be extended unto me ... yes, even to me... if I steadfastly embrace the Cross of my humiliation here on earth. 

My soul doth magnify The LORD and my spirit doth rejoice in CHRIST my SAVIOR ! For HE+ that is mighty hath done great things, and Holy is HIS+ Name ! 

Blessed be GOD: FATHER, SON+ , and HOLY SPIRIT. And , blessed be HIS Kingdom, both now and forever. Amen. 

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