Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Passover Meditation # 15 for the Lenten Season 2012

~  ~  ~  The Door of the Cross ~  ~  ~

The one eating
of My+ Flesh
and drinking
of My+ Blood abides in ME+
and I+ in him.
John 6:56 Green’s Greek Interlinear
Abides =
remaining UN-changing in a sphere or realm,
Remaining in a fixed state,
stable ,
In the present...
If ...
you join The LORD JESUS at the table of His+ death
partaking of HIM+,
uniting with HIM+
in His+ sufferings
(persecutions or discipline),
an amazing thing occurs:
You live instead of die !

Slowly, another amazing happens: You find yourself stable, fixed, not tossed to-and-fro with torments.
Your pet fears back away.
Your besetting sins find no energy to lure you.
The fog clears and you can hear His+ leading and feel His+ nearness.

Solid in CHRIST JESUS, you will actually be abiding in a house made of ROCK+ … the Rock+ of Ages. And that home is continuously on-going, in the present, secure and lively.

Simultaneously, a third thing occurs: Amazingly enough, The LORD of the Universe is so near that HE+ begins to abide in YOU ! You yourself provide a home for HIM+.

Is your home “secure” for HIM+ ?
Can HE+ trust there is a place
for HIM+ with you ?
A place where HE+ can abide
...without sorrow...
for what HE+ sees you doing,
saying, thinking, reacting ?

Is there Time in your home
to listen to HIM+
and His+ concerns ?
Uncluttered Time 
to hear His+ heart?
Is there quality Time
to have
heart-to-heart sessions
with HIM+ ?
Is your home quiet enough to sit with HIM+ in stillness, at times, without the hustle-bustle of every day chores constantly in the forefront, demanding more than their fair share of attention, and keeping a constant stream of interruption going ?
Is it free of un-necessary commitments, ballgames, entertainments and other social activities that are not worth the distraction they cause, distraction that leads away from YOU+ ?
O LORD, make my heart your home.
I’m sorry for the cluttered closets in my mind, the unclean rooms of my emotions, and the unruly atmosphere of constant activities abounding here.
I’m sorry for yesterday’s meals lying about... the world still being savored in me... as well as the dirty laundry of incomplete repentances in my heart... my unkempt life, not ready for Your+ visitation.

LORD JESUS, I want YOU+. I want YOU+ to come and find a home in my heart. Clean me up, LORD, and I will set my priorities according to YOUR+ will, this time. Thank YOU+ JESUS, my LORD.

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