Sunday, March 11, 2012

Passover Meditation #19 for the Lenten Season 2012

~  ~  ~ The Door of The Cross ~  ~  ~

there are some
of you
that believe not."
For JESUS knew
from the beginning
they were that believed not,
and who
should betray HIM+.
John 6:64

But even though HE+ knows, HE+ gives all a chance ... even Judas, whom HE+ brought into His+ very midst to see the signs, wonders, works, and great love HE+ had for mankind.

Judas saw HIM+, talked with HIM+, walked with HIM+, and received His+ love and His+ teachings, the same as the other disciples.

Judas knew something also: Judas knew JESUS was LORD and fulfilled the Old Testament prophecies. There was no doubt whatsoever in the mind of Judas about JESUS being the CHRIST, the long-awaited Messiah, the Deliverer.

However, knowing, alas, is not conversion.   

The LORD JESUS knows.

HE+ knows who is following His+ Words. HE+ knows who has His+ SPIRIT. HE+ knows "when virtue goes out of HIM+" as we touch even the hem of His+ Garment, that we be made whole.

The LORD JESUS knows.

HE+ knows who has His+ Life operating inside them. HE+ knows who loves HIM+ more than Self. HE+ knows who is serving Self... no matter how "holy" Self is looking... and who is serving HIM+, no matter how hidden away. 

The LORD JESUS knows.

HE+ knows when we push HIM+ away from controlling us.

HE+ knows who is saying, "LORD, LORD," but who won't lift a finger to follow HIM+, to open His+ Word, to wrestle against Self and Self's headstrong spirit.

HE+ knows who is betraying HIM+ to the Invisible Watchers.

The Invisible Watchers know something too. They know exactly who betrays HIM+... the moment it occurs and where it happens. After a point, they depart... and other beings come in. Then, who is in control of that headstrong person?

The LORD JESUS knows the end from the beginning because HE+ is the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last.

Yet, His+ Part is finished, as HE+ said from the Cross.

"Behold, I+ make all things new, " HE+ said.

And HE+ will, too... starting now... with you... today.  

O LORD JESUS, I turn over my stubborn Self unto THEE+. Take it, LORD, and re-form me into Thy+ likeness and image... for real, this time. Amen.

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