Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Passover Meditation #36 for the Lenten Season 2012

In this is glorified My+ FATHER, that much fruit you all will bear; 
and you all will become
My+ Disciples.
John 15:8 Green's Greek Interlinear

We meet that Plural "YOU" again ! We all are to develop into His+ Disciples.


A disciple  is one who trains and disciplines himself to follow ONLY a certain path; all other paths he forsakes. 

In this case, our path, our Way is making JESUS CHRIST the LORD of our Life.  

When we submit to our training, then we practice discipleship. We train to be followers of Our LORD JESUS CHRIST; it doesn't "just happen" any more for us than lifting weights "just happens" for the body-builder.


A body-builder must train his muscles, tendons, and ligaments to lift those weights in a certain prescribed manner or he will hurt himself badly.   

He must train his mind to focus on the task at hand; he will hurt himself if he gets distracted while bench-pressing 250 lbs.

Yes, when 
yes, practice 
i.e., when we
submit unto our training... 
will bear
for JESUS. 

This fruit comes in no other way.

It is fruit that is noticeably peculiar to Christians: it doesn't show how "good" we are... rather, this fruit shows how "good" Our Heavenly FATHER is !

  • NO OTHER human beings in this world can bear this kind of fruit except those who are willing to be trained, be discipled by Our LORD JESUS CHRIST.

  • NO OTHER human beings in this world can glorify The HEAVENLY FATHER except those who do bear such fruit.

  • NO OTHER human beings in this world can bear fruit that is accepted in Heavenly Places  except those whose fruit comes from their attachment to Our LORD JESUS CHRIST.

The husbandman
looketh for the FRUIT.

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