Monday, March 19, 2012

Passover Meditation #27 for the Lenten Season 2012

The Vine After Pruning

the True VINE+,
and The FATHER
of ME+
John 15:1 Green's Greek Interlinear

Our LORD JESUS CHRIST, the True VINE+ of Life, is in this world... planted, rooted, and growing.

In addition, the above verse tells us this True VINE+ is under the direct care of The FATHER.
YES ! 
Our HOLY FATHER which art in Heaven dresses that True VINE+.
The work of vindedressing starts when a master vinedresser, an expert,  evaluates the branches and shoots of the vine.  The master vinedresser knows with the assurance of training and experience which branches and shoots are living, which will produce fruit in the future. This master vinedresser knows this at a glance.

Now, nothing escapes the notice of this Master VINEDRESSER. No scab , no knotty lump, no infestation of insects, fungus, or warped branches escape HIS notice. Not one branch ... too long, too corpulant, or too encumbered... is ignored.

Even the unruly ones who cannot stay within their moorings are under HIS watchful care.

So... if you are attached
to the True VINE+,
that you are ALSO 
under the watchful care
of The Master VINEDRESSER, 
Who notices all...
because HE created all
and knows exactly how
it perfectly should be. 

HE have
to bring
those branches
unto perfection

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