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What is in a WORD?
The LOGOS+ of GOD.

The LOGOS+ of GOD, we shall see, is sent by The GOD Who is all-encompassing. The LOGOS+  is an all-encircling GOD Who+ encircles all of mankind... man's time, place, and situation.

HE+ is the LOGOS+, the all-encircling GOD, Who+ knows the end from the beginning.  Let us take time to meet HIM+ during this Advent Season. 

[ NOTE:  We use blue during Advent, which is the liturgical color connected with the Birth of Our LORD JESUS CHRIST... not red and green. ]

~ ~ ~ The All-Encompassing GOD ~ ~ ~

12.2.2012 to 12.24.2012
Luke 1:26-55
Meditation 1

26 And in the sixth month the angel Gabriel was sent from GOD unto a city of Galilee, named Nazareth,

Precision!  Exactness!  Accuracy! 

Precisely at the time appointed, GOD sent out a special Angelic warrior, Gabriel [ Hebrew for "valiant, strong man, strong warrier of GOD ]. 

This divine, Angelic Warrior was the Same Strong Angel who visited Daniel in Babylon, to make him know prophetic things of the end time ( Daniel, chapters 8 and 9).

Gabriel was sent to Galilee... a most interesting name. The Hebrew root is G-L-L, which means to roll, especially to roll large stones. ( Ernest Klein, pg. 101) .

Galilee itself means " a Circle of Goyim" or of "nations." 

At the Appointed Time, in the Appointed Place, set within precise details, Prophetic events occur very precisely... exactly as ordained by the Hand of The LORD. 

Nothing occurs as happenstance or in a slip-shod manner when The LORD deals with mankind:  all events are planned precisely to bring about the fulfillment of GOD'S plan for planet earth and mankind. 

HE encircles all of mankind out of every kindred, tongue, people, and nation ... in time, in place, and in situation ... as HE brings forth HIS Appointed MESSIAH+ to break into the society of man. 

HE begins by rolling the stone away , the ROOT of the meaning of  Galilee.  That is why the beginning of the MESSIAH'S entrance into humanity occured in Galilee of the Nations... 


O LORD, Who+ plans the end from the beginning, I know Thy+ plans are best. Into Thy+ Hands I now place my heart. All control over my future, my security, I yield now into Thy+ Hands... because I want to be part of Thy+ Kingdom. 

Make me as Thy+ Servants, the Angels who are intent to do Thy+ will ... turning neither to the left hand nor to the right... until Thy+ Will be done. 

I thank THEE+, O HOLY ONE+ of Israel, for establishing Thy+ Great Plan, which no man nor Angel can thwart. 

What a Mighty GOD we serve!

+  +  + 

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