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His+ First TRIUMPHAL ENTRANCE into Jerusalem ... But NOT His+ LAST !

SEE: Time-Line for the HOLY WEEK , Passover, PASCHA, Passion of CHRIST below the post.


The crowd went wild for they had seen the dead arise before their eyes, summoned by a Voice+ it knew.

The Grave obeyed THAT Voice+ , too, of HIM+ Who+ carries keys of Hades' grave which none stop still when HE+ arises in great TRIUMPH to do His+ FATHER'S Will.

Roaring sounds on hills abound. Shouting Pilgrims rushing, greeting this King+ Who+ raised their dead instead of stealing health and wealth like earth-bound rulers wrestle life from grapes and grain and subjects, freely.

Demanding naught, HE+ wept and taught the hurting to embrace the Life HE+ gave to spare their souls of death's lying. Behold, HE+ said, I have the keys to Hell's iron gate; death's own sting is waning, dying.

Facing combat at the Cross, enshrouded firm in FATHER'S Will, HE+ settled the score but took the loss; Divine Blood dropping before scourge or nail embedded HIM+ in Battle.



Joyous, dancing, waving Crowds proclaimed with glee; the SON of David riding slowly on the un-ridden colt towards death to open Hades' gate, never done before or after-- so HE+ received these momentary lauds with tears ... instead of laughter.

O Jerusalem, Jerusalem ... HE+ faced your gates with wrenching tears , seeing sorrow marking time to devour  the sons of Jerusalem who willed to kill the Prophets and now turning from His+ Coming.

Rejoice, rejoice O Bethany ! On this day, GOD came to Thee! They received their dead alive because HE+ came to revive His+ friend in time to see His+ own demise and RESURRECTION Power !

AGAIN and again and again and again...

+  +  +

The TIMELINE  of Holy Week

REMEMBER:  All events were intricately tied to the Jewish Passover Holy Days, as JESUS CHRIST was the UN-blemished Passover LAMB+, the LAMB+ of GOD.

1. Lazarus Saturday ~ The Raising of Lazarus of Bethany who had been dead 4 days, from the tomb.

2.The LORD'S Day ( i.e., Sunday ) ~ His+ Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem ~ Following a great feast hosted by the family of Lazarus, a multitude from Bethany accompanied JESUS on His+ way in to Jerusalem. They were met by a multitude coming UP FROM Jerusalem, to greet the SON+ of DAVID. 

HE+ was going into Jerusalem to CLEANSE the TEMPLE.

3. Monday ~ The Second Cleansing of the Temple -- The merchants and money-changers were waxing profitably due to the influx of Passover Pilgrims coming into Jerusalem at this time. THIS OCCURRED IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE TRIUMPHAL ENTRY... but the church proper generally separates the two events.

4. Tuesday -- The Last Supper, the betrayal, and the drops of blood sweat in the Garden of Gesthemane, followed by the illegal night "trial" of The LORD.

5. Wednesday --- The Scourging,
the parade of the Cross-carrying through Jerusalem to Golgotha, the dreadful crucifixion at the 3rd Hour (  9 a.m.), the time of the morning sacrifice in the Temple.

The darkened sky from noon, the 6th Hour, until the 9th Hour ( 3 p.m.) when it was FINISHED and HE+ committed His+ spirit into the hands of The FATHER... at the time of the Evening Sacrifice in the Temple ... at which time the veil of the Temple was torn from TOP to the bottom.

Joseph of Arimathea laid His+ Body in the new Tomb.

First NIGHT in the heart of the earth.

6. Thursday --- High Holy Day. The HIGH Sabbath.

First DAY in the heart of the earth.

Second NIGHT in the heart of the earth.

7. Friday --- Day of Preparation for the regular Sabbath Day. The women went to buy spices to anoint His+ Body.

Second full DAY in the Heart of the earth.

Third full NIGHT in the Heart of the earth.

The "3 nights" in the heart of the earth were completed.

8. Saturday --- Regular Sabbath Day. The women rested.

The third full DAY in the heart of the earth
 was completed at 3 p.m. Saturday,
at the same hour
that HE+ died on the Cross
on Wednesday.

Having spent 3 full days and 3 full nights in the heart of the earth, as HE+ told us in Scriptures that HE+ would do,  from 3 p.m. Wednesday to 3 p.m. Saturday, His+ Resurrection had to occur at 3 p.m. Saturday.

However --- the FIRST WITNESSES, the women, did not SEE HIM+ until very early, before dawn, on The LORD'S day ( i.e., Sunday). That is when HE+ was revealed to them.

+  +  +

Having said all this, we remember that the Christian church services are commemorative, that is, we join together to REMEMBER these events.

Thus, we join with other Christians on Good Friday to commemorate His+ death and on Sunday to celebrate the REMEMBRANCE of His+ Glorious Resurrection.

Although there is no need to negate the truth of the timeline, there is also no need to cause more division in the Christian camp.  

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