Saturday, March 5, 2016

A Word to the Church

Worthy is The LAMB+ !

A  Word to the Church

Untangle yourselves from the affairs of this life.  There is nothing "holy" in the political arena. That is for those appointed:  the basest of men.  Neither My+ Spirit nor My+ unction is upon it

You will find that "still, small Voice" of Mine+ when you see for it in STILLNESS, for I+ will not out-shout the busy-ness of your mind or body. 

Listen.  Hearken unto the Voice of My+ Call. Leave this world behind and Come... come to find ME+.  I+ will not compete with this world for your attention. I+ will not compete with nation-worship --- idolatry --- for your loyalty.  I+ will not compete with SELF for your love. 

Remove yourself from the constant rounds of interaction and "fellowship" which are nothing more than social activities if I+ am not SERIOUSLY lifted up ... and I+ do not mean a prayer before the snack. 

Then, I+ will seek your face.  Otherwise, you have not met the requirements needed to enter. You will be dis-qualified from the GOOD RACE. You will be weighed in the balances... and found wanting. 

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