Monday, April 9, 2012


wilt not leave
My+ Soul
in Sheol;
neither wilt THOU allow
to see corruption. 
Psalm 16:10 

Sheol, remember, is ... or rather WAS... divided into two parts, a bad part and a good part. It was the abode of the dead... both the righteous dead and the UN-righteous dead.

They were separated by a great gulf over which none of the dead  could pass over  to the other side, according to Scripture in Mark 16.  Unfortunately, both parts are rendered in the KJV as "hell."

The gates of Sheol were opened by the Victor KING+ during those 3 days and 3 nights HE+ spent preaching to the dead.

Remember: The FATHER gave Our LORD JESUS a commandment that HE+ could lay down His+ life and that HE+ could pick it up again !

So, yes indeed, Our LORD JESUS' body did NOT SEE CORRUPTION in the grave! HE+ left His+ tired body in the grave while HE+ went in spirit to preach to the spirits in prison... that prison being Sheol in the heart of the earth.

Even though the good part of Sheol was pleasant ( see Mark 16 ), the spirits of the righteous dead COULD NOT LEAVE the realm of the dead... until The Victor King+, JESUS the CHRIST, descended into Sheol to set them free !

Where did they go when they were released out of prison  by Our LORD JESUS ?
(more to come...)
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