Saturday, March 10, 2012

Passover Meditation #18 for the Lenten Season 2012

~  ~  ~  The Door of The Cross ~  ~  ~

The SPIRIT is the ONE making life; the flesh profits not, NOTHING!
The Words which I+,
I+ speak
unto you
are Spirit
and are Life. 
John 6:63 Green's Greek Interlinear

The LORD knoweth the thoughts of man, that they are vanity. (Psalm 94:11).  

Vanity... fantasy... emptiness... un-profitable...  useless... futile... the thoughts of man are fantasies... here today and gone tomorrow. 

Every person who has "fallen in love"  discoveres an end to that fantasy, sooner or later. "Love" , for the Christian soul, means taking Self to the Cross. 

Every person who buys a house or land, works a career, invests funds knows a certain amount of fear.  


Because EVERY LIVING PERSON knows these earthly things last for only a temporary amount of time.
Like youth.
Like health.
Like our bodies of clay.

The only thing that is NOT TEMPORARY is death. Our "changed state" lasts forever.  All else are subject to vanity, to fantasy.

A person wears fashionable clothes, buys the "in" vehicle and gadgets, and lives in a certain neighborhood.  

Why ?

To feed his fantasy of how great, knowledgeable, cute, or secure he is... in this world.

In whose eyes? Mankind? Nobody really cares, beyond a passing thought. His own eyes ? What good is a pile of chaff on Judgment Day ? 

All... yes, all... temporal things will eventually burn. All ashes look alike: the rich houses and the poor houses all look alike when reduced to ashes.

BUT... the Good News is there is a better way ! The LORD JESUS said.

His+ Words
are not simply marks
on  paper.


His+ Words are SPIRIT-filled... meaning, His+ Words have power to give Life, to feed your soul, to nourish your innermost being.

His+ Words are un-like any other words spoken on this planet.  His+ Words attract that hungry, empty heart like a powerful magnet. That hunger fastens itself with great gladness upon those Anointed Words because HE+ is there. 

HE+ can be found in His+ Words. His+ heart is revealed in His+ Words. His+ Life is shared through His+ Words. His+ Will is discovered through His+ Words. 

His+ Words... and His+ Words alone... are SPIRIT and they are Life.

O LORD JESUS, O THOU+ Who+ art the very WORD of GOD-Made-Flesh and dwelling  among us, bring forth in me New Life every day. I love THEE+ , LORD ; help me to attach myself to THEE+ , Who+ art Reality and Truth. 

Strengthen me to forsake all fantasy of this life, of my emotions, of my heart... all fantasies which have one thing in common: they pull me away from THEE+.

Bless my struggle, O LORD, and hear the cry of my heart. And, should I fainting be, LORD let me never, never outlive my love for THEE+.

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