Friday, March 2, 2012

Passover Meditation #10 for the Lenten Season 2012

~ ~ ~ The Door of the Cross ~ ~ ~

the Living Bread,
the ONE+ that came down out from Heaven;
anyone eat of this Bread+ , he shall live unto Eternity. And indeed, the Bread which I+ ,
I+ give
is My+ Flesh,
which I+ ,
I+ give
on behalf of the life of the world.  
John 6:51

The LORD JESUS CHRIST is the Living Bread+ send down to mankind from Heaven by The FATHER in HEAVEN WHO loves us.
Eternity itself lasts for all... both good and bad... a long, long time.
We on earth now are choosing WHERE we want to spend Eternity: in Heaven, with CHRIST JESUS Who+ loves us  --- or --- in the Lake of Fire with the devil, that old serpent, who constantly works to destroy us.  
It was the plan of Our HEAVENLY FATHER for Life to come back into the sons of the Adamic race through The Living Bread+, HIS SON+ JESUS CHRIST. 

All mankind is invited, person by person, to eat freely at The LORD'S table: there is room enough for all. All are invited to freely partake of this Living Bread+.

"And the Bread
that I+ will give
is My+ Flesh,
which I+ will give
for the life of the world."

This Living Bread+ gives Life; it is not dead food! Whosoever partakes of this Bread+ will live forever in Eternity... and not have to endure the Second Death. ( See #8 Passover Meditation).
Be careful, though.
This Bread+
has a mystery
about it.
If your heart is clean before GOD, that Bread+ does indeed give Life. But, if your heart harbors sin and is thoughtlessly partaking of that Bread+, instead of Life you receive DAMNATION UNTO YOUR SOUL ! (I Cor. 11). 

That Living Bread+ is infused
and you cannot lie to HIM+.
(See Acts 5:1-11 as to what happens
to those lying to the HOLY SPIRIT...
sooner or later. )

Will you choose to experience
the First Resurrection
-- or --
the dreadful Second Death
in the Lake of Fire ?

Remember this:
Death is not an "oblivious state" of repose.  
Death is sure not oblivion in Hell [Hades.]
Death is not oblivion in the Lake of Burning Fire,

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