Monday, November 5, 2012


Question:   Who are you going to vote for, Christian ?

A:   The BEST Man.

Q:  Who is that ?

A:  HE+'S  not  running.

[ i.e.........   HE+ will be in control AT THE APPOINTED TIME,  with no "election" needed in ANY country ... after the last, great persecution of the Christian Church on planet earth. ]  


Elder Milton said...

Thank you, brother, for the correct perspective on the election.
Elder Milton

Samson7able+ said...

Dear Sister Judith,
This is a very GOOD comment on the smoke and mirrors of the "election". May or Mighty Lord+ come soon from Heaven to Reign in Power and Glory, and destroy the gross darkness the covers the eartn. In Christ Jesus.
Samson7able + <(((><