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QUALIFIED to be in The ELECT ? --- Passover Meditations ... Ephesians 1:17

Meditations  for  the Pre-Pascha Season
(The Passover Season, 2016)
for the Monastic-At-Heart
+  +  +
Now is My+ soul troubled;
and what shall I+ say ...
save ME+ from this hour ?
but for this cause
came I+ unto this hour.

Glorify Thy Name.

Then came there a Voice from Heaven, saying,

I have both glorified IT,
and will glorify IT again.

+  +  +
Meditation Verse 
Ephesians 1: 17

[ 1:16 Cease not to give thanks for you,
making mention of you in my prayers;]

That the GOD
The FATHER of Glory,
may give unto you
the SPIRIT of Wisdom
and revelation
in the knowledge
of HIM+:

A Peek at the Greek:
·                     The word that is "hina", which means in order that.

·                    The word used here for wisdom is sophia, which is generally used in the NT as "the ability to USE knowledge for correct behavior, insight."  ( Friberg's Analytical Lexicon of the Greek New Testament).

·                    The Greek word here for knowledge is actually a compound word, with the prefix EPI-- attached to the beginning of gn0sksei , "gnOskO" =  to know.

  Strong's Concordance tells us that EPI has a basic meaning of superimposition. Friberg's AnLex tells us that "epign0sis" is "what one comes to know and appropriate through faith in CHRIST.

Vine's Expository Dictionary includes discern or discernment in the definition of EPIGN0SIS.

In other words, this EPI-GN0SEI is a supernatural discernment which comes through faith in CHRIST via the HOLY SPIRIT... not merely a factual head knowledge.
+  +  +

+  +  +

That the GOD of our LORD JESUS CHRIST, The FATHER of Glory, may give unto you the SPIRIT of Wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of HIM+:

The phrase which starts this verse,  "In order that..." , tells us that it is connected in thought to the verse above it.  The Apostle Paul never ceases to pray for the new believers in CHRIST ... in order that Our FATHER Who art in Heaven will do something out-standing for them. 

What is that out-standing "something" that the world CANNOT --- is not able --- to receive but even New-born Believers can have ?  

...The FATHER of Glory,  may give unto you the SPIRIT of Wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of HIM+:

Our FATHER'S gift to us is the HOLY SPIRIT'S ability to use Wisdom to correct our behavior. HE grants us insight as to our motives and the "why" we do things un-like CHRIST, through this priceless SPIRIT of Wisdom. 

Furthermore, we are given something else the worldlings do not have: revelation... an UNcovering.  This "uncovering" includes revealing to the Light+ the darkness that hides the evil one's doings, his illusions, in our lives.

For the follower of JESUS, the satan's workings are no longer hidden from view: we can pin-point our impure motives, our guile, our wounds, and our sins which the satan often hides from us, trying to keep us in bondage.  This also comes only via the HOLY SPIRIT, our priceless gift from The FATHER.

...The FATHER of Glory,  may give unto you the SPIRIT of Wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of HIM+:

The Apostle also asks The FATHER to grant believers the EPI-GNOSIS, the supernatural  discernment of JESUS our LORD.  This also, like the Apostle Paul's other prayer requests, comes through the HOLY SPIRIT, the SPIRIT of Wisdom.

The world and its worldlings CANNOT --- are not even able --- to receive these gifts of discernment and Wisdom because they only go to Followers of JESUS CHRIST.

They only go to the ones who have heard the call of CHRIST+ in their hearts and have RESPONDED to that call ... in a way that pleases HIM+.

They only are granted to the ones who are placed into that pre-defined flock, for they have identified with CHRIST+ in His+ death. 

They are the Followers who search out their inner motives, who listen to the HOLY SPIRIT when conviction of sin and impurity of motives are revealed. 

They put to death their flesh now and bring their bodies into subjection unto The Word of GOD, like the Apostle Paul did. 

They have died with CHRIST, so that they might live with HIM+.  THEY DO SO DAILY, through the power and help of the HOLY SPIRIT. 

Here is what identifies "The Elect" : 

They cannot stand ANYTHING
which comes
between them and JESUS CHRIST.

That is why
"The Elect" die to Self daily
and live for CHRIST.

These are the ones

to be in that group
called "The Elect"

which Our FATHER
draws near to HIM.

That is the group which Our FATHER established, setting up the QUALIFICATIONS before the foundation of the world, before mankind lived on planet earth.

How can we be certain about this, that QUALIFICATIONS were established to belong to the group called "The Elect " ? 

We know this is true because The LAMB+ was slain from the foundation of the World ! --- before GOD even created man from earth.  
Revelation 13:8.

Are you
to be in
"The ELECT" ?

Not only did the Apostle Paul speak of these QUALIFICATIONS to be in "The ELECT," but also the Apostle Peter taught the same Truth.

Hear this:

  2 Peter 1: 10
 Wherefore the rather, brethren,

give diligence
to make your calling
and election sure:

for if ye do these things,
ye shall never fall:

2 Peter 1:2-3
According as His Divine power hath given unto us all things
that pertain unto Life and Godliness,
through the knowledge
of HIM+
that hath called us to glory and virtue:

Whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises: that by these ye might be partakers of the Divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust.
+  +  +
Let us pray:

O Ruler of the Universe, LORD GOD, YHWH ADONAINU, great deeds are they which YOU have done, surpassing human understanding.

Your ways are ways of Righteousness and Truth, O King+ of all the ages. 

Who can fail to do YOU homage, LORD, and sing the praises of Your Name ? For YOU only are the HOLY ONE.

All nations will draw near and fall down before YOU, because Your Righteous and HOLY works have been revealed ! Amen.

+  +  +
Worthy is the LAMB+.

Worthy is The LAMB+
that was slain.

Worthy is the LAMB+,
from the foundation
of the earth.
Revelation 13:8

+  +  +

be to The FATHER,
and to HIS Beloved SON+
and to
the Blessed HOLY SPIRIT.

both now and forever,
world without end.


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