Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pascha Meditation

Lenten Meditations from the Order of the GOOD SHEPHERD+ morning prayer station at the 9 O'clock hour... the hour of the morning sacrifice in the Temple.

Thank you, O HOLY fATHER, that Your Beloved SON+ , as the perfect SON+ of GOD, revealed Your power... saying I AM... causing the armed band of men to fall to the ground backwards.
Yet, HE+ did not use this great power for HIMSELF+, revealing HIMSELF+ to be the obedient and perfect SON of Man... still loving HIS+ disciples to the uttermost, HE+ requested the armed men to "Let them go" ... and thus, HIS+ frightened disciples could flee away.
Our Gracious and Merciful LORD carried it all on HIS+ back. In the midst of the garden terror, HE+ showed HIS+ great power ... what HE+ had the power and authority to do... if HE+ had so wanted. But instead, HE+ agreed with HIS+ FATHER upon the plan to rescue man from the grip of satan. Nothing could veer HIM+ from this plan... not even HIS+ own well-being. Like a good parent, HE+ protected HIS+ spiritually sleeping, helpless, disloyal, and ineffectual disciples with HIS+ authority even in the midst of HIS+ own anguish.
Are we like HIM+ ? Are we growing into HIS+ image and likeness as we work for the Kingdom? May Our Dear LORD JESUS help us to mature as HIS+ disciples matured, that HE+ died not in vain.
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