Thursday, March 15, 2012

Passover Meditation #23 for the Lenten Season 2012

~  ~  ~ The Door of the Cross ~ ~ ~

Peter said:
And we,
we have believed
and have known that YOU+ are The CHRIST The SON+ of The Living GOD.
John 6:69 Green's Greek Interlinear

And Martha said:
Yea, LORD: I, I believe that
YOU+ are the CHRIST
The SON+ of GOD
which should come
into the world.
John 11:27 Green's Greek Interlinear

And JESUS said:
Truly, truly
I+ say to you,
the one
who hears MY+ Word
and believing
the ONE having sent ME+,
has Everlasting LIFE,
and does
not come into judgment,
but has
passed out of death

into LIFE.
John 5:24 Green's Greek Interlinear

We believe The FATHER has sent HIS SON+, JESUS the CHRIST, into the world to give LIFE unto "whosoever will come" to HIM+.
We come on His+ terms with a Godly sorrow that:
  • leads unto  repentance 
  • which leads unto conversion
  • through to the sanctified waters of Holy Baptism
  • that leads unto our New Birth from above into CHRIST... making us New Creatures in CHRIST.  
Henceforth, we live unto CHRIST and die unto Self, through the means of our cross and through the Power of His+ Cross. 

To those who come on His+ terms, this entity called LIFE totally changes. Not only do we become New but all of LIFE becomes new to us.

We learn to do all sorts of new things:
  • love others because HE+ first loved us,
  • associate with the Lowly because HE+ associated with us,
  • hate evil that we see in ourselves, instead of hating our neighbor.

And when we do these things,which is our part to do, the promise of GOD is this:
  • We pass out of JUDGMENT and into Eternal LIFE, like the greatest insurance policy ever written because it is SURE and CERTAIN to occur. 

The vital point, though, is this: GOD knows when we believe unto obedience of heart instead of with our mind only... or because our culture makes us "christian...." or because our church or community membership makes us "christian..." 

No mind only, no culture only, no church only , and no community only constitutes faith in His+ eyes.

HE+ wants your heart.
HE+ will not accept a substitute.

HE+ will allow you to experience everlasting death if you don't offer HIM+ the real thing: your total heart. 

HE+ will not accept a substitute, a decoy, a hollow commitment, a phony , a part of your life; HE+ wants it all... just like HE+ gives all of His+ heart to you. 

And if you try to deceive yourself, pretending you have given HIM+ all of  your heart,  you will receive your part in the Lake of Burning Fire and the Second Death with the devil, the false prophet, the beast, the fallen angels... and all those who love and make a lie, those who reject His+ Lordship over their lives. You cannot deceive HIM+.  

will  not accept
a substitute
for your heart.

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