Thursday, March 8, 2012

Passover Meditation #16 for the Lenten Season 2012

~ ~ ~  The Door of the Cross ~ ~ ~

COME unto ME+,
all ye that labor
and are heavy laden,
and I+ will give you rest.
Take My+ Yoke upon you
and learn of ME+;
for I+ am meek and lowly of heart:
and ye shall find rest
unto your souls.
For My+ Yoke is easy,
and My+ burden Light.
Matthew 11:28-30

HEADSTRONG... an Ugly Word

We put ourselves in harm's way when headstrong . We can know for sure that we are definitely OUT of the LORD'S Will when we are headstrong.  We are moving in DIRECT OPPOSITION to HIM+ when we are moving headstrongly  through life, in our decisions, in our  attitudes. We don't even have to guess if we are doing right or wrong: we are doing wrong.

+  +  +

Do not confuse determination with headstrong. Be determined to move AWAY from being headstrong. Instead, be unshakably determined to move towards ME+ ... and make your unruly flesh and uncontrollable mind MIND ME+ . You will have to deal with yourself as a naughty child.

Operating in a headstrong manner moves you ALWAYS AWAY from ME+. 

I+ was not headstrong.  I+ was determined to do My+ FATHER'S WILL, not My+ own.  I+ will tell you this:
ALL headstrong paths are wrong...
from secret thoughts and accusations
through words spoken in haste,
in anger, and in jest ...
through actions. 

Sanctify you thoughts. Sanctify your words. Be not headstrong, My+ Child. 

NO... you cannot do something because "other Christians" are doing it. I+, I+ AM your Example+ ... not others.

So forsake your headstrongness. Teach your children to forsake their headstrong ways... by both word and example.

COME ! Be like ME+

It takes strength to turn a roaring bull from its path. You are like that bull.

Do you think
it is easy
to be lowly
and meek
It takes strength to be lowly and meek... more strength than what you've got.  This is one of the hardest battles you will ever fight because the ENEMY IS WITHIN; you have to fight against yourself. But, be of good cheer: I+ will help you !
Find your strength
in ME+.
Be lowly and meek
.... and STRONG ...
in ME+.

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