Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Thanksgiving LIFE

Sing praise to The LORD,
you saints of HIS+,
at the remembrance
of HIS+ Holy Name.
Psalm 30:4

She cleans her house and cooks the meals, like most normal housewives and mothers do.  She shops for food and visits relatives, like most normal women do.  She sees to the doctor appointments for both husband and son, and sometimes, for her parents,  like most normal women do.

Maybe not like most women, she has a large, lovely, modernly-equipped brick house, fully carpeted and spacious, not furnished from the local Thrift Stores. 

In addition, this house is quite unique because she drew the floor plans herself for the family's needs and convenience,  herself being quite gifted with artistic skills.

Maybe not like most women, she has no money worries. Her husband has a managerial job so they bought their lot and the land next to it when they built their house.

Does she have a lot to be thankful for ? "Yes, I have a lot to be thankful for, " she will tell you, serenely, with a smile in her voice.

However, there is nobody who would exchange places with her.

Why ?

Almost 19 years ago, her infant son was born to the delight of his parents. He was normal for 3 months... until the vaccination program commenced. 

Seizures started... which have never stopped... damaging his brain cells irretrievably.  Doctors and hospitals, diets and activities, medicines and research programs have been her daily dose in "life" ... for 19 years.  

Seizures in the daytime, seizures at night. Emergency trips to the hospital, 60 miles away, frequently. This includes the times when the hospital dismissed her son... only to have to return back to the hospital as soon as they arrived at home!

One hopeful medicine after another, she has administered to her dearest son, after multitudinous testing by the medical profession. She hopefully watches his progress... when there is some.... momentarily... and comforts him when there is none. She is there when he is in pain.

Yes, he ... like we all are...
is in the process of dying. 

Yet , he is ALIVE !

He is ALIVE because she has brought herself to The LORD, believing on HIM+ that HE+ is totally merciful and totally good to her  and... is bringing about the best thing for their lives ! 

"My son will have a new body, either here or in Heaven, " she says, serenely, " some day.

"I tell him, 'Son, there is coming a day when you will not  hurt again and get shots and when you won't have to go to hospitals and see doctors. JESUS has that planned for you. Won't that be good ?' "

She believes that herself and therefore, she is not saddened overly-much, although she is carrying the burden of her son's happiness and health right now.

"I am so blessed to be chosen of GOD to do this. I know HE+ has called me to this work, even for this one child, my own, to prepare him for Heaven and to see JESUS, "  she says. " So, that is what I am doing with my time."

This mother KNOWS what she is supposed to be doing with her limited time with son:  she is preparing him for a future , a certain future. 

She is not preparing him for college or a career or to find the right marriage partner. She is preparing her beloved son for Heaven, leading him to love the LORD JESUS with all of his heart... because she loves HIM+ first.

And, this son does. He gives away his treasured toy trucks to others. He draws pictures for others. He loves to go to church and help "dust" the pews when his mother goes to clean. He talks to others about JESUS. He lays Scriptures to heart.

And when that time comes, when her son is received up into the Heavenlies and Mother goes to meet him there, there will be a sound and whole son, with out-stretched arms to greet his wonderful, faith-filled mother, saying , " Mother ! You loved me the best way that any mother could; you  led me to JESUS!  You were right: I am happy and I do not hurt anymore. I love you, Mother. Thank you for bringing me to CHRIST. "
"Yes," she says serenely, with a smile full of faith and hope, " I have a lot to be thankful for. " 

This dear sister has trained herself to trust The LORD JESUS CHRIST, in every situation of life.

She never doubts. She never doubts His+ Word or His+ promises.  She never doubts His+ care of her son, her husband, or herself.  She never doubts His+ plans or His+ will. And she never, ever doubts His+ love.

HE+ is WHOM+ HE+ says HE+ is.
 HE+ will do what HE+ says HE+ will do. 
His+ plan for their lives is rooted in love for His+ beloved followers. 

Thus, with no fear,
she simply follows
HIM+ WHO+ loves her best...
with a thankful heart
every day.


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