Monday, March 12, 2012

Passover Meditation #20 for the Lenten Season 2012

~  ~  ~  The Door of the Cross ~  ~  ~

From that time
many of His+ disciples went away
into the things behind
and no longer walked
with HIM+.
John 6:66
Green's Greek Interlinear

Look at that chapter and verse number: 6:66.  Does that strike fear into your heart? Look what some who loved HIM+, who ate His+ Bread and Wine, who were trained by HIM+ did:  they returned back to the things they once left behind for His+ sake. 

When they returned to the world .... the things and ways  they had once forsaken for CHRIST JESUS... then they no longer walked with CHRIST, the SON+ of the Living FATHER.

They no longer walked with The FATHER, who is  only  known by man through CHRIST, HIS Eternal SON+ and WORD+ .  

So, who DID
they walk with ?  

6  6  6

O GOD, WHO knows the end from the beginning, help me to be faithful. Help me never to return to my old way of life, like a dog to its vomit. 

Help me never to turn back to the world so that I "feel good" about myself... for a few short-lived points in time. 

I do love THEE+. I do not want to follow the devil nor 6 6 6, the number of man. 

I do NOT want to hear,
" Depart from ME+,
ye workers of iniquity; 
I+ never knew you."  

Have mercy on me, LORD JESUS. Help THOU+ my unbelief . Turn away from me the awful spirit of discouragement and strengthen my faith. This I ask as a needy, humble child, O GREAT REDEEMER +.

LORD, have mercy upon us.
CHRIST, have mercy upon us.
LORD, have mercy upon us...
And let not the enemy exact upon us.