Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Passover Meditation # 28 for the 2012 Lenten Season

Every branch in ME+
not bearing fruit
takes it away
John 15:2 A

Our LORD, The True VINE+ , was speaking to His+ hand-picked disciples in the Upper Room, His+ discourse to them at the time of the Last Supper.

Here, HE+ was giving forth a stern and serious warning to the Eleven:

If you who are in ME+ are not bearing fruit, My+ FATHER will remove you... yes, even you ... far away from ME+. HE will lift you off and remove you from ME+ and from all the other fruit-bearing branches, at the same time.

No fellowship with CHRIST. No fellowship with others who are remaining on the VINE+. No life... both now  and later, after death.


NO, hell is not a place to meet back-slapping buddies for a continual card game. NO. There will be the deepest "alone-ness" you can fathom with no relief in sight... ever.

ALONE...  for all Eternity. 

So, Christians all, let's do what we can to bear fruit: sow to the SPIRIT, share the GOSPEL --- using words when necessary ( ! ), grow in grace, forgiveness, and the knowledge of GOD our FATHER and Our LORD JESUS CHRIST. 

Repent ... and break up the fallow ground.   

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