Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Passover Meditation #21 for the Lenten Season 2012

~  ~  ~  The Door of the Cross ~  ~  ~

Then said JESUS
unto the twelve,
"Will you,
you also 
go away?"
John 6:67 Green's Greek Interlinear

The LORD'S sorrow was real. HE+ knew the hearts of men. HE+ knew their frame, their weaknesses. HE+ knew their vacillating wills...

HE+ still knows.

HE+ knew how easily they were swayed by their own thoughts and feelings, easily influenced by those around them.

HE+ still knows.

HE+ also knew exactly how abhorrent it would seem to the Jews to think of eating human flesh and drinking human blood. 

HE+ still knows how abhorrent dying to our Self is, how we don't want to join HIM+ in picking up our cross,  how we want HIM+ to do His+ part... and our part too!

Yet, Our LORD persisted in making the path harder, the door higher, the way more narrow for those coming to HIM+ for Eternal Life.

Will you also go away?

Countless others have.

Countless others have, from those who walked with HIM+ in person along with the twelve 2,000 years ago... much to their un-ending sorrow and constant bitterness now... to those who are playing fast and loose with HIM+ today, thinking they can repent fast on their death bed...  if they have a death bed, that is.

you also

Away... to count JESUS a stranger rather than friend... to count JESUS as someone to ignore, to take or leave until a more convenient time.

NOW is the day of Salvation,
while it is called TODAY.

Tomorrow is not promised
for anyone...
neither is a tidy,
orderly death bed.
( Sudden accidents happen daily.) 
Harden not your hearts
as in the day of provocation. 

O LORD GOD, Who+ knows our weaknesses and our frame, look upon this Thy+ servant. I bring my Self, kicking and screaming, unto THEE+.

Dear JESUS, I don't want to be a stranger to you anymore. Help THOU+ my unbelief and rebuke the hindering spirit keeping me from THEE+. 

I will to close the gap , O Great REDEEMER+, because THOU+ hast promised to receive sinners and backsliders ... if they repent. I'm sorry I've hurt THEE+, dear JESUS.  

O LAMB+ of GOD I come... I come.

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