Saturday, December 15, 2012

Advent Meditations 2012 #14

The SPIRIT and the BRIDE ( of CHRIST) say: COME!

And why is this granted to me, that the mother of my LORD+ should come to me?
Luke 1:43

Recognition! Elisabeth recongnized who Mariam was... because... she recognized Who+ her LORD+ was!

Due to her immediated filling of the HOLY SPIRIT, Elisabeth had a Word of Knowledge--- she comprehended without figuring it out -- two exciting , prophetic events before any human mouth spoke them to her.

Elisabeth knew via the HOLY SPIRIT that: 
  • The MESSIAH+ for the human race was being robed in flesh and about to burst upon the human scene,

  • The Hebrew virgin Mariam, her young kinswoman, was selected by GOD for the practical necessities of bringing The MESSIAH+ into the human race

O Ruler of the universe, great deeds are they which THOU hast done, surpassing human understanding. O THOU WHO intervenes in the affairs of men, bring about Thy Holy Will on earth, as it is in Heaven... and bring in about in me.

O, make me a fit vessel for Thy+ purpose, O LORD. As we see the armies surrounding Jerusalem for "other" purposes supposedly, help me to look up and be found watching, for our REDEMPTION+ draweth nigh.
(Luke 21:20-28) 

That REDEMPTION+... our LORD JESUS CHRIST+... the only name given under Heaven among men whereby we can be saved. 

The SPIRIT and the BRIDE ( of CHRIST) say: COME!  Let him who heareth say, COME! Let all who are athirst say, COME!  And whosoever will, let him take the water of Life freely.


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