Thursday, March 22, 2012

Passover Meditation #30 for the Lenten Season 2012

Now you are clean
through The Word
which I+
have spoken
unto you.
John 15:3

Purged out and cleaned out. That's what His+ Word does for the serious-minded Christian who walks according to the SPIRIT and not according to the flesh.

HE+ speaks to us through His+ Word. HE+ is the Living Word. His+ Word should work on our hearts like a purgative works on our bowels.

We do not refuse this purgative. We do not neglect to apply His+ Living Word to our hearts... we?  

Woe to the man who refuses My+ Words. He will not receive anything of ME+. My+ conviction will be lost on him and he will not EVEN SEE THE NEED to repent. Woe to the man who pushes My+ Words away from his life.

My+ Words are meant to heal you and make you whole. They will ONLY do that when you yield under their TRUTH, when you yield under their scrutiny.

Apply My+ Words to your life.
Apply My+ Words to your conduct.
Apply My+ words to your motives. 

Then you will be healed and made whole again, even in those areas of great wounding. You can be made whole NO OTHER WAY.


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