Monday, April 25, 2016

30 DAYS ... and Counting ... Through the Glorious RESURRECTION SEASON ...

Today is DAY 30 of the  "40 days and nights"  Our Risen LORD JESUS CHRIST spent with His+ Disciples, coming and going among them, teaching them those things concerning the Kingdom of GOD, opening unto them the Scriptures concerning HIMSELF+. 

Can we just IMAGINE how filled with JOY and HOPE His+ followers were... those same ones who had heard HIM+ teach, who had walked with HIM+ daily, and who saw HIM+ die ?  
Forty Days and Nights are a LONG TIME  for our Resurrected LORD JESUS to spend here on earth, appearing at will behind closed and locked doors,   disappearing at will , and even eating...  to the awe of His+ Disciples. 
We have only come to Day 30 yet from the Glorious Resurrection Day,  counting down to ASCENSION DAY.    Here is a laud with which to worship Our Risen LORD: 

A  SONG to The LAMB+

(Revelation 4:11, 5: 9-10, 13 )


Splendor and honor 

and kingly power

are YOURS by Right, 



For You created 

everything that is,

and by Your will 

they were created

and have their being;  


And Yours by right, 

O LAMB+ that was slain, 

for with Your Blood 

You have redeemed for GOD ,

from every family, languages, people, and nation,

a Kingdom of Priests 

to serve our GOD.


 And so,   

to HIM 

Who sits upon the Throne

and to CHRIST the LAMB+,

be worship and praise,

dominion and splendor, 

for ever and for evermore. 

(BCP , Morning Prayer II, pg 93-94)   

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