Friday, March 23, 2012

Passover Meditation #31 for the Lenten Season 2012

Abide in ME+
and I+
in you.
Even as the branch
is not able--
does not have the power--
to bear fruit of itself
if it abides not
in the vine,
So neither can you
if you
abide not
in ME+.
John 15:4 Green's Greek Interlinear

The CREATOR of both vine and man is stating a fact and TRUTH of existence here.

There is simply no way to avoid this:

You have no power, no ability, no way, and no means to bear fruit that will stand the fire of Judgment... 

you abide in HIM+

you do His+ Will

you accept His+ Word 
to cleanse you.  

There must be a union of two in order for fruit to be produced. Spiritually, the union comes when your spirit UNITES WITH CHRIST in the waters of Baptism and in the communing with HIM+ in the taking of the Bread and Wine. Furthermore, your communion with CHRIST JESUS is continual and on-going as HE+ becomes The LORD of your life, your thoughts, your motives, your actions. Much fruit is born from this UNION.

Fruit that is produced from the UNION of your spirit with the LORD'S HOLY SPIRIT is the ONLY FRUIT The FATHER weighs. 

O LORD, please help me to produce THAT fruit that weighs up for Eternal Life.  

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