Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Passover Meditation # 29 for the Lenten Season 2012

...Every branch that bears fruit,
HE purges it,
 that it may bring forth
more fruit. 
John 15:2b 

Dear Brethren, receive that which purges you; do not refuse the chastening of The LORD.

Our LORD deals with each one of us in love.

HE+ knows what is operating in the hidden recesses of our hearts. HE+ knows where we oppose His+ values. HE+ knows where we do not submit unto His+ Word. HE+ knows where we take advantage of His+ mercy and indulge in sin.

Pray for and WELCOME the conviction of sin; it is a grace to enable us come clean before HIM+, for without HOLINESS none shall see The LORD.

Yes, attitudes are sin. Stop the entrance of the evil tormenting spirits into your life. Submit your thoughts to the Word and repent when your thoughts are out of line. 

Self-pity is sin. Be mournful about accusing GOD for not "loving you better." See HIS+ hurt for having to deal with whining, complaining you, that HIS+ death while you were yet a sinner was "not enough" to make you happy.

Resentment is sin. Roots of bitterness need to be exhumed and laid upon His+ altar for HOLY fire to consume. Don't let hidden issues poison your being.  

Anger is sin. Dig deeper and you will find the demon of pride propping up your angry stance.

Walk in ways of HOLINESS; let the HOLY SPIRIT purge you, from the inside out.

Because: if it is NOT in your heart... it won't come out your mouth.

If you belong to CHRIST JESUS, the only way you can sin

Do you WANT to ?

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